Mr Bean Channels Santa
Mr Bean Channels Santa
Mr Bean Channels Santa.

Funny Hillary Channels Wonder Woman

Hillary Channels Wonder Woman

Funny `The most honest CHANNEL`

`The most honest CHANNEL`
Hollande, Tsipras, Mogherini et al: European lefties sit down for cozy chit-chat at Elysee

Funny Last Channel of Christ

Last Channel of Christ

Funny Enoch Lemuria Zirco Channelling Art

Enoch Lemuria Zirco Channelling Art
Member reactions:
Strange composition...inscription not so evident
Interesting art but makes me wonder about the essence of the composition

Funny Strange News Channel

Strange News Channel
please view in high
Member reactions:
Nagendra,I'm sorry but I dont understand your unhappy face.Its ok if you dont like it. Rajeshstar thank you and Boulpix haha it is I the hidden avenger,well I will be hidden for 6 more hrs then you will see who it is...
OK you oblige me to wait until midnight. I am curious to know .
another 20 minutes to discover the hidden avenger .
Robinbobin . You are completly crazy ... Congrats . Hahaha .
thanks guys and gals ....yes just call me the hidden avenger..
This might be strange and crazy, but it took a lot of very well done work.
Congratulations on the wood . . . solid work.

Funny Zombie Cooking Channel

Zombie Cooking Channel
5 sources 8 layers of zombie fun.

Funny Giant Banana on Discovery Channel

Giant Banana on Discovery Channel
Member reactions:
Good job. Giant banana will end the world hunger

Funny Groundhog Weather Channel

Groundhog Weather Channel
Let's hire Groundhogs...

Funny Narrow channel

Narrow channel
Member reactions:
Absolutely brilliant idea and great blending

Funny Weather Channel

Weather Channel
Spice things up a bit by showing us what other celebrities or politicians the Weather Channel might bring on board. We know how opinionated some of these people can be, so feel free to give them their own segment or show with a title that will reflect their spin on the weather.

Funny TV Channels

TV Channels
Create your own TV Channel. If you could watch any channel of your own creation, what would you like to see? Create logos, shows, or program schedules of what TV channel you would like to see? (We will also allow submissions for television programs that you think might end up on the new MTV Gay Channel)

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