Charlie Sheen, By Request
Charlie Sheen, By Request
Charlie Sheen, By Request. . Member reactions:
Fantastic job. I wish the figure in front used the golfer source from the provided photo though


Beautificent. ...especially in full view.
Another excellent caricature is coming out
thaaaank you vlad especially in "full view" hehehe
paul my friend a great thank also for you
luciano morelli thank you for the compliment grazie amico
Super Work.Your Caricature fabulously/strongly connects/speaks to the observer.
goat thankkkk you guy
jim short i love you thaaank you my friend
splatshot thank you for the comment and comment i am happy you like my work, i love the caricature of the singers rock I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, I HAVE TO SPEAK WITH WHICH OBSERVER.
i am happy you like my works guys
thank you all my friends
no words to express...great creative work done
Congrats on the gold, Ricky.Coming up at the first spot in this contest was a challenge, considering so many outstanding competing entries here. A real honor.
Mhmmm... stavolta sono stato number 1 fino a mezz'ora prima della chiusura del voto: devi avere qualche santo in paradiso... Comunque CONGRATS on GOLD Ottimo lavoro, come sempre, Riccardino...
Bwhahaha, I swear, Bobbleheads will be the death of me LMFAO. Excellent caricature and that royal chair wasn't wasted filler. That is funny.... Like playing sitting on a throne. Top cup Rickitiki Dude, another homer.
infatti roby... ewro convinto che avresti stravinto tu alla grande... all'ultimo momento qualcuno ha votato x me.... santi in paradiso non ne ho... probabile che si tratti solo di fortuna sfacciata... davvero pure io ho votato 10 per te... bho'.... comunque il signore delle fiamme lo sai che sono io hehehehe, dai la prossima tua roby, congratulations my ooooooold friend
newsy is real... an honour, me vs my old friend pixjockey, a great honour
hi hitspinner, i am happy for the your comment, grazie thank you man
noooo... marco... non ho santi in paradiso magariiii li avessi... si tratta solo di fortuna

Funny Charlie Sheen Assad

Charlie Sheen Assad
. Member reactions:
Note the star in Assad's pupil, . you 'shopped it.
Good one .
Detailed analyst's comment said most of it
Congrats on the gold, Paul.Great choice of characters - they fit nicely.
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Bob.

Funny Charlie Chaplin the Vampire

Charlie Chaplin the Vampire
If I made a vampire movie with some of Hollywood's most beloved actors.. Charlie Chaplin would be one of the ones I would use. This would be one of the movie posters.. Member reactions:
Good one Hidden.Why the Absinthe. Does it have a connection.
Good movie poster design and nice choice of Charle here... he will perfectly fits for a zombie movie

Funny Charlie Goes To A Cheap Hotel

Charlie Goes To A Cheap Hotel
. Member reactions:
Great work on the source.... well done using the Classical Mac into a full grown lady Nice caricature done on that gentleman with Vodka and Cheap Rates of ... girls
Cheap Hotel But very interesting Very nice
I just love his move...Very creative work with the Old Apple its so catchy
greaaaaaaaat bronze doc.........many many congrats my friend
I especially like the caricature. Makes him look like the A-hole that he really is.
Thanks, penaplonk. Thanks, LunaC. He may be an A-Hole, but he's a generous one...paying for strangers' funerals and hospital bills.
"3rd Place. Whad'ya doin' down here. This chop was a major Contender." Congratulations-nice/clean work.
Thanks, Robin. Thanks, G-Man...what can I say.

Funny A Place For Charlie Sheen

A Place For Charlie Sheen
His own planet.. Member reactions:
very nicely done, "hidden" no farting in that spacesuit or things will get even "funkier"
Nice look... a new planet discovered good one
poor charlie... to little oxigen very well done job
Congrads on the cup, glad to see you still working. Wonderful work Tim.
Congratulations Hitspinner.My favorite of yours I think.I must be picking up on your style.It's getting pretty easy for me to recognize your work. signed: SplatShot
Farting in the space suit HahahahahahahahThanks all
Congrats Tim, nice work. I'm not sure why you stuck me on Titan with that obnoxious jerk though (must be payback of some sort). I would've been happier with Michelle Pfeiffer or Nicole Kidman, ....By the way, great effort you made in this contest. I'm surprised at the number of entries you submitted.
Yeah, gettting pretty fast again. Each chop averages about 6 hrs. Thank you guys
Cool funkster here. Congrats on the wood, Hits.

Funny Charlie Toured With His Comedy Routine

Charlie Toured With His Comedy Routine
Charlie Sheen went on tour with a comedy routine. Member reactions:
I like his comedy acts Well done on the caricature and the Old Women looks towards him make this chop more hilarious good one
woooooooooow doc paul... is faaantastic this job, a greaaaat silver, congrats my friend

Funny Charlie's brother goes nuts!

Charlie's brother goes nuts!
. Member reactions:
Ohh... Freaky idea and very well execution
Never expected this type of christmas great chop and the head chopped well with blood spilling all over wonderful scary look given by Brown
Too freaking clever, and stunning work with the source.Silver congrats, DD.

Funny Dangerous Charlie Brown Snake

Dangerous Charlie Brown Snake
The entire snake body is made from Charlie's hands.. Member reactions:
This too freaky and lovely creates humor rather fear to the viewers minds good work on the funny snake head
Love how you designed a snake using just the source image.

Funny Free Charlie Brown

Free Charlie Brown
. Member reactions:
... Santa has gifts only from Bad Boys.... and Charle brown is free to them

Funny Charlie Brown Mugshot

Charlie Brown Mugshot
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of the Charlie Brown mugshot (image credit: Kevin Dooley) any way you wish. Some examples are - turn celebrities and politicians into Charlie Brown with the help of this mugshot, put Charlie Brown (from this source phote) into some new environment, use this image in posters and movies, etc. These are just some ideas. You are welcome to use either left or right part of the mugshot, or both of them in one chop.

Funny 50 Ways to Fire Charlie Sheen

50 Ways to Fire Charlie Sheen
Actor Charlie Sheen has been fired from his CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men." Ironically, the network didn't pull the plug because of the star's recent antics involving prostitutes, drugs and multiple hospital visits, or his advocacy of crack cocaine it was an amazingly insane rant he delivered while speaking to conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones. During his interview, Sheen claimed he'd cured himself of drug addiction by blinking, ranted about his magical fingers and called his show's creator a "charlatan". In this contest we ask you to show how CBS could let Charlie Sheen know he's fired - memos, official letters, billboards, post it-notes, postcards, magazine covers, or any other creative ways of your choice. If you choose the letter/memo type of entry you are encouraged (but not required) to make the letter/memo with attached (safe for work) photographic evidence of Sheen's actions that were the reason for firing.

Funny Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin
This Thursday was the 120th birthday of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr., better known as Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin's first roles were for Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios, when Charlie created one of the most recognizable comic characters of all times. Later Chaplin wrote in his biography: "I had no idea what makeup to put on. I did not like my get-up as the press reporter [in Making a Living]. However on the way to the wardrobe I thought I would dress in baggy pants, big shoes, a cane and a derby hat. I wanted everything to be a contradiction: the pants baggy, the coat tight, the hat small and the shoes large. I was undecided whether to look old or young, but remembering Sennett had expected me to be a much older man, I added a small moustache, which I reasoned, would add age without hiding my expression. I had no idea of the character. But the moment I was dressed, the clothes and the makeup made me feel the person he was. I began to know him, and by the time I walked on stage he was fully born." To mark the 120th birthday of Charlie Chaplin, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what modern movies Chaplin could have played in, what modern products he might endorse, Chaplin in famous paintings, etc.

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