Changing of the guard
Changing of the guard
Changing of the guard.

Funny 'Change is going to happen in Cuba'

'Change is going to happen in Cuba'
Barack Obama: 'Change is going to happen in Cuba'
Member reactions:
The fit the stereotype a little too well hahhahahah Congrats on a great job and cup
Congrats, Mrassad. Where's Monica with Clinton's cigar.

Funny Beluga Airbus Changing Batteries

Beluga Airbus Changing Batteries
Member reactions:
Very realistic, Denlig. Congrats on the Wood.
Congrats on the Wood. My favorite of the bunch.

Funny Barack Obama Asking for Hope and Change on the Street

Barack Obama Asking for Hope and Change on the Street
Member reactions:
Nice Job matching the color tones, Hidden.

Funny Obama Gives a Beggar Some Change

Obama Gives a Beggar Some Change
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze UncleChamp,fantastic chop,well executed and such a true statement
Excellent chop and an even equally excellent idea. Congrats on the Bronze. Sorry for hogging the 2 spot as well. I was hedging my bet trying to get that gold devil heheheh
Thanks Hits for the good words. And hey no need for sorry, cause it's my fault if I'm not good enough to take you. It just makes me want to get better. I'm just glad you didn't enter four. Lol
Thanks NewsMaster and thanks Deb, I was going list his catastrophic failures, but not near enough room
Thanks Renegade, and OldSchool, and Nanny your very kind

Funny Change Course

Change Course

Funny The Pope Speaks On Climate Change

The Pope Speaks On Climate Change
The Pope offers his opinion on climate change
Member reactions:
Thanks, guys.

Funny Change worked out Well

 Change worked out Well
Member reactions:
Oops I really was thinking where is the change

Funny Changing Space

Changing Space

Funny Global Environmental Change

Global Environmental Change

Funny Gender Change

Gender Change
One of the most ambitious women in the UK politics, Member of European Parliament, Nikki Sinclaire shocked everyone by saying she actually grew up as a man, and had a gender change operation at the age of 23. This revelation makes Sinclaire, 45, the Britain's first "sex change parliamentarian". She said she kept her "men's past" a secret for 22 years because she did not want that fact to overshadow her career in politics. Nikki Sinclaire changed her mind in November as she became certain the world was ready for gender change politicians nowadays. A Sinclaire's political opponent who chose to remain anonymous, upon hearing the news, said "Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel." Show how any politician or celebrity may look if he/she chooses to have a gender change in the future.

Funny Political Gender Change

Political Gender Change
Analysts say that one of the major reasons for Hillary leading the polls is... her gender. Many women will give Hillary their votes just because she's a woman and they associate with her. Some analysts say it would be easier to beat Hillary if she were a man. Great news. Would it be easier to beat Obama if he was a woman? Photoshop any of the current U.S. presidential candidates to change their gender. Let's see how more appealing their become to the voters. To see a good example, let's recall what we did the last election with John Kerry.

Funny Animals changing color?

Animals changing color?
It seems like animals are getting tired of always wearing the same colors, and would like to change their "wardrobe". Change colors of animals from traditional to unusual.

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