All Bran Cereal Propaganda Poster
All Bran Cereal Propaganda Poster
All Bran Cereal Propaganda Poster.

Funny Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer
Member reactions:
What an expression

Funny Hillary Clinton Breakfast Cereal

Hillary Clinton Breakfast Cereal
Please view in Hi-Res

Funny Snoop Dog Breakfast Cereal

Snoop Dog Breakfast Cereal
I edited the cereal box, the general thrills logo, and the contents of the ladies bowl (used to be strawberries ) and then placed them in a lovely field

Funny Captain Colon Breakfast Cereal

Captain Colon Breakfast Cereal
Member reactions:
Thank you kindly, havin' a lotta fun . . .

Funny Uncle Mercedes Benz Breakfast Cereal

Uncle Mercedes Benz Breakfast Cereal
Member reactions:
This is freaking hilarious. One of my faves in the cointest.

Funny Relaxing Breakfast Cereal

Relaxing Breakfast Cereal
This was originally begun for the "Panic" theme but I decided to work on it a bit longer.
Member reactions:
Me Worries. Would make a great poster for those who feel their life is too easy.

Funny Battery Breakfast Cereal

Battery Breakfast Cereal
Don't try this at home. I tried, and I died... twice.
Member reactions:
Great edit/change. Lotta wk went into this.
Thanks Kellie. I had to find the right source
Wish you could have found a higher resolution arm and hand. The cereal box is done extremely well.
Thanks for your votes and comments everyone.
Congrats on the silver. Love the colors, well done job
Hilarious concept. This is how to get some iron in your food. Ironman's breakfast. Congrats on the silver, Evirio.
Congrats with silver. That breakfast is surely energizing...

Funny Cootie Crunch Cereal

Cootie Crunch Cereal
Please view full
Member reactions:
Clever stuff. "may contain traces of actual cereal"
I thought it might win just because it best followed the spirit of the contest. Great work as always, RW
rwpike wonderful this reminded me of the pictures i loved as a kid ,, they were cards,, all gross and soo funny,, jam packed with creativity. congrats.
luv the colors and the cooties, congrats pike.
Cooties♥, I loved them growing up... ☻ & know I so would have wanted my mother to buy this for me to try, my little sister would've too, lmfao. Yummm yummm. . x)~
what is this Vote-able Caption. When ever I see them I click them anyway, but still would like to know what it is / does... Anyone know. I would so appreciate an explanation, thank you in advance.♥ xoxoxox ♥ ☻

Funny Canadian Maple Leaf Cereal

Canadian Maple Leaf Cereal

Funny Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast Cereals
Create new and innovative breakfast cereals or breakfast bars that you would like to see on the grocery shelves.

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