President Obama the Caveman
President Obama the Caveman
President Obama the Caveman. Member reactions:
Thank you. She became a conservative and married Rush Limbrock
Thanks Gummy, Bob, Elegary, Luciano, Crafty and Nanny
Congrats on the gold Hits.I love this one,gave it a 9.It looks like the pneumonia didn't effect your skills,superb
Gold Congrats Hits. Great job making B.O. grow a pair
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Another Masterpiece. Added to My Favs.
Thanks Andrew, Champ and Andwhat. Might not be affecting my skills but sure is affecting my motivation So catching up on some movies and sleep
Thanks Hitspinner for the laugh, love the pic, congrats.
Congrats on the gold, Hitman. Love what you did to the POTUS seal

Funny NY Baseball Playing Caveman

NY Baseball Playing Caveman
Recently discovered artifacts indicate that baseball dates back farther than we thought.
Member reactions:
Silver congrats LC. Looks like green clay.

Funny Early Caveman Art

Early Caveman Art
Cave Art
Member reactions:
Excellent but excessive the statue. They weren't, of course not able to produce that kind of statue or even the table.
TY Rajesh and Luciano. It is a ludicrous commentary Luciano, an exaggeration of reality done in a refreshing realistic style you should greatly appreciate.

Funny Cavemen Taking a Selfie

Cavemen Taking a Selfie
The Original ughPhone

Funny Winter Year One Cavemen

Winter Year One Cavemen
Member reactions:
Even Adam and Eve feel cold good one and well inclusion of warm clothes to them

Funny Caveman with a Ston Cell Phone

Caveman with a Ston Cell Phone
Much better now, you were breaking up in the cave.
Member reactions:
Hey sweetheart I am talking to my Travel agent to book our stay on Mars

Funny Prehistoric Caveman with an Elephant Slave

Prehistoric Caveman with an Elephant Slave
The Prehistoric Version Of THe Ringling Bros. Circus.
Member reactions:
Thank you geriatric I think you are a spectacular artist
Impressive stuff, andwhat. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks everyone,special shout out to crafty one,for the inspiration for this chop

Funny Geico Caveman Money

Geico Caveman Money
GEICO--So easy even a GERMAN Caveman can do it. (No offense intended).
Member reactions:
Nice idea to put the Cave Man forehead to the face of the currency... its a perfect match
What I like best about this one is even the clothes match. Very good merge. Love it.

Funny Caveman Making Stone Rockets

Caveman Making Stone Rockets
Member reactions:
Making those as Rockets and that too by the early man is really wonderful thought
OMG Rock-ets...rolling on the floor with laugh

Funny Steve Jobs the Caveman Inventor

Steve Jobs the Caveman Inventor
Member reactions:
Thanks, Mr. Black. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, GabiB. Thanks, Jhakss24.
Thanks, JoaoN. Thanks, kibuyu. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, Newsy.
Bronze Congrats to you sir . . . Nice work
Amazing all the details and is a great, great tribute. Congrats Paul.
great work Pcrdds .. funny work too congrats on the bronze trophy
Thanks, qtrmoonshop. Thanks, Mr. Black. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3. Thanks, robinbobin. Thanks, Mr. K.

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