Kremlin Wall Cemetery decoration
Kremlin Wall Cemetery decoration
Kremlin Wall Cemetery decoration. Cemetery at the Kremlin Wall
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Putin decides to skip UN General Assembly this year. He is very busy for Kremlin Wall decoration on Red Square.

Funny Cemetery Traffic Sign

Cemetery Traffic Sign
Quoth the Raven: Nevermore.

Funny Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery
Member reactions:
Cute. Reminds me of Stephen King's novel before the pets come back from the grave.
FN rises fund to maintain this, since here in FN everyday so many pets are getting killed my sharp Choppers Ha ha ha nice idea

Funny Celebrity Smokers Cemetery

Celebrity Smokers Cemetery
Cancer makes NO exceptions
Member reactions:
There is always room for one more. Concept works well. Good luck.

Funny In The Cemetery Morgue

In The Cemetery Morgue

Funny Desert Car Cemetery

Desert Car Cemetery

Funny Underwater Cemetery

Underwater Cemetery
Artificial Reef Near Miami is Cemetery Some sources

Funny Baseball Cemetery

Baseball Cemetery
Following her grandfathers last wishes, Jennifer takes his dog for his daily walk to his gravesite. She always wondered why he wanted to be buried next to a Yankee fan, now she understands. news story
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Cemetery slogan says "never forget", and this dog never forgets...

Funny Cemetery Saddam Bust

Cemetery Saddam Bust

Member reactions:
Great job, but he doesn't deserve a headstone. Better yet, roll him into a mass grave with Uday, Husay, and the rest of his DNA remnants in it.
I agree totally, but I also like what this symbolises... his death.
funny, but not as ironically funny as others. still, you have great photoshop skills.
Superb lighting, this shows loads of talent Welcome to FN, MH (Assuming it is you from the above comment )

Funny Merman in a Cemetery

Merman in a Cemetery
Member reactions:
Excellent work.,, the cemetery and the half fish half man there looks as its a dream in a fantacy land... good job done
What went wrong the face is not clear well tried

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