Jesus cheating in miracle contest
Jesus cheating in miracle contest
Jesus cheating in miracle contest. "Thatīs my son"
Member reactions:
this can end several different ways Very clever and nicely done, Ed.

Funny tax cheats

tax cheats
Tax cheats in Scottish football
Member reactions:
John is known for clean work like a few others, Crafty. Clean, old school chopping at it's best.

Funny Bill Clinton the Cheat

Bill Clinton the Cheat
Even his paintings cheat.
Member reactions:
Cool chopping hidden. I like Bills clownish look.
freaking..Very funny..Nice emotion catch.
congrats hobbit. that giant big nose is burned on the insides of my eyeballs.
Congrats On the Cup Hobbit. Love Bill, he looks a bit like W.C. Fields now.
Congrats on the wood, hobbit. He's still at it, yeah
Did Bill n Hill real good. Woody Congrats Hobbit.
Hahahaahha W. C. Field's nose on Billy Boy is a riot. Well done on a funny chop. Termite food congrats...

Funny Card Cheats

Card Cheats
...and right under the king's nose. Please take a look at full size
Member reactions:
Hahahaa. Love how you made the face expressions too.

Funny Cheating at Hockey at Sochi Olympics

Cheating at Hockey at Sochi Olympics
Member reactions:
Clever. Love the construction tools on the left too

Funny Barack Obama Cheating On Michelle at the Beach

Barack Obama Cheating On Michelle at the Beach
Michelle Obama is NOT going to like this.
Member reactions:
Awesome chop... Obama looks fit in the Pilgrim body good hold of his hand very funny
Congrads on the Silver Cup, always good for a laugh, NSA will contact u soon.
Thanks, everyone. I'll wait for the call, HH.
Awesome work doc.. congrats on the silver.
This is just wrong on so many levels hahahaha Let me know when the Secret Service shows up. I'll come bail you out hahahaha Congratzzz on a cup
Thanks, penaplonk. Thanks, Mr. X. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Tim.
Kenya Meets India meets China, hahaha. Me likey Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Funny Last Race for Drug Cheats

Last Race for Drug Cheats
Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell test positive in doping scandal
Member reactions:
Okay, I am going ton wait here to see if Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson show up Nice Chop Luciano

Funny Woman Cheating on Boyfriend

Woman Cheating on Boyfriend
Member reactions:
Great idea

Funny Tour de France Cycling Cheating Helmet

Tour de France Cycling Cheating Helmet
Pop one of these on your heads and you will surely win the coveted yellow jersey.
Member reactions:
what a crazy idea, so well done. one of the best
Many smart details in this composition. Full view shows them all.

Funny GOP Cheating on Time Magazine

GOP Cheating on Time Magazine
Seems maybe it backfired.
Member reactions:
Everybody knows those folks don't drink beer. Funny stuff.

Funny Cheating Cyclists

Cheating Cyclists
Tour de France 2007 brought more doping scandals than even before in the history of this championship. Michael Rasmussen of Denmark was leading the race until he lied about his whereabouts to avoid the doping tests, and was dropped by his team. Another race-favorite Alexandre Vinokourov of Kazahstan was dismissed from the race after he tested positive for blood doping - transfusion of his own blood saved weeks before - a practice banned in sports. Is if these scandals were not enough, the winner of Tour De France, Alberto Contador of Spain was accused of using doping and his victory was called "the greatest swindle in sporting history". Photoshop any possible cheating methods for cyclists in Tour de France or other cycling race. Show them using doping and steroids (think bodybuilder bikers), modify their bicycles to give them an edge over other racers, etc.

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