Hillary Clinton The Central Bank's Choice For President
Hillary Clinton The Central Bank's Choice For President
Hillary Clinton The Central Bank's Choice For President. Phase Two. The overthrow. America bends to the will of the World Bankers.
Member reactions:
Very clear shown her character. Perfect Art.
What A Perfect Figurehead. Nice Job, Hidden. I can tell this chop was constructed with passion.
Doc,SS, Luciano, DMan, Hobbit and Andrew... I thank you.
Congrats, Hitspinner. My fav in the contest.
Nailed Hilly n Billy good, congrats on silver.
Wonderful looking chop, congrats on the win.
She is quote scary here. "Call me" Bill is a great touch too. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
Thank you, Newsy. SS, Hobbit, Champ, Jere, Swashbuckle, Bob, Gummy and Andrew. I had to apply some Photoshop 501 tricks to get this one to work. I don't know why I insist on using the most skqrewed up sources lately
Love the composition of this piece. Looks like a magazine cover. Very nice.
Thanks LC. I can't make them much better than this. Artistically speaking of course...
Congrats Hitspinner. Sorry to have missed this one. ; )

Funny Karen Allen & Harrison Ford Walking Through Central Park

Karen Allen & Harrison Ford Walking Through Central Park

Funny Police Traveling Over Bow Bridge in Central Park NY

Police Traveling Over Bow Bridge in Central Park NY

Funny Marijuana in Central Park

Marijuana in Central Park
"Wouldn't it be great to scatter hemp seeds all over Central Park like a modern day Johnny Appleseed." .
Member reactions:
Nice poster, I can see this hanging on many a walls. Great Job.
Great work, Invention to Giant joint is possible now using these Giant plants, good idea of seeding
This really a great effort put for the message "Plant Trees and Save Earth" but here they planted weed all over the city
great concept... fantastic work,, congrats Wiz.....
Bronze Congrats Wiz ... Great looking poster ...Great perspective.
Congrats, on the bronze........awesome job.
Bronze congrats Wiz
I led, as that picture shows just how well the crop would take off: It'll take over.

Funny Girl in Central Park by Raphael

Girl in Central Park by Raphael
Member reactions:
So nice, very well merged, like her watch
I have seen the original, and this one is really a great tribute paid to Raphael, what a great job to put a gown to that girl and golden hair and a lovely background, very well done

Funny Hunt in Central Park

Hunt in Central Park
Member reactions:
Quite imaginative . . . and well done . . .

Funny Comedy Central Magazine

Comedy Central Magazine
Member reactions:
good work
For some reason I like the choice of the dog...
THanks, guys. I should have written out Hitspinner and Funkwood though....
Great job, like HH says 2 in the top 10...W2G.

Funny Grand Theft Auto: Alice in South Central

Grand Theft Auto: Alice in South Central
The spin off Xbox game has already hit the shelves.
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant, gotta see it in full view.
cool i have done many covers of GTA in company where I working ,
Thanks to all who voted and sent a comment.
Excellent idea and very clean chop Tuuluu, Congrats on your bronze.
Tuuluuwag funny... i showed my boys this chop they loved it.. congrats.....
Tuuluu, this was very clever. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Tower of Pisa in Central Park

Tower of Pisa in Central Park
New York's Central Park becomes home to the Leaning Tower of Pisa...and of course, there's always one New Yorker that isn't happy about it.
Member reactions:
Nice work on the addition of the tower. Very clean. Just need to add a shortened shadow on the right side to reflect the ones being cast by the people in the foreground.
Super idea, but judging by the amount of light on the tower, there should be a small (short) shadow an the ground, to the right of the tower.
Cool idea and looks especially good in full view. Sun seems much brighter on the tower than on the surrounding grass.

Funny Walls Around Central Park

Walls Around Central Park
Member reactions:
very nice and interesting entry, sure there is some furniture . Well done.
This is unique. the only one without a ceiling and with a flipped photo - gives the entry a fresh perspective. I love the sky. It was a nice touch.
cool. my opinion is this, i think you should put a little reflection of clouds/sky colors to the wall or to the trees, and ofcourse shadow is important to make your picture more realistic. pls.be kind to me is just my own OP.

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