FN Wedding Chapel
FN Wedding Chapel
FN Wedding Chapel .

Funny Escher Sistine Chapel

Escher Sistine Chapel
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Member reactions:
Totally. You can get lost in there. Very well done
Great to see you chopping here again. I love the blend of Michelangelo and Escher. One of my favorites. Great work.
Thanks for the comments guys. And look at you KB ... Mr. Juror no less. Well deserved. You have come a long way from chopping ducks in The Karate Kid my young padawan, .

Funny Sistine Chapel Painting Comes Alive

Sistine Chapel Painting Comes Alive

Funny Painting the Sistine Chapel

Painting the Sistine Chapel
I always wondered how they go up there to paint. Now we know.
Member reactions:
Me too. Thanks for the terrific chop...well done.
Nice work, But i can still see some white edges to the crain.
Krrish, I can see those edges too, . I just submitted this in the last second and did not have the time to clean it up. Thanks for checking my pic that closely. Your interest honors me. Stay with me, I need your input eveytime.

Funny Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's Wedding Chapel

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's Wedding Chapel
The "til death do us part" vow finally ... ed off the Gods..as Nicole and Keiths ceremony takes place in this little sandstone chapel by the sea..
Member reactions:
That's actually the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona. The current wild fires in Sedona were supposedly ignited by lightning strikes. This is very suspicious.
True Alligator I used to go there all the time when I lived there.It is beautiful inside.and the views are also.

Funny Stitched Sistine Chapel

Stitched Sistine Chapel

Funny Chapel Breath

Chapel Breath
Smell's just like grandma.

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