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Funny Ceremony Pictures

Impressive Closing CeremonyFunny Impressive Closing Ceremony
Member reactions: jaws jumping through the rings tonigth .
Putin looks too impressive in the closing ceremony... good work using the fireworks awesome job

Member reactions:

MY BASIC SOURCES ... and details taken from more than 20 different pics
Very cool entry, very comic bookish. That is one fast dude.
Amazing chop.... great detailing and nice effects used specially the squeezing of crow and the effects on his face is really amazing... fantastic work with the source and really appreciable job done..
Mindblowing stuff Excellent, Very well composed superb. Best of luck
Brilliant chop, awesome colors and fantastic detail. Its a wild and fabulous scene
YEAAAAAH....... Thank you, my freaking friends
Congratulazioni al mio amico Rob. bella composizione, e bei colori.
Congrats on the gold, Pix. Magnificent chop. Viva Italia.

Sir Paul McCartney at his ceremonyFunny Sir Paul McCartney at his ceremony
Member reactions:
The Queen was just a little bit nervous that's all...Happy Birthday Sir Paul..
i think theres some of the collar still to be trimmed hurry...

Olympic Circus Opening Ceremony 2012Funny Olympic Circus Opening Ceremony 2012
Member reactions:

my first image
can you upload a larger image. its just so nice.
Thank you very much for your encouragement . I love Freaking News ...
The fire and light & shadow effect deserve admiration.

Ceremony of NarcismFunny Ceremony of Narcism
Member reactions:

Women live for this day. Men try with all their might to avoid it...Please view at larger size to see the details
oooooooooo, freak-out. {-insert freak out music here-} I dig the surrealism.
Ha, Twilight Zone meets Alice In Wonderland. This is pretty cool.
Opss... I voted 9. But VERY well done, Benzi
Congrats on the wood, Benzi. Tough competition this contest.

Annual Tree Beaming CeremonyFunny Annual Tree Beaming Ceremony
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

Me liking it too. Good Christmas spirit here

A Ceremony Made South of HeavenFunny A Ceremony Made South of Heaven
Member reactions:

"I give it six weeks."
Masking is really rough here . Decent idea though

Underwater ceremonyFunny Underwater ceremony
Member reactions:

I am touched lovely and good act ... a memorial for those who were killed underwater by sharks

Pagan Egg CeremonyFunny Pagan Egg Ceremony
Member reactions:

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