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Funny Center Pictures

Superman Lowers His Center Of GravityFunny Superman Lowers His Center Of Gravity
Member reactions:

Like to see him in shorter legs this will make him to use his arms more

Diamond On Center StageFunny Diamond On Center Stage
Member reactions:

Let It RAIN....
Great colorful image and the lady is doozing there looks pretty too... very well done
Congratulations. Smooth and beautiful chop .

Alaskan Travel CenterFunny Alaskan Travel Center
Member reactions:

Tom Cruise Outside Scientology CenterFunny Tom Cruise Outside Scientology Center
Member reactions:

The image seen in his glasses is the Scientologist's "E-meter".  The meter, when used by a trained Scientologist, is believed to reflect or indicate whether or not a person has been relieved from spiritual impediment of past experiences. ( see elements used ) view in Hi-Res elements used
Nice the reflection in the glasses

World Trade Center  Movie Poster PictogramFunny World Trade Center Movie Poster Pictogram
Member reactions:

Never forget
Looks somewhat like cigarettes. Nice lines. Emotional subject.

Garbage Man Takes Center StageFunny Garbage Man Takes Center Stage
Member reactions:

Check out How I made this View Full Here Much Better Full Only used the Garbage Can Source
... good job and very creative for only using one source..
Thanks took me forever to do but thought it was a good idea
Really was my favorite and the 'How To' help was very useful. Congratulations.

Basketball the Center of the UniverseFunny Basketball the Center of the Universe
Member reactions:

please give advice.
I like this & I guess b/ball is the centre of some peoples Universe The glow is good.
Looks good I have to agree with Kellie I like the glow too and I like the way you gave it like that sun look with some dark and light areas
Poor Mercury, DEEP-FRIED. Interesting and me likes.
Another goody from DW. Really great to see you back.

Recreational CenterFunny Recreational Center
Member reactions:

Can you do something about the pink by the windows. Otherwise, looks nice.

Center of the UniverseFunny Center of the Universe
Member reactions:

CenterFunny Center
Member reactions:

Night vision...
You forgot to mask out part of the layer that you used, can still see a streak of a lighter blue and some trees branches on the upper right. other than that nice chop I like the whole atmosphere of it.
Very cool presentation here. . Excellent job
Although the upper right corner shows masking debris, this has a nice feel to it. Edit that out for a top entry. "Always strive for perfection" is my motto.
This is an absoute top notch work. Just remove those masking remains in the right upper corner. Otherwise truly fantastic.
Very nice. The only thing is that the lightposts were cut up will chopping, but no big deal. I love the background.

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