Racing Cement Mixer
Racing Cement Mixer
Racing Cement Mixer. Member reactions:
.... The truck turned into a Concrete Crushing Machine... Love the add on of the Concrete Vessel to the Truck and good matching of Colors too
Perfect chop with clean and smooth work, Very well done with the source. Very very good idea of this 'Quickrete Delivery Service'

Funny Evil Characters Chasing Harrison Ford in a Cement Truck

Evil Characters Chasing Harrison Ford in a Cement Truck
Member reactions:
good work, but i think the faces in the car need more effects.... but it's a nice job, good luck
Excellent like a Movie scene... the Zombies were chasing him... amazing chop

Funny John Goodman the Body Builder Trapped in Cement

John Goodman the Body Builder Trapped in Cement
+ 15 PICS MIX (please view full screen)
Member reactions:
Excellent. Are his feet buried in the cement. Love the t-shirt tan you gave him.
This is awesome job so well done all the hard work seen here
Master Piece Fantastically Composed Very well executed Superb.
Silver congrats, PJ. Glad you moved his legs into the cement... Love it.
Congrats, on the Gold and Silver.....way to go, Bravo.

Funny Bill's Cement Truck

Bill's Cement Truck
My Buddy
Member reactions:
Truckers do love their trucks;nice tribute to Bill.
great moon and the sky, really the truck is amazing with Bill

Funny Santa's Cement Truck Sleigh

Santa's Cement Truck Sleigh
Please view source. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Very nice work the source makes all the difference in the world.

Funny Fearless Cement Mixer

Fearless Cement Mixer
Member reactions:
I sent this pic to a truck-driving friend. Nice rendition.
Rajeshstar, Sunshin3 and geriatric..... Thanks. geriatric......... it's a local truck as are all my concrete truck chops. I did my friends truck and added the visor and he said....... lose the visor.

Funny Mixer Willie Blue Cement Truck

Mixer Willie Blue Cement Truck
SEE FULL: Over 130 layers and a full week off and on. Original truck source completely masked over with new horn, lights, emblems, etc. Primary Sources
Member reactions:
Really excellent stuff, so smooth also. thx
Very clever. Also like the wheelbarrow. He's got some serious bowel movements, huh.
Most excellent . . . how about, "Mixer Willie and Little Will Barrow . . .

Funny Crazy Cement Mixer Driver

Crazy Cement Mixer Driver
Many years ago I used to drive a concrete truck and was fired and the man under the truck was the reason why. I used to carry a bag of golf clubs on the side of the truck as a joke and always had a lawn chair to sit on during long jobs. 7025 was my truck number and the truck pictured is one of the company trucks that I took a picture of last Saturday when they were closed. The last thing I ran over, one of many, was a bollard.
Member reactions:
LoL Nice clean work, funny story
Colorful, funny and well done. Me like it
Excellent stuff . . . so refined, love the perspective and the grass . . .
Silver congrats, perfect work and so funny.
When I saw the guy behind the wheel the mystery was over for me...very nice work Deaddog.
Congratulations. Liked the accompanying story.
great work, and nice way to illustrate it with the story explaining everything, congrats on silver, Only one question remains, we are assuming this is you driving the truck, is that correct. If so, better to see here on Freaking News, than say, CBS news,
Silver congrats, DD. Looks like you got your revenge on that poor fella .

Funny Road Workers Laying Cement

Road Workers Laying Cement
...AND you wondered why the roads are ALWAYS under construction..
Member reactions:
I can see why the roads are done so slowly now.

Funny George Bush Trapped in Cement

George Bush Trapped in Cement
Member reactions:
Being from Scotland I was going to stick the minister that let the locherby Bomber out in it. his idiot face isnt well enough known yet though
nice effect, would like to see the sources on this
Thanks everyone will try to find the source again for you funkwood mate

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