Keanu Reeves Robot Celebrating his 50th Birthday
Keanu Reeves Robot Celebrating his 50th Birthday
Keanu Reeves Robot Celebrating his 50th Birthday. 50 is the magic number when it all goes to he11
Member reactions:
This is cool. Would be even cooler if the body suit was as high res as the rest of it.
ha ha ha Creep.. Nose could be implanted like this Flying fish and Eyed glasses...whola full of extreme ideas
Creative work, but the low resolution blurry costume part really takes away from it. I see you tried some filters and did some brush work to make it better, but there's only so much you can do with the low res sources. The costume looks painted now, while the rest of the composition is made with photo sources
Anyway a great chop for the idea and the execution.
Congrats on the win, Hits. If I am not mistaken this is the second time you used this suit source, and my best guess is that it originally (before you touched it with filters and brushes) was either a photo of some toy statuette or it's a still shot from a 3-D game.
We simply do the best we can with the source. I searched hi and low for a larger version of this cool toy but found zilch. Not being one that invests a couple of hours looking for the right dressing I said to meself, "Paint over it and use it anyway, they're a sharp enough lot to see the challenge." turns out I was right. You guy appreciated the effort so all is well that ends well. I was just a little overly ambitious given the deadline for entry. With a few more hours I could have hammered out all the dents but like so often... just ran out of time. Anyway, thanks for the high votes, it was above an beyond what I expected ... OOO NM, Doc, Luciano, eric, Ilovelayers, balodiya and 420
I made a hard copy print. I got some paint and put it on the little feet of a roach and let him walk on the face. Topaz clean is another way to get the effect hehe Thank you Elegary and 420

Funny Obama Celebrating His Birthday While The World Erupts

Obama Celebrating His Birthday While The World Erupts
Obama celebrates his birthday by playing golf, while the world around him erupts with death and violence
Member reactions:
Golf will save the world. It's true - if everyone played golf instead of fighting, there would be no wars, only golf games. So, give the man a break, he's promoting peace on all planet. Great chop, Hidden.

Funny Germany Celebrates World Cup Win

Germany Celebrates World Cup Win
Landsknechtsäbel, Pieter Aertsen, Holl

Funny Sandra Bullock Celebrating Her Birthday With Friends

Sandra Bullock Celebrating Her Birthday With Friends
Sandra Celebrated her birthday at the "Million Dollar Cowboy Bar" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Member reactions:
cake and barstools. Great job. Cup for you too.
Thanks, paco, suni, eric, luciano and UC.
Dont you have enough medals already doc...... J/K.. & Congrats.
Thanks, its420, toledo and Andrew. No, toledo...not quite yet. .

Funny Biden Celebrates the Fourth of July

Biden Celebrates the Fourth of July
Member reactions:
Super cool idea with crackers all around on the air
Ha, ha, particularly the sparks.
Cool beans. I would add a slight motion blur to the flying firecrackers
Excellent Doc. Not sure if that one is in his pocket or the crack in his A55 but either way the ending will be funny as he11 Congrats on the silver
Silver Congrats,Paul. Very clever great job
Congratulations. Already Posted on FaceFud before the results came in. Too funny.
Congrats on the silver, Paul. Extra thanks for the motion goodness

Funny The Pope Celebrating the 4th of July

The Pope Celebrating the 4th of July
Member reactions:
Excellent composition. Some shadows are needed though - from the hat, from the hair, from the beard (and possibly from the football onto the robe, not sure about this one - will have to try and see)

Funny Children Celebrate Mardi Gras

Children Celebrate Mardi Gras
The country kids can cross off "Ride in a Parade" from their bucket list
Member reactions:
I like that HDR effect. I just downloaded a program that does that and am thrilled. Great chopping
The hair ont he girls below looks awesome.
Nice chop, but their are masking issues on the beads the kids are holding. The hands have issues. One of the boys hands is chopped off ,and the spectators hands are blurred and misshapen.
Yeah. I agree, the starting idea was very good, but you need a lot of rework.
Thanks NewsMaster and Hitspinner
I really thought this one had a chance. Me likes a lot too

Funny Oprah Celebrating Her Birthday with Her Dogs

Oprah Celebrating Her Birthday with Her Dogs
Happy Birthday Oprah.
Member reactions:
Woof Woof... The dog's mouth some cake remains is a nice touch here.

Funny Politicians Celebrate Elvis at G8 Summit

Politicians Celebrate Elvis at G8 Summit
Elvis celebration G8 Summit out off costumes.
Member reactions:
Not all faces has a good positioning/inclination in respect of the bodies
Ha ha all great leaders were looking hot in the costumes

Funny Celebrating 10 Years of Photoshop

Celebrating 10 Years of Photoshop
Member reactions:
Great homage to FN. That's the dude I wanna be in another 10 years too.
Congrats on the win, Hits... and thank you for such awesome FN birthday chop.
Very very Nice, HitMan.. Congrats on the Gold Cup takedown..
Looks great and congrats to you on the win.
I wanted to do more and sorry I'm not around much. We're pretty busy with a lot of projects. Thank you for the votes my friends and may I toast to another decade of awesome chops.
Very nice one ... happy 10th birthday FreakingNews, i would have enjoy participate this contest but i got a wrist problem due to too much use of the mouse ... :-O

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