I already have cello for $2B from my friend
I already have cello for $2B from my friend
I already have cello for $2B from my friend. Member reactions:
We are waiting Putin's respond for your question. It is his cello.

Funny Cello virtuosos in panamas

Cello virtuosos in panamas
Meet the Russian Cellist Behind Putinís Alleged Offshore Fortune

Funny Barack Obama in Drag With a Cello

Barack Obama in Drag With a Cello
Member reactions:
Congratulations. I really liked your entry. Gave it my highest score. Good work.

Funny Woman Playing Winter's Music on a White Cello

Woman Playing Winter's Music on a White Cello
Member reactions:
Its beautiful like the lovely red flowers on the beautiful white snow good job done

Funny Woman Cello Warrior

Woman Cello Warrior
Member reactions:
Very well blended I like the way Guitar is covered her body and the its end crept out from her head Its really amazing chop
Congrats, on the Bronze and Wood...great job.

Funny Eric Clapton Playing the Cello

Eric Clapton Playing the Cello
...and W.A. Mozart was his best buddy.
Member reactions:
great work
Stunning composition, choice of the sources and blending. Looks proressional.
. That's cool. I got a golden pot. Thanks for the compliments.

Funny Albert Einstein Playing Cello

Albert Einstein Playing Cello
Em + C7 are the cords from Madness' "The house of fun" Don't be shy, don't let the full view pass you by.
Member reactions:
Is that a beauty of what. Freaking great work. Love how you added the "Em + C7 = Madness" scratchings on the ... man, I forgot the name of that instrument .. big violin, how's it called. "Madness" brings good memories - I lived 2 years in England.
uhm...cello... England too.. You've been around Newsy. Oh, and thanks.
ahh violoncello it is, thanks. Yes, lived in England in 1996-98, got my MSc degree there
. A stroke of genius here... Great freakin' stuff...
very nice.... ,, the creative thought,, i love textures too .. *Einstein kool kat.
nice. like the way its scratched into the wood too.
Congrats Jeremix. Stroke of genius with hair. Overall great chop.
i would have merged the hair in with the clouds more. for the bronze that is. HA HA. BEAUTIFUL PIECE.
Congrat's on the gold Jeremix, great chop, i love image. Cheers Mandrak
Congrats Einst....er, Jeremix. . Great chop. My only critique,... His hair on the right side, in the shadow could've been blended with the clouds a bit more. But that aside, I love the creativity and cool use of colors.
Yeah, i should have adjusted the color a bit, to blue grey, less green. Still this images got higher ratings than any other chop i ever made. a bit weird.
Congrats jeremix Does that mean Stradivari does not compute. Nice job.
Jeremix, It's no surprise to me. You've been progressing in leaps and bounds lately. Keep up the great work. (ps. "leaps and bounds"... is that another idiom. .)
Thanks Funkwood. You guys inspire a person to try a little harder. I still have a couple of miles to go though. I was wondering. Do you have experience with Paint shop pro. I was wondering whether i need to switch programs or that you can do everything with paint shop pro as well. I tried Photoshop a few weeks ago(dl-ed the program0 but it is annoying to start from scratch with a new program, so i went on with Paint shop.
Congrats Jeremix. I really liked this one.
Hello. Where can I purchase a very high res photo of this image. I see that you can download a high res image, but I'd like to have a poster printed & I think I need a really high res image.

Funny Pear Cello

Pear Cello

Funny Man Playing Cello ot a Lady in a Pink Dress

Man Playing Cello ot a Lady in a Pink Dress
Wall Decor comes to Life for Dancing Lady
Member reactions:
Haha. Yummy.
it's that Gene's tonge.
Thanks. I worry that not everyone gets my twisted sense of humor.
...but I think the tongue should be behind her hand..as she looks to be standing about 2 feet from the wall.
I agree with Janna. Tongue ruins the feel of perspective here. Decent job on the girl though.

Funny Man Playing a Chinese Cello

Man Playing a Chinese Cello
Made in China

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