White House Censors the Press Again
White House Censors the Press Again
White House Censors the Press Again. Our Free Press The problem was that Malia Obama was photographed when there was no male escort present.

Funny The Censors Centurion

The Censors Centurion
Please view large PROGRESSION
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Woowww, I REALLY love it. How software was used.
Great paint , but looks hard to understand I think, but totally great colors and hard work here
Thank you for another trip to the fleek world.

Funny Censored Julian Assange

Censored Julian Assange
Sorry by the censore over Julian Assenge. This is the best way to keep the people under the darkness.. Julian Assenge urges US to end "witch hunt" over WikiLeaks in appearence from Ecuador Embassy
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Julian is a great man...he achieved the things that every common man wanted .. There is no wrong in Revealing the Government matters . After all we have elected them, we have the right to know bout government stuffs . In fact, in actual terms - Government itself should be transparent to the public, but all the govt. in the world are playing games behind the Screen. And US & British Govts are trying to finish the lives of people like Assange. If Assange is in the hands of US&British Govt, then he will be treated the same way as Saddam Hussain. Everyone in the world know the US strategies, but cant resist them just bcoz they are superpower...but day by day...its loosing its power...
At last he dared to appear in public... now its time to end thee witch hunt..
My intent with that job was exactly join to the all people who think this "hunt" to him need to stop. All the HONEST gorvernments in the world (includes USA and UK governments) should stop that insane hunt to a manager of one of the most serious sites in the world, that have the TRUTH as its nort. Thank you suni27, rajeshstar and balodya.
I salute you for choosing this news since this is the thing everyone must protect in Democratic 21th century's world to keep peace all over the globe.

Funny Censored Renoir Painting

Censored Renoir Painting
I don't understand the civilization I live in anymore.
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Oh sssshhhh...I fail
Lol My intention here was more of a social commentary, based on this being the first time I've ever seen any site, much less a site of so many artists, ask that Renoir be censored...I don't care about the reasons, because none are good enough.

Funny Scrubs Censored Operation

Scrubs Censored Operation
Give it to me straight doc,will I ever box again.
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No actors were actially hirt during the filming of this show

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