4th July celebration in White House
4th July celebration in White House
4th July celebration in White House. 4th July celebration in White House

Funny The First 4th July Celebration!

The First 4th July Celebration!
Time Machine. George Washington invited guests for the first celebration 4th of July from the future. Source
Member reactions:
Very cute, you have them all here, old Bill is going to land on the grill, that wont be his first Hot Thing.
Thank you, guys.

Funny Michael Douglas' Birthday Celebration with Katherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas' Birthday Celebration with Katherine Zeta-Jones
Member reactions:
Hahahaha that's funny, making him so short. Ice cream rather than cake sounds like a way better deal. Congrats on the cup, Doc. Well worked chop
Super Clean,Congratulations on the Wood..
very funn y making him tom cruise size. congrats.

Funny Kate Moss' 40th Birthday Celebrations

Kate Moss' 40th Birthday Celebrations
Member reactions:
Excellent chop. The hand needs slight shadows cast on her face though

Funny Obamacare Celebration For Barack and Michelle Obama

Obamacare Celebration For Barack and Michelle Obama
Obamacare declared Constitutional by Supreme Court
Member reactions:
laughing my arse off , Well Done & funny ....
Obama Care is declared well done with the caricature pics of both couple like the way they dance with joy
they are enjoying as I Cheers fantastic shadows
funny..... clean caricature .. full of movement...
Funny chop, I like you made caricatures too Silver congrats, Paul.
congratulations.... pcrdds.. wonderful work ... and humorous ....
Congrads, What a cast of characters you have.
Did you hear Herman Cain has a new name for it: Obamadoesn'tcare. Congrats on the Silver.
75 comments. OOPS. Looks like the FN Comment-Counter went crazy again.

Funny Politicians Enjoying Oktoberfest Celebrations

Politicians Enjoying Oktoberfest Celebrations
Member reactions:
Looks like the art I would see on the beer packaging; good work. Good luck.
Zum Wohlsein Nice work. Background is Italy, isn't it.
ty geriatric and tiredTom.. the background is Montpazier, southwest France.. frankly... i was only looking for a countryside view to fit with the Idea. u can find the source image here..
Ut's Euro reUnion Oktoberfest with special guest Obama. Great team spirit. Merkel with hairy legs.
Lol. Hadn't noticed the hairy legs. Grats Salis. Nice work.
congrats for the silver salis...excellent chop...i love your work.
fantastico work mate and funny too congrats on the silver and keep up top works bro
Congrats Salis, beautiful chop just like always keep it up.
Looks like the crowds ran off when they showed up, . Nice work Salis
Great chop salis, congrats on the silver.
thanx again guys... Rainman.. ... seeing the hair on Merkel's legs , will definitely make anyone run away ..

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama's Economic Celebration

Barack and Michelle Obama's Economic Celebration
Recession is Over (apparently...)
Member reactions:
Celebrate the recession, which is sorta over. Excellent work

Funny Aviation American Celebration

Aviation American Celebration
Member reactions:
Love the man, and all the things you put into this artwork. The only thing i will fix its the girlsīs shadow and the perspective view of the road. Great work mate
Really well done here. A fine piece of art.
Most excellent, only the road perspective - agree with Belez - doesn't match. Love the retro elements.
thanx everybody... hopefully i succeeded in making it look like a classic american..
Oh yeah, as American as Apple Pie. Excellet work.
Great chop salis, well done and congrats on the silver.
hey mate big Congrats on the silver trophy ... was great contest , you did great work here too , keep going
Congrats salis. beautifully done mate, and welcome to FN. looking forward to more of your excellent work
that was brilliant piece..well done mate..
thanx every body... Xaos54... it's an honor..
Very clean work. Love the soft vintage colors. Congrats on the silver, Salis.

Funny Chinese Hummer Car Celebration

Chinese Hummer Car Celebration
Member reactions:
Love it. Wuold add some shadows under the Hummer
Silver congrats Pree and firework celebrations.
Congrats Pree, very colorful and playful. just one small critique if I may, since I just critiqued myself, .... would've been nice to see the hummer at a bit of an angle instead of straight on. Not that there's anything wrong with the way you did it. It would've just added a bit more dimension to the image.
i added shadow,,but i think i lost the effect a bit after i enhanced it... funkwood sometimes..i try to do different things then the rest,, they dont always work out as i expect,,when i made this i was just playing around warping and adding pieces,,then i actually liked it.. doxie thanks
congrats on the silver it's was amazing work glad to see you win again
Beautiful job pree... I never thought a hummer could be so fun Congrats on the Silver...

Funny Pi Day Celebration

Pi Day Celebration
Member reactions:
Very creative AZ... (and nice blending, at first I thought this one was by Mandrak)
There's knock knee, bow legs and now Pi thigh hahahahah. Clever and very well done
Pi thigh... . Nice work and very scary in that it was so realistic-looking.
Love the sparkler, the legs are kinda freaky.

Funny Post-Olympic Celebrations

Post-Olympic Celebrations
So the fat lady has finished singing. This morning many woke up, flicked on the TV and slapped their foreheads as they realized there was no sport on. The 2012 London Olympics are over. Athletes are packing their bags and going home, while the countries are waiting for their heroes who are bringing home hard-earned Olympic medals. Many countries are giving extra perks to their athletes for the medals. E.g. Russia's Putin officially announced that a special fund of $10 mln is set to be distributed among all Russian Olympic medalists. Most Olympic medalists didn't wait to get home to start celebrating, and partied hard already in London. Take any Olympic medalists and show how they may (or may not) be celebrating their medals upon coming home.

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