Chameleon Chihuahua
Chameleon Chihuahua
Chameleon Chihuahua. View In Full
Member reactions:
, thank you. thank you for presenting such an awesome entry. i COULD get all picky about this and that like i usually do. but i can tell you worked hard and it looks really good. it made me happy.
This is just beautiful It reminds me a little of the Aye Aye from Madagasgar
Excellent makeover of Chameleon with its green fur love this makeover and the long tongue is really great

Funny The Cyborg Chameleon

The Cyborg Chameleon
A little cyborg chameleon.... Made mainly with This image. I hope you like it....
Member reactions:
Like this work specially eye And thanks for the source (Tour tool)
this looks pretty good, like the eye much......

Funny Tin Chameleon

Tin Chameleon
Member reactions:
Lovely, like a lot the tiny lizard Congrats on the wood.
Congrats on the wood, PSM. Gotta love this chameleon.

Funny The Chameleon Sheriff

The Chameleon Sheriff
The sheriff is here to punish the crime.
Member reactions:
Adorable. What u'v done here is wild (west)
Congrats. Feels like I could reach out and grab the gun.
ohh hes so cute i want one..... congrats..
A golden star for the little sheriff, congrats..
Congrats Mark Tex Lizard rules the West, hehe.
Congrats on the win, Mark. Very clever, cute and impressive at the same time.
This is just freakin great. It's going in my faves.

Funny Escher Hand Holding Chameleons

Escher Hand Holding Chameleons
Member reactions:
Fantastic concept. I would increase the contrast of the hand source slightly to get to the contrast levels of the puzzle source
Congrats on the silver groundzero, nice work.
awesome one groundzero , congrats on the silver and keep going

Funny Spring chameleon

Spring chameleon
Hiding in plain sight ...

Funny Urban Chameleon

Urban Chameleon

Funny Dragon Chameleon

Dragon Chameleon

Funny Chameleon Seasons

Chameleon Seasons
Member reactions:
fun really love this, full view shows some lazy masking, get back to work.
Great Idea, it makes me feel like I just didnt try hard enough with mine. . very well done
Thought they reminding me of something Levi van Veluw
Brilliant composition. Should be a cover for Vivaldi's "Four Seasons"
nice work with the sources, wish you had cleaned up the fingers. seasonal sky backgrounds would have set this off too. got a woody though congrats
and amazingly the ONLY entry in the entire contest that didn't get lowballed with a 1 vote. guess you're just lucky
Very nice, brilliant idea and composition. My fav is the winter chameleon - he's cool Congrats on the woody.
These chameleons got wood Congratulations on your first medal, Ellison.
Interesting point you raise there Jerry about the voting, voting that wildly outside of the average has no effect anyway.

Funny Chameleon One

Chameleon One
The first spaceship of Madagascar lacked a bit in design quality.

Funny Chameleon

This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this chameleon image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - dressing up this chameleon, giving it some paint job, putting the chameleon into some new environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Pablo Gonzalez Vargas and morgueFile for providing the source photo.

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