Daddy just lost his Birth Certificate
Daddy just lost his Birth Certificate
Daddy just lost his Birth Certificate.

Funny Kenyan Birth Certificate was lost and he became ... American

Kenyan Birth Certificate was lost and he became ... American
Member reactions:
Good one, should had stayed there.

Funny Titanic Marriage Certificate Revealed

Titanic Marriage Certificate Revealed

Funny Finally he found his Birth Certificate in his motherland

Finally he found his Birth Certificate in his motherland
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Obama can be easy to blend to Kenyan citizen, because he is Kenyan. He spent 8 years at USA as President (Thank you, Kenyan Folks) and now he must help his motherland. Kenyan Obamacare sounds great.

Funny Barrack Birth Certificate Solved

Barrack Birth Certificate Solved
Barrack Mother lode Doc
Member reactions: this shows up on Trumps website.
This shows the real proof of unsolved mystery to solve finally nice thought
Awesome idea Hits, congrats on the Gold great job.
LOVE IT, congrats buddy, darn good one,Trump would like this chop.
Love the way your mind works. Congrats Hits
It just came to me in a dream, there was a witch doctor with a bone in his nose and a ju-ju bean plastic chicken rattle. And the wise witch doctor said to me, "The president's secret floats in the sea." and then he turned into a carrot and disappeared into the sand. . Thanks Champ, Steve, Rajesh. (my brother stranger), Hobbit, PS and DMan.

Funny Man without Birth certificate

Man without Birth certificate
Member reactions:
This is so nice, can you make the whole image a sepia. or B&W .. Ill hold off on voting on it
Doesn't look like the new face fits properly (chin and cheek sides).
Grain, texture, focus and contrast need quite a bit of work.

Funny Barack Obama Finds His Birth Certificate in Vintage Coffee Grinder

Barack Obama Finds His Birth Certificate in Vintage Coffee Grinder
Member reactions:
The NSA found it
Hidden, this would be so much better without the use of simple drop shadows.
Thank you, ALL.
Paul, thank you. I tried to create 3D effects for different parts of the drawing. May be it's wrong way. I will have access to Photoshop today late and update picture.
At last the certificate found Crazy Obama totally went inside the grinder to find his proof
You are fast becoming a powerful force to reckon with. Great job. Congrats on the cup
Thank you, Friends. We will continue together our FreakingNews experiments.

Funny George Washington Reviews Obama's Birth Certificate

George Washington Reviews Obama's Birth Certificate
Member reactions:
HA. Love this. All it needs now is some painting "texture" on the Obama head and hands.
Awesome idea..... Now the Birth Certificate got reviewed What is the end result Good chop.. nice merge and great caricatur done on both the heads
Excellent Great caricature & excellent texture
Lovely chop, freaky gesture of Obama with Crazy head and hand placement and Embarrassed expression perfect to the situation . agree to pcrdds about 'texture' well its very thoughtful chop
This is really clever. Congrats on the wood, Wanderer.

Funny Citation or Birth Certificate

Citation or Birth Certificate
Member reactions:
Laughing my arss off... the Dog is stuck like New Jersey HA HA H HA

Funny Donald Trump's Birth Certificate

Donald Trump's Birth Certificate
Proof that Bill Maher was right about Donald Trump.
Member reactions:
You might want to texturize his face to match the rest of the painting.
Wait.,,, ya mean you can put his face on a monkey but you can't put O'Bama's face on one. That just ain't fair.
Hilarious... Need to Zoom to see his place of birth very funny nice merge of him over a monkey to prove his certificate

Funny Osama's Death Certificate

Osama's Death Certificate
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin keep giving President Obama a hard time. First they demanded to see Obama's birth certificate, and now they demand to see Osama's death certificate. Since the photos of dead Osama won't be released by The White House, it's only natural that the world wants to see some alternative proof of Osama's death. Photoshop Osama's death certificate. It's up to you whether to include some Osama's final photo in the certificate.

Funny Obama's (Original) Birth Certificate

Obama's (Original) Birth Certificate
The 2012 elections are getting closer and because of this we keep hearing more and more about Obama's birth certificate - that old issue that has come into prominence yet again due to the media pressing this "news" so hard. Believe it or not, only 38% of Americans believe Obama was born in the USA according to a recent USA TODAY poll. They are basically saying that if Obama was really born in the USA, why does he only show the new computerized one and won't show the world his original birth certificate? So many people say they want to see Obama's original birth certificate - to confirm their suspicions or erase their doubts. As usual, we are here to help. Photoshop Obama's original birth certificate.

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