The Dreaded Chameleon ApeHopper
The Dreaded Chameleon ApeHopper
The Dreaded Chameleon ApeHopper. Member reactions:
He can have all the bananas he wants. Great in the original view too.
Superbe idée et très bon et beau travail
Top5grats, Gummy. Great Work, Deserves a Cup too.
Awesome job with outstanding integration. T5 GumMaster.
Wouldnt like to find this guy in my bananas..excellent work

Funny Marty Chameleon Feldman

Marty Chameleon Feldman
Member reactions:
Ha, Perfect match, Marty looks natural. Would have like to see chameleon with Marty's eyes
Thanks Reggie it wasn’t clear initially that both animal and human where required. Seems like the reference became clearer after submissions started. I was happy to update it with a Chameleon with Marty’s eyes but my computer has crashed and still not back. I lost the opportunity before the deadline heyho

Funny Owl-chameleon


Funny Grasshopper and Chameleon Hybrid

Grasshopper and Chameleon Hybrid

Funny Chameleon Stars by Escher

Chameleon Stars by Escher
Member reactions:
Awesome job lovely reptiles work good one
Really awesome idea. Maybe the eye is not useful.
Impressive work, Andrew. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Zombie Chameleon Drinking Coffee

Zombie Chameleon Drinking Coffee
dont forget to check out in Hd. Thank you.
Member reactions:
Beautiful work.....but you gotta lay of the Timmy"s.
thank oldman....havent seen you in a while.
Love this and ... oooh ... hot chick 10 o'clock
thanks salis and thank you andwhat and yes, hotchick at 10 oclock, just watch out for the zombie hoard .
I like coffee too..but at least I have my priorities straight. You Silly Zombies 'Hot Girl 10 o'clock'
Amazing..... the Frog with big eyes and a lovely hat came out to fight with Zombies excellent work with a moon light and a lady peeping from the top floor .... Great composition and nice lighting effects a Predictable winner in the contest good one
You don't like Timmy's. Maybe he bought it to roll up the rim.
Congratulations on your Gold Cup RobinBobin. Mind-Blowing, masterful job
thank you everyone for all your comments.

Funny Ladybug Fighting Against Chameleons

Ladybug Fighting Against Chameleons
Member reactions:
Lovely work its wonderful to see all of these
Wood for andwhat too, woo hoo. Colorful chop.

Funny Chameleon with Eight Legs

Chameleon with Eight Legs

Funny Chameleon Chihuahua Hybrid

Chameleon Chihuahua Hybrid
View In Full
Member reactions:
, thank you. thank you for presenting such an awesome entry. i COULD get all picky about this and that like i usually do. but i can tell you worked hard and it looks really good. it made me happy.
This is just beautiful It reminds me a little of the Aye Aye from Madagasgar
Excellent makeover of Chameleon with its green fur love this makeover and the long tongue is really great

Funny The Cyborg Chameleon

The Cyborg Chameleon
A little cyborg chameleon.... Made mainly with This image. I hope you like it....
Member reactions:
Like this work specially eye And thanks for the source (Tour tool)
this looks pretty good, like the eye much......

Funny Chameleon

This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this chameleon image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - dressing up this chameleon, giving it some paint job, putting the chameleon into some new environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Pablo Gonzalez Vargas and morgueFile for providing the source photo.

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