Kaepernick, You Can Change!
Kaepernick, You Can Change!
Kaepernick, You Can Change!. Member reactions:
Thank you, so much Berdulano, to me we have the best country in the world, wish people would show respect for it, if they don't like it, why don't they leave.

Funny The Big Change.

The Big Change.
Member reactions:
Awesome job on Scott Kelly's mutation. '57 a nice touch
Thank you very much, ReggieRey, even Alien's would have to love these cars.
Congrads best of the bunch, was #1 in my book

Funny The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change

The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change

Funny Extreme changes

Extreme changes
Member reactions:
Excellent work done as usual, Elegary. Congrats, first 5.
Some day I hope to create a 6 like this, but it's only a dream.
, I thought this was in the running for a cup. Nice job and top 5 pat on the back

Funny Radical change

Radical change
Member reactions:
He's gone all Bruce Jenner on us. Great chop
Nice Job with the skin tone, Hidden. Looks Real. Ouch... "real" Now I didn't say that, did I....

Funny Dreams Never Change

Dreams Never Change

Funny Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia

Putin has changed the prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia
President Putin withdraws Russia from the International Criminal Court
Member reactions:
Putin has changed the civilized prison in The Hague to the cell in Russia. Kremlin bomond (all Crimes against humanity) in the cell with Putin: Minister of Defence - Sergey Shoygu, Foreign Minister of Russia - Sergey Lavrov, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation - Maria Zaharova, Pime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev
Ohhh and a 3-fer. The chop Gods have favored you. Against all odds. Holy cow. Super congrats..
Thank you, Luciano, Hobbit and Hitspinner.

Funny Change we can believe in

Change we can believe in
What Obama Did/Didnít Accomplish for Working Class Americans
Member reactions:
Very nice. I do see a couple of flag stars near the top left corner and a floating white edge showing on the top right. Easy fixes.
Gold Congrats, Mr.Nycpixelrob. Excellent job done.

Funny Changing of the guard

Changing of the guard

Funny 'Change is going to happen in Cuba'

'Change is going to happen in Cuba'
Barack Obama: 'Change is going to happen in Cuba'
Member reactions:
The fit the stereotype a little too well hahhahahah Congrats on a great job and cup
Congrats, Mrassad. Where's Monica with Clinton's cigar.

Funny Gender Change

Gender Change
One of the most ambitious women in the UK politics, Member of European Parliament, Nikki Sinclaire shocked everyone by saying she actually grew up as a man, and had a gender change operation at the age of 23. This revelation makes Sinclaire, 45, the Britain's first "sex change parliamentarian". She said she kept her "men's past" a secret for 22 years because she did not want that fact to overshadow her career in politics. Nikki Sinclaire changed her mind in November as she became certain the world was ready for gender change politicians nowadays. A Sinclaire's political opponent who chose to remain anonymous, upon hearing the news, said "Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel." Show how any politician or celebrity may look if he/she chooses to have a gender change in the future.

Funny Political Gender Change

Political Gender Change
Analysts say that one of the major reasons for Hillary leading the polls is... her gender. Many women will give Hillary their votes just because she's a woman and they associate with her. Some analysts say it would be easier to beat Hillary if she were a man. Great news. Would it be easier to beat Obama if he was a woman? Photoshop any of the current U.S. presidential candidates to change their gender. Let's see how more appealing their become to the voters. To see a good example, let's recall what we did the last election with John Kerry.

Funny Animals changing color?

Animals changing color?
It seems like animals are getting tired of always wearing the same colors, and would like to change their "wardrobe". Change colors of animals from traditional to unusual.

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