Another Cell Phone Ad
Another Cell Phone Ad
Another Cell Phone Ad.

Funny Cell Weapon

Cell Weapon
. Member reactions:
Mind blowing... its the Deadly Games weapon
Games People Play.... It could be leather if not handled properly excellent weapon loaded with IOS applications.... chose your option.. lots of apps loaded into it
Congrats on the silver, Ivan.Me wants to play this device.
Totally awesome,....and I like the wood background.grats on the silver.
thanks everyone for all comments ans votes

Funny when cell phones attack

when cell phones attack
. Member reactions:
Wao... the cell phone hurts too.... limit the usage or else the extra apps will erupt to kill you great chop love the concept of the robotic hands and the Eye... good one
Awesome poster. Paul Ross film. Congrats on the silver, robin.
Nice work, it has a nostalgic feel.bronze congrats.
Excellent work done. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Swiss Army Cell Phone

Swiss Army Cell Phone
. Member reactions:
Knife idea... best part is the Punch that will give a grip to hold it
All lethal weapons erupted with the click of a button the weapons represent different ways to kill wonderful idea
Me likes a lot. This cell phone would come in handy for any tourists and travelers.
cool work,...reminds me of the Swiss army beetle chop I made.

Funny Madoff in his prison cell

Madoff in his prison cell
all sources used Recovery Comes Slowly for Madoff Victims Paying it forward David Moon: FINRA not the fiercest watchdog Bankruptcy judge vindicates victims of FRM Ponzi scheme. Member reactions:
wooooow... in questo lavoro oltre al tema assolutamente di grande attualità, c'è una ricerca di assolutismo della luce, che viene attentamente modulata, fino quasi a giocare con i chiaroscuri e gli aloni luminosi, una vera maestria che ben poche volte ho visto su freakingnews.... parliamo ora della caricatura... forme del volto rispettate attentamente, esaltazione dei tratti salienti del volto per portare in evidenza il carattere del personaggio senza però esagerare i tratti somatici come molti caricaturisti fanno sbagliando.... insomma un insieme di luci colori e caricatura assolutamente ben modulati e sapientemente miscelati per un risultato finale magnifico..... bravo hidden.... questo meraviglioso lavoro merita certo il massimo dei complimenti e delle premiazioni. 10+++--------------------------------wooooow ... in over to the theme of this work is absolutely great news, there is a quest for supremacy of light, which is carefully modulated, almost to play with light and dark halos and luminous, a real skill that very few times i've seen on freakingnews. ... now let's talk of caricature ... carefully observed shapes of the face, exaltation of the salient features of the face to bring out the character of the person without exaggerating physical features like many cartoonists are wrong .... in short, a set of lights and color caricature quite well modulated and expertly blended to a beautiful end result ..... good hidden.. this wonderful work certainly deserves the highest praise and awards. 10 + + +
Grazie molto fratellone. RICCARDO. Sono molto felice e onorato che ti piaccia. Esatto. La cosa più complessa è stata lavorare alle luci, e ombre, a ogni fonte o manipolato la luce e le ombre, e stato molto complesso.Esatto anche sulla caricatura. Sono molto legato alla caricatura del maestro JS, da lui sto imparando molto sulla forma anatomica della caricatura. E anche grazie a voi maestri. Studio spesso il lavoro dei miei artisti favoriti di fn, Da qui traggo ispirazione. E ancora grazie per i meravigliosi complimenti.--------------------------------------------Thanks a lot brother.RICHARD. I am very happy and honored that you like. Exactly. The most complex thing was working the lights and shadows, or manipulated in any source of light and shadows, and was very complex.Also on the exact caricature. I'm very close to the caricature of the master JS, I'm learning a lot from him on the anatomical form of caricature.And thank you master. Study often the work of my favorite artists of fn,From here I am inspired.And thanks again for the wonderful compliments.
Exceptional work...looks like the winner to me
.... AZR teacher thank you very much... I am really honored for the compliment, she is among my favorite artists of the world, this excites me a lot. makes me very make my day happy.
Thank you very much balodiya friend. glad you like it.
Excellent ... work with usage of Source very well done, Nice caricature and perfect beam of light source on his head and wonderful work with the poster looks old and torn Great job done
.......Thank you very much, my friend Rajeshstar. always look at my work with excellence.. always known in finer detail. I am very honored of your criticism...................
Good light effect, I always like your work friend, nice as always
Thanks a lot Eric. .man. ........lovely compliment..........
and many thanks to all.vicspa Twister suni271980 Steve1O spitfire46 roonma rajeshstar otzie nonno NewsMaster nepaguy59 maroon5 macwithfries lucido5 lucianomorelli Laredog Kellie Ivan icecream GrumpyOTJ groundzero geriatric GeneralPepper GarRobMil FrogGod1 fleek ericnorthend Disasterman111 diamonds dexter destonio cicsaix Black ... blackhole biggirll balodiya AZRainman aintme
Congrats Mandrake...I knew this was a win
Thank you very much AZR teacher, very honored that both liked.Thank you very much friend BOULPIX.
fratelllllino lo sapevo che l'oro era tuo hehehe il tuo lavoro era perfetto in tutti i sensi... ti faccio le mie "congratulazioni di vero cuore" questo oro lo hai meritato tutto.... an academyc kiss... ---------------------------------------------little brother i knew that the gold was your hehehe your work was perfect in all senses ... you do my "congratulations to true heart" the gold that you earned all .... an academyc kiss.
marchitto senti... mi sto arrabbiando adesso e non scherzo... sono sicuro al 100% di essere stato uno dei primi a votarti, ma non vedo assolutamente il mio voto... che fine ha fatto... c'è qualcuno che può anche cancellare i voti degli altri utenti... mi sembra molto molto disonesto...sono allibito parecchio... ...........................................marchitto feel ... i'm getting angry now and i'm not kidding ... i'm 100% that he was one of the first to vote, but i noooot see absolutely my vote ... what happened.. anyone can also erase the votes of other users.. i feel very very dishonest. i am stunned a lot.
thanks a lot bro richard. heart. and was a wonderful contest ..........Regarding the voting and odd ..... I think it's impossible to cancel the vote, any vote is, the system will automatically record, even if the karma was blocked, However registers your vote, then I do not know if you can erase traces ..... Newsy has to ask,grazie molte fratellone Riccardo. di cuore. e stato un contest meraviglioso..........per quanto riguarda il voto e strano..... credo che sia impossibile cancellare il voto , qualsiasi tipo di voto sia, il sistema lo registra in automatico, anche se il karma è stato bloccato, registra comunque il tuo voto, poi non so se è possibile cancellarne traccia..... bisognerebbe chiedere a Newsy, ----------------------------------------------Muito obrigado ao meu amigo e cartunista Darcio.
Brilliant chopping, PSM.Congrats on the gold.

Funny Jude Law Talking on a Cell Phone

Jude Law Talking on a Cell Phone
Jude Law Settles Phone Hacking Claim. Member reactions:
Really great job on this piece hidden ...
So many good one's, and a hard way to make a nickle.
Thanks Pix and Ho. Appreciate the comments.
Congrats on being featured again oldman … love the look of this one … I thought for sure it was the sleeper

Funny Baby on a Cell Phone Cartoon

Baby on a Cell Phone Cartoon
. Member reactions:
great draw, an excellent work of tablet... bravo...

Funny Rod Blagojevich's Cell Mate

Rod Blagojevich's Cell Mate
. Member reactions: chop.....Blago and Bubba. Where's Bubba's belly-button tho..
Thanks, it's right behind the belt buckle...I know, he's got a low one
What a comment Hidden
Very nicely done . . . great lighting FX and perspective and my, what a nice view they have One nitpick: The wall in the corner looks overly blurred, almost like it's melting … especially in contrast to how well defined the teddy bear is. IMO
Ty, good eye, I was messing with that area covering up an unwanted shadow under the shelf...I often wonder how much Little flaws like that affect a score or if voters are more concerned with humor, factor and overall eye appeal.I often observe voters engaging in backscratching rather than objective critiquing...which is OK I guess.
woooooooooow... is amazing... a silver muuuuch deserve funky... congrats
congrats Funkwood nice work,, love the peepee stain
It's a freaking beauty.Gotta luv how you did the prison teddy Congrats on the silver, funk.
Congrats Funk. This is why you want to stay out of jail.

Funny Melted Head From Using Cell Phone

Melted Head From Using Cell Phone
. Member reactions:
Dali meets brain melting. Superb art.
Congratulations. You should be using your creative powers for horror movies.
congratulations Carl. fantastic composition, studied as a truepainter. this is real art.
C'est comme d'habitude. Beaucoup de créativité. Bravo Carl .

Funny Hannibal Lecter with Head in Cell Phone

Hannibal Lecter with Head in Cell Phone

Funny Animals Using Cell Phones

Animals Using Cell Phones
It's said that animals can enjoy life more than humans because they never have to stop and answer the phone. The company called Petsmobility attempted to change that. In 2005 they developed the world's first cell phone for dogs - Petcell, attached to a dog's collar. You could easily call your dog (the call would be automatically answered) and give commands to your pet, or simply talk to it so that your dog does not feel alone. If the dog would bark (possible sign of danger - e.g. house or car burglary) a call to your number would initiate and you could hear what's happening and give your dog commands. It was a very handy thing to have for those dog owners who have to leave dogs on their own when they are at work or away for some other reason. The Petcell price was on the expensive side - about $400, and after 7 years of operations and $120 mln of investor capital, Petsmobility closed its doors in 2012, citing slow sales. Well, it was good while it lasted... Photoshop animals using cell phones. All types of animals (except humans) are allowed - e.g. birds, insects, aquatic life, mammals, etc. Many thanks to JannaR for the themepost.

Funny Renaissance Cell Phones

Renaissance Cell Phones
As people are rapidly changing their cell phones for latest models, our life is becoming more and more "mobile" - the mobile internet and apps replace the good old computer with software. We are so attached to our cell phones, that we no longer imagine our lives without them. Let us imagine how mobile phones would change people's lives if they were invented and used since centuries ago. Photoshop cell phones used (any way you wish) in the famous works of art (paintings, statues, or frescos). The themepost provides a good example (many thanks to Eyal).

Funny Antique Cell Phones

Antique Cell Phones
The history of mobile phones as we know them started with the introduction of Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, which was the first cell phone offered commercially in 1984. It was a huge brick-like phone which measured 10 inches (not including its flexible "rubber duck" whip antenna), weighed 28 ounces and cost $3,995 ($9209 in present-day terms). Motorola paid $20m (almost $50m in today's money) to 20th Century Fox to promote DynaTAC 8000X as Gordon Gekko's phone in "Wall Street" (1987). After that the sales of DynaTAC 8000X skyrocketed and doubled Motorola's annual revenue. Photoshop antique cell phones, or give the modern mobile phones the antique look.

Funny Cell Phone Weapons

Cell Phone Weapons
On one of the Oprah's recent shows, she had a piece with Dr. Oz where he explained that cell phones kill more people each year than any guns and weapons. How? Besides cellphones allegedly raising risks of cancer, talking on cell phones over 4 hours a day has been linked to headaches, higher blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and even strokes. But the worst, deadly, use of cell phones comes from texting and talking while driving, as well as pedestrian talking while crossing streets - the number of accidents caused by such cell phone use is higher than from DUI in some states. In other words, cell phones can be more dangerous than weapons, so be careful about how long you use them as well as where you use them. Stay safe! To raise public awareness on how dangerous cell phones can be, combine any weapons with cell phones.

Funny How to Recycle Cell Phones

How to Recycle Cell Phones
As people are changing their cell phones for latest models, there's a growing problem of what to do with the old cell phones. In most states it is illegal to just throw away cell phones, due to environmental harm (especially due to old nickel cadmium batteries which are highly toxic). Legal ways to dispose cell phones are usually giving it to charities (who then give the phones to poor people in other countries) or to special cell phone collection centers (e.g. Verizon Wireless Hopeline) which are paid to recycle cell phones. Does an old cell phone really have to be trashed? Your mission is to see if you can recycle them and put them to use for something other than the trash bin. Photoshop new uses for these old cell phones. Here's a good example.

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