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Funny Cave Pictures

Cave EntranceFunny Cave Entrance
Member reactions:
Dare to Enter...

Obama in the Midget Man CaveFunny Obama in the Midget Man Cave
Member reactions:

You know what I love about Photoshop and Freaking News. You can turn the President of the United States of America into a rastafarian midget with his own mini-man-cave. It's a great--and perverted--world we live in.

Meg Ryan in a Cave with a DogFunny Meg Ryan in a Cave with a Dog
Member reactions:

Glamorous in Green, or almost any other hue, Meggy.
Very nice. soft colors and well calibrated.
hidden friend, is absolutely the most fantastic and magnificent work of all the freak of the week contest ... you are a true artist ... compliments and congrats in advance. win the gold i'm sure
i'm in love with this fantastic work ... i looked at least 4-5 times
Mandrake, Rick, Geriatric, AzureSky, Preemiememe I am very happy you like it and thank you so much for the comments.
i knew you would win ... congrats for the gold ... you really earned it.
Wonderful image.... is perfect... congratulations.
Sunshin3 she a beauty. . congratulations and i love the doggy...
Thank you so much Kellie, Raje, Disasterman, Ricky, Geriatric, Cns, Pcr, Mark, Crusader. I appreciate a lot your comments.

Kid Cave PaintersFunny Kid Cave Painters
Member reactions:

Kids stock Cave Paintings
Thank you so much, hidden. It's wonderful.
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha........ , , , . I'd recognize those noses any where. Bravo.
Way cute surprisingly enough with these guys Hilarious & well done.
You had to spend hours on this to make these two seem sweet and innocent....
Thank you Kellie and Disasterman don't know if is a coincidence but this was my last chop before my monitor broke lool
Coloricious is a word invented for you . . . Nice detail & shadow work too . . . excellent chopping.
Thank you for the lovely comments Balodiya, Qtrmoonshop, Geri
Nice work Sunshin3... Congratulations on the woody
Congrats on the woody Sunshin3 and thanks for using me, Im honored.
, woody for me I didn't expect to win a trophy . Thank you Paul, Disasterman, DD, Robin, Geri
Wooden Congrats Sunshine . . . solid work.

Flying Fox In Burning CaveFunny Flying Fox In Burning Cave
Member reactions:

Arrive in home
Looks so real. and very impressive composition. Would absolutely rock for Halloween.
Congrats on the gold. Parabéns ai D. Abraço e fica com Deus.

Barack Obama`s Man CaveFunny Barack Obama`s Man Cave
Member reactions:

No, sit here. I get the chair. Working size image 3mb

Woman in The CaveFunny Woman in The Cave
Member reactions:

The Cave
try adding some shading around the hands and knees
You wake me for this.. Damnn Jehovahs Witness's.
Looks really impressive. Would be nice to see the sources though to know how much work went into this.
Who ever voted this as a 1 doesnt know what they are doing

Wolfman CaveFunny Wolfman Cave
Member reactions:

Made from own materials only
Nice work here. There is very little sketching or B&W done on the site. Good to see, in addition to the job.

Walter Cronkite Cave ManFunny Walter Cronkite Cave Man
Member reactions:

Really funny. A great concept and a nice chop.

Lost Warrior in a CaveFunny Lost Warrior in a Cave
Member reactions:

Hope You Like View Full For Great Detail All Sources
Excellent. Someone's been playing too many computer games I see. I used to, also.
honestly i dont really play them at all,is the guy from a computer game or something. and thanks for your comment

Cave AnimalsFunny Cave Animals - Create images of other previously unknown species of creatures or animals that might be discovered in the caves of California.

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