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Funny Celebrity Pictures

Celebrity Text BookFunny Celebrity Text Book
Member reactions:

... This really made me laugh out loud.
Like it good color used for this book

Celebrities Who Have Been HomelessFunny Celebrities Who Have Been Homeless
Member reactions:

Danny Bonaduce and other celebrities at one time were homeless Front Row: Jay-Lo, Carrey, Stallone Back Row: Shania Twain, Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, William Shatner, David Letterman, Dr. Phil and Danny Bonaduce
Great chop, and very informative too - I did not know these celebs were homeless once.
I should have guessed there would be more to enjoy. Another great chop.
Thanks, G-Man...Thanks, balodiya...Thanks, Newsy.

Neanderthal CelebritiesFunny Neanderthal Celebrities
Member reactions:

Fantastic collection of the celebraties Awesome and very colorful like it

The Original Neanderthal CelebritiesFunny The Original Neanderthal Celebrities
Member reactions:

Here's a rare look at the real Fred and Barney before they became TV stars. WIP
Looks like the cover photo for 'Modern Neanderthal' magazine. Humorous.
I saw a freaky movie here, brilliant work. Very well done
I Also agreed they are the ones well done hidden
LunaC. .. congrats on the GOLD..... yabba dabba doooo.

Celebrity Party CrashersFunny Celebrity Party Crashers
Member reactions:

Celebrities David Letterman, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Ellen Degeneres crashed the Freaking News 9th Birthday party...disguised as "Disasterman," "Salis," "pcrdds" and "deaddog." They almost had us fooled.
can't stop laughing at this one ... now you know why most people get confused between me and my buddy brad ...
All FN Stars were born today... and they were having fun to cut the freaking cake lovely job done looks funny and cute.... Lovely Cake and the floor with the FN logo is amazing
Wadda party. Familiar faces, yay. Would love to taste that red cake. (not made of borscht I hope.)
Thanks, everyone. Yes, IS a BORSCHT cake.
Freaking brilliant This chop I can say is a Gift to FN.... So where was the party held
Thanks, eric. Thanks, Young Mr. S. I'll do that.
All the members should go to the freaky party Great job, Paul congrats for the gold.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.
Congrats Paul, you're on a roll... cheers.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. As a bonus you get to host the next FN's party - 10 years' birthday.
Thanks, Mr. F. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy. Sure, I'll host it, but you have to show up.

Old Celebrities in the ArmyFunny Old Celebrities in the Army
Member reactions:

It seems Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood are new, "Old" recruits for the Army.
hehehehehe.... beautiful mix of images... and very funny idea.
Thanks, everyone. Appreciate the nice comments.
Another win Paul , Congrats m man , great work ...
my friend congrats for the bronze... great job
LOve and funny piece of work here pcrdds. Congrats winning BRONZE.

Katey Perry`s Celebrity MarriageFunny Katey Perry`s Celebrity Marriage
Member reactions:

great composition... very good...

Celebrity Smokers CemeteryFunny Celebrity Smokers Cemetery
Member reactions:

Cancer makes NO exceptions
There is always room for one more. Concept works well. Good luck.

Jose Canseco Sends Twin to Celebrity BoxFunny Jose Canseco Sends Twin to Celebrity Box
Member reactions:

Former Baseball player Jose Canseco sends his twin brother to box for him in a Celebrity Boxing Match Jose Canseco is a former star Major League Baseball player who admitted to using Steroids and wrote a book about it. He exposed a lot of other players as well in the book. His twin brother, Ozzie, was never very good as a Major League baseball player.
Excellent.....a lot of great work in this contest.
Brotherly love-eh. Probably gave him a shot before the match. Nice work.
Thanks, geriatric. You might be right about giving him a shot before the match.
Oh, man, he really did it. Poor twin, hahaha. Great chopping. Thanks for the interesting news too.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he really sent his twin.

Freaking News Celebrity MarriageFunny Freaking News Celebrity Marriage
Member reactions:

hhhhhhhhhhhh good one ,, kratos you should erase the beard xD hhh
Ya gotta admit, kratos does have pretty eyes...(think rain might need glasses however)
So, this is what 'Brain-Scramble' looks like.(.). Love the Tie.
Funny. errr I hope Are ye Trying to test anyboby's character. Plaid pants, I thought I was the only one that wore those anymore hehehehehee
Looks like I joined Tojo's Scottish army. Time to join the Kamikaze Celts too, .

Celebrity WeddingsFunny Celebrity Weddings - The photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of the U.S. Vogue magazine became an instant internet meme. Hundreds of photoshopped versions of the cover were posted on twitter minutes after Vogue published the magazine cover on their website. The photo was made for the planned wedding of the star couple - Kim is wearing a stunning white wedding dress and Kanye in a black quit is hugging her from behind. And, surprise, surprise, Burger King may be catering this wedding. Kardashian tweeted that it was a "dream come true" for her to appear on the Vogue cover. Today you are a matchmaker - photoshop wedding photos of celebrities and politicians most unlikely (or likely) to marry. Many thanks to preemiememe for the themepost.

Celebrity New Year's ResolutionsFunny Celebrity New Year's Resolutions - Psychologists recommend that people try setting more realistic New Year's resolutions, if they want to make them last - e.g. instead of "quit smoking" try "smoke less", or instead of "get slim" try "lose some weight". In this contest you are asked to photoshop New Year's resolutions (realistic or not) for celebrities (or politicians) of your choice. Try to make them mimic the classic (de)motivational posters format like these examples - black background, image in the middle, followed by the New Year's resolution.

Celebrity Christmas CardsFunny Celebrity Christmas Cards - Some celebrities are posting online the Christmas cards they sent this year. Photoshop Christmas cards featuring any celebrity as Santa.

Catman CelebritiesFunny Catman Celebrities - There's a new meme going around - Catman. People take pictures of themselves with top half face covered with their cat so they resemble Batman wearing a mask. Take any celebrity and turn him/her into a Catman, as in the examples above.

Anorexic CelebritiesFunny Anorexic Celebrities - It's not surprising that celebrities who suffered from anorexia in the past, publish their memoirs how they battled the disorder. What's surprising is that those memoirs are often used as "how-to manuals" by teenage girls who become anorexic in their obsessive desire to maintain a slim figure. Make images of celebrities and politicians suffering from anorexia (or enjoying it). Feel free to use your victims for promoting products and services, or photoshop them on magazine covers.

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