Star Wars jobless characters
Star Wars jobless characters
Star Wars jobless characters.

Funny Scary Characters

Scary Characters
Member reactions:
interesting, Someone removed my very positive comment, I had said this is going to be a winner, I think I have an idea of who removed it
I didn't know the source picture for the first one belonged to deviantart,I redid it. Thanks for your comment.
Yes Gary, the original pic submitted was removed hence your comment went with it. Nothing to do with you :/ Hidden...Good re do, love the colors.
I see it this way. If you don't want your stuff chopped, make it clear. There is stuff all over the net that are supposedly "Wallpapers" that got in there under a false listing. If I see a watermark or a signature, I am hands off. If I don't I am likely to take the chance if it is perfect for my project. The trick is never use it as you find it. It must be altered at least 50%. Reversing the colors alone will get you to 50%. Flipping the image will get you to 50% but they want to see more so you have to go in and alter the image manually by adding more clouds in a background or more windows in a building or even removing elements. But you have to really rework the image to be safe. Hope this helps, hidden. Great chop by the way.
hit, It is tricky but if I search the 1st 12 out of 50 google pages and find no clear owner or as you say no watermark I'm going to take my chances.
I wish FN could do a book of some of the great stuff that's been put on this site with tips are tricks from some u artist. If I didn't have to eat I would spend hour after hour in hear learning as much as I could
Awesome Nice Character selection Fantastic job done Best of luck
Awesome..... just to reality chop fantasic avatar of Jokers created here... looks like lot of sources used and the background is just amazing Hope a winner come out of it
Thanks to everyone. I sure have a lot of fun doing pics.
I knew this was yours for some reason . It is clear you have fun Hobbit congrats on an explosive colorful and well done chop
Congrats on the gold, hobbit. Quality political satire here.

Funny Out of Character

Out of Character
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha very interesting.. Sci-Fi and freaky
This is called the perfect way to take revenge very well presented
Great and Congrads on the cup. A twofer Too. it's good to be on top.
Double Woody congrats, Tim. This was my favorite.
Thank you Doc, D, Rajesh the star and Eric. It looks so simple but I wrestled this chop for hours. Background stuff I mean. Nothing and I mean NOTHING looked good. So I wound up building the background out of graphics and bookmatched layers. I appreciate the votes
Great feel of perspective and space in this chop. Wood for Hitman too, woo hoo. Congrats.

Funny Da Vinci Painting Characters Reunion

Da Vinci Painting Characters Reunion
This Annual Reunion has become a "Girl's Night Out".
Member reactions:
Very clever idea to arrange a re union of all Di Vanci characters
Grumpy ur best yet, scored this a 8, based on work.good going
THANKS HoHouse...balodiya...and rajeshstar for your comments...

Funny He's Quite a Character

He's Quite a Character
Member reactions:
Great composition, good face blend and nice combination of flag and him.... looks like a Good Boy

Funny Edvard Munch Characters Police Lineup

Edvard Munch Characters Police Lineup
Member reactions:

Funny Star Wars Characters in Kiss Makeup

Star Wars Characters in Kiss Makeup
Member reactions:
thanks everyone for all comments and votes
Congratulations on the gold. . . . It was great that you used a foursome , I especially love Yoda . . . nice work. P.S. It looks like we used the same source pic for the Simmons' makeup
thanks geriatric, Black ... and qrtmooshop. It's possible qrtmooshop.

Funny Tired Characters in Old Painting

Tired Characters in Old Painting

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Characters Taking a Photo with iPhone

Leonardo Da Vinci Characters Taking a Photo with iPhone
narcist photo session

Funny Character in Painting on Strike

Character in Painting on Strike
Member reactions:
One of my favorites in the contest. Very clever and clean work

Funny President TV Characters

President TV Characters
With the upcoming election, which TV character would you like to see as President? They can be a cartoon character or not. Design their campaign poster and get their presidential platform out there.

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