Jackie Chan family
Jackie Chan family
Jackie Chan family.

Funny Giant Tortoise Bon Chan with owner Hisao Mitani

Giant Tortoise Bon Chan with owner Hisao Mitani
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Member reactions:
Looks real - very clean work, Gumster. Congrats on the wood.
balodiya: Im having trouble understand if nice DRY is an acronym for something or is it the usual sarcastic remark that you and lu use for "Well Tried".
Congrats on the Wood (and a new BotS character - ha.).

Funny Mexican Jackie Chan

Mexican Jackie Chan
Member reactions:
Hey Opcrom WB. Great chop, I love Jackie Chan. Woody cup congrats
Fantastic 3-D effect, Congrats on the Wood, Opcrom..
Congrats on the wood, opcrom. Welcome back.

Funny Jackie Chan with Double Vision

Jackie Chan with Double Vision
Member reactions:
Good one. Why don't add a second objective to the camera .

Funny Jackie Chan Carrying a Baby

Jackie Chan Carrying a Baby
Member reactions:
This is AWESOME. Love the blur. Great sourcing.
Perfect one. Son's smile makes me smile too.
Congrats on the silver. charming and vewry well done
Thank you for the silver... Now I can kill the werewolf that lives in my pantry. XD

Funny Astronaut Jackie Chan on Russian Space Station

Astronaut Jackie Chan on Russian Space Station
NASA will stop certain contact with Russia
Member reactions:
Excellent job on aging Jackie. Just one thing...the booze coming out of the bottle would make a sharp turn and start flowing up.
This is great Good to see the bubbels of the bottle
Woody congrats, Andrew. by the way...it should have been odd-shaped globs of Vodka and not bubbles in space. Still, a great chop, indeed.
Thank you, sulliishere, balodiya, ericnorthend, Evirio, lucianomorelli and Paul. There are water balls with light reflection flying in the space.
Me likes a lot. Small nitpick: his face tone need to be adjusted a tad to match the skin on the neck and chest

Funny Jackie Chan In Titanic

Jackie Chan In Titanic

Funny Jackie Chan in Hancock

Jackie Chan in Hancock
Member reactions:
I guess this Chancock do not stink like Hen

Funny Jackie Chan in Pluto Nash

Jackie Chan in Pluto Nash

Funny Jackie Chan in Columbo

Jackie Chan in Columbo
It's not a theatrical movie, but a television movie, so I thought it was fair game to use.
Member reactions:
I like his shirt
Clean chop, good work with layers Cigar may be smoky just a suggestion
Columbo rarely lit his cigar, eric. He always had it sticking out of his mouth, chewing on it.
Pcrdds congrats ... the eye,,the shirt the cigar .. funny stuff here.
Thanks, everyone. Glad you noticed the eye, Miss Pree.
Congratulations. Knew this was yours... Love the eyes.

Funny Jackie Chan Movies

Jackie Chan Movies
Martial artist, actor and comedian, Jackie Chan celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday. Jackie Chan was born to a poor family in China, and his parents wanted to give him up for adoption because they could not afford to raise him nor could they even afford the hospital bill. However, after hearing from relatives who decided to help financially, Jackie's parents agreed to keep him and worked hard to raise him in Hong Kong and later in Australia where they relocated. Chan studied martial arts and acting in China Drama Academy. Upon graduation (he was 17), Jackie started acting as a stuntman in Bruce Lee movies. He soon started getting his own first roles in Hong Kong movies and became very famous in Asia. However, it was not until 90s when Chan became a true Hollywood icon with his comedy hits Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, and their sequels. Jackie is one of the very few actors that does most of his movie stunts by himself and has massive number of scars to prove it. Chan's on-screen fighting technique became very famous - he loves to use furniture in his fights. His Chinese name means "Cannonball." For his 60th birthday, let's show Jackie Chan in the movies where he did not act, or create sequels to the movies where he did act. Many thanks to mrmo2 for the themepost.

Funny Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
Chan Kong Sang, known in Hollywood as Jackie Chan celebrated the 55th birthday this Tuesday. Chan has been acting since 70s, starred in over 100 films, and is best known for his comic acrobatic fighting style, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts. Jackie began Hollywood career as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films "Fist of Fury" (1972) and "Enter the Dragon" (1973). Unlike other Hollywood actors Jackie Chan performs most of his stunts by himself and therefore has impressive number of scars. To mark the 55th birthday of Jackie Chan, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
Not young any more? OK...create images of Jackie Chan in his post-fight movie life.

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