Change Course
Change Course
Change Course. Again

Funny The Pope Speaks On Climate Change

The Pope Speaks On Climate Change
The Pope offers his opinion on climate change
Member reactions:
Thanks, guys.

Funny Change worked out Well

 Change worked out Well
Member reactions:
Oops I really was thinking where is the change

Funny Change U can believe in

Change U can believe in
Picture of Van Gogh

Funny Changing Space

Changing Space

Funny Global Environmental Change

Global Environmental Change


Political Satire
Member reactions:
Love this. The image creates quite a mood. Not sure if it makes me want to laugh or cry
Super Choppage, Hidden. Freaky Image. Scary Message. Damn Blood $ucking Tick. Uncle Sam's Knees are buckling. Where's that weird looking snake at.
This is excellent,love the Obama sucking engorged tick.Great composition,love the work you did on Uncle Sam's face with the veins and all.Totally agree with you on the parasitic Obama sucking the life out of this country 😜
I guess it was my turn to say it.. Many thanks my friends
I know it says do not critique, but since everybody is anyway, my 2cents: It's a masterpiece.. Awesome illustration of Obama's hate for the U.S. ..
Thank you champ. I keep looking out the window for drones
very good chop and Obama as a tumor attached to him is really freaky idea good one
Creepy but superbly done and brilliant satire..
IMO...Congrats On the Gold Hit-man. Freak'n Good Job. I'm still looking for that weird floating snake.
Gold congrats, Tim. Probably your best one ever. Fantastico.
Yeeeeaaaah, Doc this one scored way up there on that "Oh -O-meter . I am all pleased and will remain that way until the friggin drone strike. Thank you all for the great votes and I SS, I put the funny snake in my grumpy neighbor's mailbox
I salute your Gold Winner, and the magnificent work you did of paying homage to U.S.... One of your Greatest Hits.
Obama for some reason reminds me of the Flood on Halo. nice job.
Congrats on the Gold (even if it did take the truth to score so high).
You really Hitspinned this one right out of the ballpark.😂I knew this was yours Hit.A product of the chop Master again.I really loved this one Hit,congrats on the gold
Love this chop, Obama really is a blood sucking tick, another top of the line chop, always enjoy your work, this is my first week not working any longer, I'll have more time to work on chops.
thanks Champ, SS, Bob, DD Andwhat and Hobbit. Retirement Hobbit.
Your very welcome HitMan, absolutely love it. And Splat, I did an Obama snake in Freak Show 11/4/12 "Struggle for America" Didn't do to well though, 14/21
Here you go champ. Snake I found it. You did this a bit before I returned to FN. Cool, similar theme TY Armatien
Congrats on the gold, Hitman. Impressive piece.
Congratulations. Like a blood-sucking Tick...perfect.

Funny Lionel Messi Changing Soccer Balls into Gold

Lionel Messi Changing Soccer Balls into Gold
Member reactions:
Looks good but it looks like one of the balls is watermarked.

Funny Canadian Changes To The Flag

Canadian Changes To The Flag
Let's hope D-Man can get his way.
Member reactions:
Ask Pam for the left, ask Suarez for the rigt.
D-man is our most beloved Canadian and this chop is brilliant.
Congrats on the gold, Paulster. The credits are paid in Canadian dollars in this contest
Thanks, everyone. Oh no...not CANADIAN dollars, Newsy. .
Golden Congratulations, Paul. A splendid Canadian chop, and that little moose D-Man is working with is a great touch.. it, I was away in the USA celebrating the Canada Day Holiday......Excellent Job Doctor Paulie
Wham, Bam, Thank Ya Mam the best on here for a while.
Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, Elegary. Thanks, Armatien. Thanks, dd.
Congratulations # 2. Great work as usual.

Funny Kim Jong Un Changes The Weather

Kim Jong Un Changes The Weather
Kim Jong-Un is unhappy with the North Korean weather forecasting
Member reactions:
Do you want see anything or say anything....
I think this weather forecast is absolutely the best forecast I've seen in my life. It freaking rocks. See how the weather submits to dictators too.
Congrats on the gold & silver...

Funny Gender Change

Gender Change
One of the most ambitious women in the UK politics, Member of European Parliament, Nikki Sinclaire shocked everyone by saying she actually grew up as a man, and had a gender change operation at the age of 23. This revelation makes Sinclaire, 45, the Britain's first "sex change parliamentarian". She said she kept her "men's past" a secret for 22 years because she did not want that fact to overshadow her career in politics. Nikki Sinclaire changed her mind in November as she became certain the world was ready for gender change politicians nowadays. A Sinclaire's political opponent who chose to remain anonymous, upon hearing the news, said "Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel." Show how any politician or celebrity may look if he/she chooses to have a gender change in the future.

Funny Political Gender Change

Political Gender Change
Analysts say that one of the major reasons for Hillary leading the polls is... her gender. Many women will give Hillary their votes just because she's a woman and they associate with her. Some analysts say it would be easier to beat Hillary if she were a man. Great news. Would it be easier to beat Obama if he was a woman? Photoshop any of the current U.S. presidential candidates to change their gender. Let's see how more appealing their become to the voters. To see a good example, let's recall what we did the last election with John Kerry.

Funny Animals changing color?

Animals changing color?
It seems like animals are getting tired of always wearing the same colors, and would like to change their "wardrobe". Change colors of animals from traditional to unusual.

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