Celebrity Exodus
Celebrity Exodus
Celebrity Exodus. Member reactions:
Awesome Hidden. Would make a great magazine cover. The problem is that all of these moon bats whine about leaving but none ever do.
Beautiful Pic, darn I was waiting and wanting to pack their bags, one thing tho, wouldn't the girl holding the shoe leg be showing in the water.
It's Sharpton's shoe, she's sitting cross legged it showed up better before I added the water
Thanks Hobbit I fixed it. Does it look better. Sometimes you work on something so long your eyes go crazy..
tHANkS.. I couldn't fit all the Stars leaving into 1 bathtub..
Lots of work here. Funny and congrats on the gold

Funny Martin Luther King the Celebrity Painter

Martin Luther King the Celebrity Painter

Funny Pig Celebrities

Pig Celebrities

Funny Celebrities with New Huge iPad

Celebrities with New Huge iPad
new ipad is presented by a world weirdest family. all proceeds of this product will be for therapy of the child. note: we do not know who is the mother ;-D
Member reactions:
Fantastic work a big ipad definately helps you to satisfy your inner desires Great work well illuminated and nice caricature
Wonderful caricatures. I can't get what big iPad is useful for. It's like to go around with a TV screen in your arms.
Great concept, but the celebrities have no connection to each other and no connection to Apple. Why not use some Apple execs like Tim Cook instead.
Excellent, your characterizations all stayed in range of good likeness this time. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats on silver Elegary. good caricatures work..

Funny Celebrity Bus Stop

Celebrity Bus Stop
Member reactions:
Funny chop,Multiple star in the freaking bus stop.....
There is a little empty space availble on the left of the first window....
ha,,,,Didn't look crowded to me. (except perhaps in the duck cage)

Funny Department of Celebrity Internet Identification Police

Department of  Celebrity Internet Identification Police
a blast from the past...how many can you name ..
Member reactions:
Not really a classic Wanted poster, but cool chop which brings back memories.
Gabor, Bowie, Morrison, Presley, Hendrix, North, Simpson, Gates, Downey, Fonda ... What was Bill Gates arrested for.

Funny Celebrities Lost at Sea on a Paper Boat

Celebrities Lost at Sea on a Paper Boat
Member reactions:
And they could all sign autographs on this boat
this is an autobiography of all the world leaders.... traveling around the world on a world tour good concept of using paper boat here

Funny Celebrity Photoshop Party

Celebrity Photoshop Party
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats, Nanny. and thank you for the cake
Smart choices for your cover, Nanny. Great tribute, Bronze Cup Congrats Nanny.

Funny Celebrity Reality TV Show

Celebrity Reality TV Show
S_X Box – TV review - The Guardian
Member reactions:
Can I literally say this is "out of the box" entry.. Quality work.
I love the layout of this chop. Nice work mate

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Text Book

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Text Book

Funny Celebrity Weddings

Celebrity Weddings
We’ve watched Sarah Jessica Parker, 52, get married (and almost get married) so many times that we sometimes forget we didn’t witness her actual wedding. You know, the one to Matthew Broderick, 55, that took place a little over 20 years ago. The future star of Divorce married her beau of five-plus years in a “stealth” ceremony in NYC, it was reported at the time. Days after Broderick told the New York Post they had no plans to marry, the pair hosted 100 friends for a “party” on a Monday night — without giving a reason for it. Who gets married on a Monday anyway? It's your turn to MARRY any person with another person, use celebrities, politicians, or any historic figures For more background on this story Visit This Link

Funny Celebrity Christmas Cards

Celebrity Christmas Cards
Santa Claus is sending some surprising Christmas cards in Canada this year. Abbotsford, B.C. Police department designed a a very special Christmas card that was sent to 100 manually picked prolific criminal offenders on their "naughty list". The card features a police officer dressed as Santa carrying a machine gun and includes a message "Which list will you be on next year?". Photoshop Christmas cards featuring any celebrity as Santa. Many thanks to RealMeert for the themepost.

Funny Celebrities Upside Down

Celebrities Upside Down
Today we are running a sequel to our contest Celebrities Upside Down that was mega-popular with magazines, sites and blogs. We were even shown on TV. Migraines can cause a reversal of vision phenomenon when a person sees everything upside down. In such cases, after the migraine attack stops, normal vision comes back. Strangely, for the human brain it's more difficult to digest the image of a person flipped vertically, rather than the image where the face stays intact while the head and the rest of the body are flipped vertically. No matter how unusual such an edit looks the person on the right is usually more recognizable than his unedited copy on the left. Photoshop celebrities and politicians upside down while their face stays intact, as in this example (by Mundo). Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Celebrity Nerds

Celebrity Nerds
The master of transformations "Weird Al" Yankovic in his clip "White & Nerdy" shows how any celebrity can turn into a nerd. Make nerds out of any celebrities, politicians, historical figures or famous painting characters. E.g. add braces, glasses, change haircuts to give your "victims" a nerdy look; show their nerdy life style and clothes. These are just some tips on making celebrity nerds - "White & Nerdy" video should give you some inspiration :) Don't forget to use celebrity names in your entry titles. Many thanks to preemiememe for the themepost.

Funny Noseless Celebrities

Noseless Celebrities
Nose is an important part of anyone's face so much that without the nose the face may become unrecognizable. Today we'll check whether this is true for celebrity faces. Take any celebrity and remove his/her nose together with the horizontal part of the head/face that contains the nose - the themepost provides a good example. Don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles.

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