Celebrities Stitched Together
Celebrities Stitched Together
Celebrities Stitched Together. Its George Bush head, Will Smith eye, Gollum eye, John Travilta mouth and Part nose. and Obama ear.
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Good work
Bruhahahaaa What the Thing is it. Great workJ.
Yikes. Is this the future of Obama Health Care.
Freaky as it gets. another classic from bad Scottish boy.

Funny Hot Celebrity Faces Mixed Together

Hot Celebrity Faces Mixed Together
Some friends and I were sitting around talking guy stuff, you know, who's the hottest chick, who has the nicest lips, prettiest eyes etc. Everyone wanted to say Angelina Jolie for hottest everything hands down, but what about just the face. so we thought a little and decided that Angelina's nose is actually her most adorable facial feature, who has the prettiest eyes. we came up with Amy Lee, Scarlett Johansson definately has the ... iest lips and there is something perfect about Gwenteth Paltrow's head and her cute little ears only help. I personally prefer brunettes and redheads but most guys dig blondes for some reason. So after I gathered up the parts I tried to mash them together to see what the perfect woman would look like and this is what I came up with. I dunno, she's pretty hot I suppose but still no Angelina. Looks like a hot newscaster or something. SOURCES
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She reminds me someone, and I can't understand whom. I agree she might look like some generic newscaster.
Angelina's nose is nice, but she had a rhinoplasty. Cool idea. I guess that almost every chopper had the same (or a similar one) at least once. Can give weird results, especially when you mix people from very different ethnicities (Claudia Schiffer with Naomi Campbell and Lucy Liu, for instance), but that's great fun. And yes, your chop girl definitely looks like a hot newscaster.
I heard her say once that was BS about her getting surgery, the popular pic they use of her is of her as a plump teenager looking down, all of the rest of those pictures her looks like the same nose to me. her entire face has gotten more gaunt and it's possible her nose has lost some septum due to cocaine use in her teens or she may have even hacked at it herself but if that's a nose-job then it's a good one. I've heard people say she get's lip injections too, all bullhockey, I have been a true Acid Burn fanboy since she was a dorky teenager. She has always pretty much looked the same, she has lost her baby fat is all. I have seen it before, ugly high School senior chicks become the hottest college freshmen chicks after one Summer. It's called growing into your looks. I keep doing it to this day, or I am trying to anyway. But yeah I have messed around with similar stuff but this was sort of a request and I figured I would throw it in here. The consensus decided that Angelina Jolie does indeed have the perfect everything but my chick would look great on Live at 5. If this lady is out there, I just want you to know that I created you... so I get 15% of your news anchor money.
She could be any of the blond,FOX news clones.,good work.
Maybe Marriette Hartley, Newsey. I think that's her name, was big in the 70s and 80s.Nice expiriment.
I prefer asians myself. But I went asiatic in the navy and never did quite recover completly. Something about the islands that just.........takes over a mans soul.
ah Newsy is a man of the seas. If you find one that has a hot sister let me know. I have always thought that Japanese women were beautiful. Mexican women are pretty hot too. But I also have to say that Russian women are gorgeous, look at all of those figure skaters and tennis players. Russia knows how to breed pretty female athletes. Some Eastern Russian women have an Asian look to them.
Congrats Jerry, nice selection and blending of parts. Awesome colors too.
Great wood, Sir. I really enjoy composite chops like this. Once I get back on track I'll put together the files for skin wrap textures that we can play with on these sort of composites. I had a bunch of them compiled but they went poof when the HD crashed a few mopnths ago and have been too lazy to recreate. Very nicely done
Considering that she turned out hot, no wonder you got wood, Jerry. Copngrats.
thanks guys Newsy
I knew that was you jerry great work same always , congrats on the woody and keep going mate .

Funny Celebrity Deaths 2009

Celebrity Deaths 2009
Infomercial King' Billy Mays Found Dead in Home
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I like it but You forgot David Carradine....
The intent was to depict the rare occurance of four celebrities passing away within five days (June 23-2. David Carradine died almost a month ago.
Clever entry. and I agree, David died a month ago - would not fit this composition.

Funny Paris Hilton the Celebrity Toilet

Paris Hilton the Celebrity Toilet
Full View is better detailed.
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So this is Paris Hilton's community service detail. Service with a smile..
Perfect touch. Of course this really would take that little smirk right off her face.

Funny Photoshopped Celebrity Postage Stamps

Photoshopped Celebrity Postage Stamps
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this is one of the best but i can't remember where i saw all those stamps before

Funny Britney Spears and Bare Bottomed Celebrities Portrait

Britney Spears and Bare Bottomed Celebrities Portrait
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Quality work, right down to the scar from the caesarean section.
Britney Spears is being herself indeed. She needs to stop this behavior - just last week the photos of the pop princess lacking some clothes started circulating on the net.
I am shocked no one else called out Paris on the right and the other two below and on the left of her.

Funny Election Priorities are Dancing Celebrities

Election Priorities are Dancing Celebrities
Let's get back to focusing on what really makes this country great... dancing celebrities.
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Poor Joey but at least he didn't go out on a slow news night
Thanks Newsy. Your site is lookin' betta than evah. Good to see some familiar names kicking butt still, and some great new choppers offering up the funnay.

Funny Celebrity Obsession

Celebrity Obsession
The heck with "People" and "Entertainment Weekly" and all those tabloids. Let's just cut to the chase...

Funny celebrity head

celebrity head
Finally, their brains will fit their skulls. Just in time for Halloween.
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Gruesome yet exciting
Nice and decortive too she would like that. Yeah right.

Funny Most Photoshopped Celebrity

Most Photoshopped Celebrity
She just edged out G.W.

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