Presidential Museum Center of Boris Yeltsin
Presidential Museum Center of Boris Yeltsin
Presidential Museum Center of Boris Yeltsin. The Yeltsin Center, for which the Lorem Ipsum team created all the media content, is the first presidential museum in Russia. The materials presented in it tell not only about the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, but also about the fateful changes in the life of the country that took place at the end of the last century. In the process of working on the multimedia content of the museum, the Lorem Ipsum team did a gigantic job.
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Everything but the kitchen sink. Congrats on the Silver.
Lots of different elements in this..lots of work put in and all excellently blended job

Funny Klingon Tourist Center 2

Klingon Tourist Center 2
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Nice pic, but Putin's face is blurry around the top and Rocket Boy.
The mix of hi-def and blur doesn't do it for me

Funny Rehab Centers

Rehab Centers
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Col chop. Only nit-pick is that jagged white chin line on Bernie.

Funny Pirate Sports Center

Pirate Sports Center
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Lots of work here - silver congrats s-chick.

Funny Space Lion Breeding Center

Space Lion Breeding Center

Funny Pope in NSA control center

Pope in NSA control center
You just never know who is watching.

Funny Aliens Attack World Trade Center

Aliens Attack World Trade Center
god bless all those lost souls
Member reactions:
This gone too... far Internet now went on to Mars and getting the fake news of attack ha ha ha
Hey, if it is on the net it must be true Nice one, skitterchick

Funny Alaskan Travel Center

Alaskan Travel Center

Funny Tom Cruise Outside Scientology Center

Tom Cruise Outside Scientology Center
The image seen in his glasses is the Scientologist's "E-meter".  The meter, when used by a trained Scientologist, is believed to reflect or indicate whether or not a person has been relieved from spiritual impediment of past experiences. ( see elements used ) view in Hi-Res elements used
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Nice the reflection in the glasses

Funny World Trade Center Movie Poster Pictogram

World Trade Center  Movie Poster Pictogram
Never forget
Member reactions:
Looks somewhat like cigarettes. Nice lines. Emotional subject.

Funny Klingon Tourist Center

Klingon Tourist Center
They're a ruthless species of extraterrestrial warriors from the Omega Leonis Star System eager to build bridges with humans and attract them to their planet. So where on Earth would they choose to open their first tourist center? Stockholm, Sweden, of course -- home of ABBA, open-faced sandwiches and stylish but sensible knitwear. A small theater in the Swedish capital has been transformed into the world's first "Klingon tourist center" in a playful bid to boost tourism in Qo'noS (pronounced "Kronos"), the fictional home planet of the alien species from the "Star Trek" franchise. Create KLINGONS from celebrity or politicians. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

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