Hugo Chavez Ghost Appears In Subway Tunnel
Hugo Chavez Ghost Appears In Subway Tunnel
Hugo Chavez Ghost Appears In Subway Tunnel. Hugo Chavez's ghost appears in a subway tunnel Background source
Member reactions:
Love the lights and see through effect here. Pro chop.
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, Newsy. Yes, this was a lot more work than it looks...but fun.

Funny Hugo Chavez Taxidermy Monster

Hugo Chavez Taxidermy Monster
OOOOOOOHHHHhhhhhh POOR HUGO ... who knows if he expected to be embalmed ... I think not.
Member reactions:
I usually peruse these pictures preparing to vote with a drink and a little snack. Dang it I lost my appetite on very first picture. You Go Hugo...go to New Jersey. Nice and Gruesome Hidden. I like it.
I stuck with this entry hidden.. its magical chop on his body. So brutal work with passion. A Master piece
Looks pro. and reminds me Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. Congrats on the gold, Ricky.
A Wonderful Work Ricky. Congratulations.
Congrats on your Gold and Silver...I'm glad I saw these BEFORE I ate lunch.
My goodness this is wonderful, your the best.
My goodness this is wonderful, your the best.
Superb...... They don't get much better than this. A real superchop

Funny Maduro Puts Hugo Chavez Naked in a Glass Coffin

Maduro Puts Hugo Chavez Naked in a Glass Coffin
Well he did say that he wanted to be displayed in a glass coffin.
Member reactions:
Well put some clothes on his body..... nice glass box and good placement of his corpse into it
should just omit the reporters, their coloring and lighting don't match the rest of the image.
Has a certain Vladimir Lennon to it hahahaha Great job.

Funny Skeleton of Hugo Chavez on Display

Skeleton of Hugo Chavez on Display
Member reactions:
You'd have a reflection and not a shadow on the glass, hidden.
This is really a Crazy idea to implement but I suggest its better idea ... love the way you have honored him in covering by a national flag good one
Congrats winning your 1st Woody Cup Nanny, great job.

Funny Hugo Chavez on Highway to Hell

Hugo Chavez on Highway to Hell
Member reactions:
Good Caricature and like the highway to Hell... All the New Jersey Boys were playing with fire and Hugo made a everlasting impact on them too.... Miss you Hugo RIP
missing some shadows, the light is from behind, everything should be darker on this side. front of truck wouldn't be so bright.

Funny Bullfighter Hugo Chavez

Bullfighter Hugo Chavez

Funny Hugo Chavez Going to Hell

Hugo Chavez Going to Hell
Member reactions:
Hugo in an older look.... nice one but what are the keys used for

Funny Hugo Chavez has a Play Date With Sean Penn

Hugo Chavez has a Play Date With Sean Penn
Member reactions:
Great pencil art of Hugo on the slate and great caricature done on Sean and Hugo two friends playing naughty
1st Place congratulations Pcrdds, your caricatures were right on the money.
"Where's the funny.." It's here at Dr. Chuckles' place. Congratulations.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Boys will be boys
Makes one wonder, doesn't it. Hahahaha great chop doc.

Funny Hugo Chavez Evil Brain

Hugo Chavez Evil Brain
Member reactions:
Glad I'm not the only gross chop in this contest
he never looked better. What a fitting end for a terrorist6
Mind blowing job.... It seems that his knowledge is extracted from his brain great caricature done with facial expression perfectly matches to the act... great job on the left eye... the stitches were seems to be real and the fire from the back shows his pain for the country good one really like it
This was a heavy hitter Hitspinner, congrats winning the siver, great job.

Funny Hugo Bolivar Chavez Painting

Hugo Bolivar Chavez Painting
Member reactions:
I suppose one rather flattering chop in the mix is quite appropriate hahahaha Nicely done

Funny Remembering Hugo Chavez

Remembering Hugo Chavez
Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez died on Tuesday from cancer that he's been battling the last two years. Chavez ruled the country since 1999 - that's 14 years - the longest period for any Venezuela's president after Simon Bolivar (who ruled almost 17 years). Chavez was of mixed - African, Indian, and Spanish - origin and was known as a bully since childhood. As president, though, he was loved by his nation, who never viewed him as dictator. He was nicknamed "the oil king" by Venezuala's people, after he made gasoline accessible to everyone and dumped prices to under $0.20 per gallon and kept them this low till his death. Last months of his life Chavez mostly stayed in hospitals, and did not appear in public, which caused widespread rumors that "the invisible president" could have been dead already. A former Panama's diplomat said that Chavez' brain died 4 months ago, and "...yesterday they finally had guts to pull the plug on his life support system". World leaders, including Obama, sent their condolences to Venezuela. Photoshop how Hugo Chavez will be remembered in history.

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