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Celebrity Text Book
Celebrity Text Book.

Funny Celebrities Who Have Been Homeless

Celebrities Who Have Been Homeless
Danny Bonaduce and other celebrities at one time were homeless Front Row: Jay-Lo, Carrey, Stallone Back Row: Shania Twain, Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, William Shatner, David Letterman, Dr. Phil and Danny Bonaduce
Member reactions:
Great chop, and very informative too - I did not know these celebs were homeless once.
I should have guessed there would be more to enjoy. Another great chop.
Thanks, G-Man...Thanks, balodiya...Thanks, Newsy.

Funny Old Train with Celebrity Visitors

Old Train with Celebrity Visitors
Member reactions:
Great job Nice collection.... all looks so freaky
Thank You, suni271980 Thanks to you as well rajeshstar
Thanks Much ericnorthend, and thank you balodiya.
Now that's what I call teamwork.
Thank You NewsMaster, your comments are much appreciated.

Funny Neanderthal Celebrities

Neanderthal Celebrities
Member reactions:
Fantastic collection of the celebraties Awesome and very colorful like it

Funny Celebrity Party Crashers

Celebrity Party Crashers
Celebrities David Letterman, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Ellen Degeneres crashed the Freaking News 9th Birthday party...disguised as "Disasterman," "Salis," "pcrdds" and "deaddog." They almost had us fooled.
Member reactions:
can't stop laughing at this one ... now you know why most people get confused between me and my buddy brad ...
All FN Stars were born today... and they were having fun to cut the freaking cake lovely job done looks funny and cute.... Lovely Cake and the floor with the FN logo is amazing
Wadda party. Familiar faces, yay. Would love to taste that red cake. (not made of borscht I hope.)
Thanks, everyone. Yes, indeed...it IS a BORSCHT cake.
Freaking brilliant This chop I can say is a Gift to FN.... So where was the party held
Thanks, eric. Thanks, Young Mr. S. I'll do that.
All the members should go to the freaky party Great job, Paul congrats for the gold.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.
Congrats Paul, you're on a roll... cheers.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. As a bonus you get to host the next FN's party - 10 years' birthday.
Thanks, Mr. F. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy. Sure, I'll host it, but you have to show up.

Funny Old Celebrities in the Army

Old Celebrities in the Army
It seems Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood are new, "Old" recruits for the Army.
Member reactions:
Thanks, everyone. Appreciate the nice comments.
Another win Paul , Congrats m man , great work ...
LOve it....cool and funny piece of work here pcrdds. Congrats winning BRONZE.
congratulationsssss pcrdds

Funny Katey Perry's Celebrity Marriage

Katey Perry's Celebrity Marriage

Funny Celebrity Smokers Cemetery

Celebrity Smokers Cemetery
Cancer makes NO exceptions
Member reactions:
There is always room for one more. Concept works well. Good luck.

Funny Jose Canseco Sends Twin to Celebrity Box

Jose Canseco Sends Twin to Celebrity Box
Former Baseball player Jose Canseco sends his twin brother to box for him in a Celebrity Boxing Match Jose Canseco is a former star Major League Baseball player who admitted to using Steroids and wrote a book about it. He exposed a lot of other players as well in the book. His twin brother, Ozzie, was never very good as a Major League baseball player.
Member reactions:
Excellent.....a lot of great work in this contest.
Brotherly love-eh. Probably gave him a shot before the match. Nice work.
Thanks, geriatric. You might be right about giving him a shot before the match.
Oh, man, he really did it. Poor twin, hahaha. Great chopping. Thanks for the interesting news too.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he really sent his twin.

Funny Freaking News Celebrity Marriage

Freaking News Celebrity Marriage
Member reactions:
hhhhhhhhhhhh good one ,, kratos you should erase the beard xD hhh
Ya gotta admit, kratos does have pretty eyes...(think rain might need glasses however)
So, this is what 'Brain-Scramble' looks like.(.). Love the Tie.
Funny. errr I hope Are ye Trying to test anyboby's character. Plaid pants, I thought I was the only one that wore those anymore hehehehehee
Looks like I joined Tojo's Scottish army. Time to join the Kamikaze Celts too, .

Funny National Celebrities

National Celebrities
23 year old US journalist Esther Honig used Fiverr to hire photoshoppers from different countries to make her beautiful by their country standards. She collected over 40 chops, paying from $5 to $30 per chop. As we can see from the results, the beauty standards differ quite a bit from country to country. Take any celebrities and show how their looks would change if they were born and raised in a different nation / country. Feel free to change their face features as well as haircuts, clothing, and add any national accessories. Many thanks to IcyAllEyeCan for the contest suggestion, and to KeepItReal for the themepost.

Funny T-Rex Celebrities

T-Rex Celebrities
When we think about dinosaurs, the first visual image that comes to mind is likely Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex). One reason for such "popularity" is that T-Rex was one of most powerful predators that ever roamed the Earth - it could eat up to 500 pounds (230 kilograms) of meat in one bite, and was up to 20 feet tall (6 m). They really ruled this planet, at least on the shore, thus the name "Rex" meaning "king" in Latin. The second reason why we associate dinosaurs mostly with T-Rex, is that the Rex has a very distinct "disproportional anatomy" like no other animal - massive tail followed by the powerful legs and feet, short torso, weak tiny arms, and a huge head. So today, we've been thinking, what if human bodies were designed with the T-Rex proportions in mind? Take any celebrities and turn them into T-Rexes using the following procedure (please refer to the themepost for a quick example): Make the arms smaller and the torso shorter; increase the waist and make the legs really massive without making them longer; enlarge the feet; keep the head and the neck sizes (enlarging the head would ruin the photo realism as it will start to look like a caricature, so we especially ask you to refrain from caricatures in this contest). Please don't blend celebrities with any animal parts - ideally you should be able to T-Rex each celebrity using just one source photo. Here's a side by side comparison of the themepost to the original photo. Good luck! Please don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles. Apologies from Newsy for the "quick and dirty" job on the themepost - I did it just to provide an example. A quick afterthought here - is it just me, or the 'shopped image of Tom Cruise somehow seems more natural (the way we know the guy) than the original photo on the left which now seems 'shopped in comparison?. I wonder if Kim Karadashian T-Rex will seem more natural than the shopped photos of herself she's been putting on Instagram.

Funny Cholafied Celebrities

Cholafied Celebrities
Website Cholafied features celebrities with Latina gang member (Chola) makeup - lipstick with black lipliner, plenty of black liquid eyeliner, and distinct black arched eyebrows (drawn or tattooed on). Sometimes an elegant small tattoo on a face or neck adds up nicely to the Chola feel. The author, Michael Jason Enriquez, grew up in LA in the 90s and created his website as a homage to this LA subculture from the past. Take any celebrities or politicians and turn them into cholas by applying makeup as in the examples above. Please don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Textbooks by Celebrities

Textbooks by Celebrities
It's back to school time for kids. And Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has some bad news for you. According to Duncan, there's a shocking trend of American schools lowering educational standards and misleading students into thinking they are prepared for college. "As a country we've dummied down standards. We've reduced them due to political pressure and, we've actually been lying to children and parents telling them they're ready when they're not," said Duncan. He also argued the educational system in America has reached a crisis point that threatens the nation's long-term economic stability. "School programs and textbooks need to be redone," added Duncan. What would happen if the US Department of Education asked celebrities and politicians write and design new school books? School books on chemistry, biology, reading, history, algebra, calculus, physics, and any school subjects can be written by celebrities and politicians using their simple tips and experience. Design any school books written by celebrities or politicians. Creative school book covers are welcome here, even if they look like "For Dummies" series... Many thanks to afroninjaen for the themepost.

Funny Celebrities with Shark Mouths

Celebrities with Shark Mouths
This week is the annual "Shark Week" - the tradition that began in 1995 by The Discovery Channel and has endured the test of time as it entered its 19th year. In fact, the event has become such a phenomenon that it has drawn more than 20 million viewers each year since 1995. Did you get a chance to see the Sunday's episode "Shark After Dark" where they talked about the submarine shark? We think it is very real, as depicted by krrish. Lately, sharks are becoming scarce across the world's oceans due in large part to finning and the appetite for shark fin soup. Photoshop shark mouths onto celebrity faces. Many thanks to rarely for the themepost.

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