Mutant Cave Man
Mutant Cave Man
Mutant Cave Man. Member reactions:
Thanks jeremix. Totally dig your Zombie Putin
it may not have won anything, but i'm pretty sure it will bring some chuckles, raise some eyebrows and scare a couple of kids to death.
It has everything but a cup and that is a shame. I love this...
that is some wild, weird and wacky stuff Nice work.

Funny Angelina Jolie Fairy and the Cave Monster

Angelina Jolie Fairy and the Cave Monster
Member reactions:
Unique concept. Is this going to start a trend toward edge effects.
Art....... An illustrated story. So well done. Congrats on the woody
Very creative. Congrats on the wood, opcrom.

Funny Wonder Women in a Sea Cave

Wonder Women in a Sea Cave
Member reactions:
You're the master at working with classic paintings--in the frame or out. Congrats--nice work.
The Spiderman and superdog are great touches. Congrats on the wood, hobbit.

Funny Chicken Man Cave

Chicken Man Cave
A Tribute Chop (roasting) dedicated to our fellow Chopper Artist Gummy. Dinner Is Served. Source Images Best View
Member reactions:
Dang, now there is nothing left for me to eat with out having nightmares. Beef, Pork and now Chicken... I guess I can chew on this bone. I could always go vegen. (if you don't start chopping tomatoes that is) Vegetarian- Cherokee word for "Bad Hunter". Hey wait a min. Do I want to ask where that bone I'm chewing on came from. (don't tell me, I may not want to know)
And I haven't had that much hair in 30 years.
Gummy you have a nice head of hair now. Just goes to show one, what eating right can do for you. Thanks very much Hobbit.
i'm really starting to doubt this 'reality is stranger than fiction' saying..
uhh,,, I don't think I'll need the hot sauce,,, I'll never eat chicken again I don't care if it does taste just like chicken. Jere, just what might you be inferring about our friend Gummy. But on the serious side, I will have to admit that it probably crosses over the boundaries of strange, into the realm of bizarre. Just one of those lunacy insane in the membrane moments I guess
Twisted tribute to Gummy.Love it,I just hope that bone wasn't made in China
Quite a masterpiece. It's becoming hard to vote in this contest.
Gotta love it. So many details, with insider references
Tough race this contest - many superior entries. Wish this one would get a trophy too
Yeah, it totally deserves one. Maybe it will make it in the next video Superb work.
holy crap, no trophy..let's go out and beat somebody up..
Thanks to Everyone for a very Fun Contest. And a special thanks to Gummy for being such a fine sport. Only heard a couple of whimpers...
Cool stuff. But what is Gummy going to do to return the favor (mwahahahaha).
Thanks Bob. I figure he has something planned....guess time will tell. Thanks, my friend Silver-C.

Funny Vampire Club in a Cave

Vampire Club in a Cave
Join our club and discover the secret to eternal youth 'Vampire' blood transfusions could cure Alzheimer's and even be the secret to eternal youth
Member reactions:
Good picture work with blood and cave its perfect location for vampires group
Looks like vampire blood worked wonders for these ladies - they look young to me Good job.

Funny Fumigators in a Cave

Fumigators in a Cave
Beach Bum
Member reactions:
Impressive. Looks real too. Love the ship in the horizon.
Thank you everyone for your nice comments

Funny Alien at the Cave Entrance

Alien at the Cave Entrance
Dare to Enter...

Funny Obama in the Midget Man Cave

Obama in the Midget Man Cave
You know what I love about Photoshop and Freaking News. You can turn the President of the United States of America into a rastafarian midget with his own mini-man-cave. It's a great--and perverted--world we live in.

Funny Meg Ryan in a Cave with a Dog

Meg Ryan in a Cave with a Dog
Member reactions:
Glamorous in Green, or almost any other hue, Meggy.
Mandrake, Rick, Geriatric, AzureSky, Preemiememe I am very happy you like it and thank you so much for the comments.
Wonderful image.... is perfect... congratulations.
Sunshin3 she a beauty. . congratulations and i love the doggy...
Thank you so much Kellie, Raje, Disasterman, Ricky, Geriatric, Cns, Pcr, Mark, Crusader. I appreciate a lot your comments.

Funny Kid Cave Painters

Kid Cave Painters
Kids stock Cave Paintings
Member reactions:
Thank you so much, hidden. It's wonderful.
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha........ , , , . I'd recognize those noses any where. Bravo.
Way cute surprisingly enough with these guys Hilarious & well done.
You had to spend hours on this to make these two seem sweet and innocent....
Thank you Kellie and Disasterman don't know if is a coincidence but this was my last chop before my monitor broke lool
Coloricious is a word invented for you . . . Nice detail & shadow work too . . . excellent chopping.
Thank you for the lovely comments Balodiya, Qtrmoonshop, Geri
Nice work Sunshin3... Congratulations on the woody
Congrats on the woody Sunshin3 and thanks for using me, Im honored.
, woody for me I didn't expect to win a trophy . Thank you Paul, Disasterman, DD, Robin, Geri
Wooden Congrats Sunshine . . . solid work.

Funny Cave Animals

Cave Animals
Create images of other previously unknown species of creatures or animals that might be discovered in the caves of California.

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