Frisbee Catcher
Frisbee Catcher
Frisbee Catcher. Member reactions:
Looks like a cross between a bird, dog, and a mop.

Funny Yogi Berra Greatest Catcher

Yogi Berra Greatest Catcher
Member reactions:
Congrats, HoHouse. Very good pictures seria.
Congrats, HH. A fantastic tribute to Yogi.

Funny Praying Mantis Basball Catcher

Praying Mantis Basball Catcher
Member reactions:

Funny Rabbit Floating Above Rabbit Catcher Painting

Rabbit Floating Above Rabbit Catcher Painting
Sourceplease view source

Funny Dream Catcher Digital Art

Dream Catcher Digital Art
Member reactions:
that's totally Freaking FANTASTIC .. any chance to see the sources please . what a creative work ...
Hi DesignerKratosL ,this is source: Thanks .
Impressive composition. Try to submit bigger images though. Congrats on the bronze Uotmi, and welcome to Freaking News.

Funny The Castle Catcher Children

The Castle Catcher Children
Member reactions:
love it... is that a triple layer background, its very pretty. though with the high contrast the boy looks like he is balding, wich i think is cool anyways.. superb job
A bunch of words...Really really really really super....
Great to see you back Funkwood. Super chop.
The return of the great Wood. Congratulations, and welcome back, mate.
funkwood congratulations very nice piece
Thank you all. I'm very flattered by the high score and the great comments. Feels great to be back, although i was never really gone, just a click away, and a little preoccupied. Cheers.
What an amazing work (with an unbelievable score, ). Congrats funkwood, way to go...
Haven't seen one in the 8 range for awhile, well done.
Well I just signed up to the site, and this is the first image I looked at. That's absolutely fantastic.

Funny Baseball Catcher with an Alligator Mitt

Baseball Catcher with an Alligator Mitt
Member reactions:
I'd hate to slide into home with him behind the plate.
Quality work. The gator is intergated flawlessly.

Funny George Bush the Baseball Catcher

George Bush the Baseball Catcher
George Bush The Catcher...( And lately he has been catching a lot of Foul Balls.)
Member reactions:
Very realistic. He needs the protection when he goes before the Democratic congress.
George is preparing for the meeting with American voters.

Funny Catcher Wearing a Baseball as a Uniform

Catcher Wearing a Baseball as a Uniform
Full View Please

Funny Fly Catcher Mr Miyagi

Fly Catcher Mr Miyagi
Some of the later Sierra games were just plane silly concepts.

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