Casey Kasem's Feuding Family
Casey Kasem's Feuding Family
Casey Kasem's Feuding Family. Casey Kasem Feud
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Congratulations. It all comes down to money in the end.
thanks guys,,, I know ... NewsMaster it is sad.. ..

Funny Evil Casey Anthony

Evil Casey Anthony
news source
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Excellent chop , right on target. This was a terrible ending for everyone involved in this case. She will get whats coming to her one day , Karma always wins at the end ...
thanks guys,she will always have the death of Caylee , shackled to her soul.
OUTSTANDING depiction of an unbelievably ghastly crime. This should be a magazine cover.
Good wk on the news story. I agree with Chili KARMA does always bite back....hard.
. What a pic. Very sad story
This is great, it should be all over the internet in no time
Awesome. rotten %$#%# got away with murder
Super-duper Gold congrats, Pree. Fabuloso job.
Truly a saver, Congrads on the win. still crying.
Great chop.Congrats. They really better hide her well, alot of people are very upset.The evil peice of crap will get hers....
I missed the vote and am,truly, sorry for that indiscretion. You would have received a '10' from me P-E. Congratulations....
thanks everyone...,, everyone really mad at this verdict ...sometimes bad things happen to good ppl.. and i guess sometimes good things happen to bad
I was wondering what a good chop would look like of this story, and now I know. Congrats Pree, excellent.
Congrats on the win, Pree. Powerful chop with powerful message

Funny O J Simpson and Casey Anthony

O J Simpson and Casey Anthony
Anger and the Anthony verdict

Funny Casey Anthony's Secret

Casey Anthony's Secret
$750k in book deal
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If she can get to the Bank without being murdered is the question.(.) Nice chop.
Great chop. After looking at it I was thinking about running a Casey Anthony Book contest... Would it be too controversial topic.

Funny Dexter Reading Casey Anthony Newpaper

Dexter Reading Casey Anthony Newpaper
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The ultimate statement. Beauty of an idea.
Well thought Doxie, couldn't find a better man 2do the job the way it needs to be done.
THanks all for comments/votes. Ehlersk: I appreciate your comment, but the photo used was a publicity one for the show, showing him reading a newspaper. The only photoshopping I did was with the newspaper.

Funny Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony
'America's most-hated woman' in talks with NBC over tell-all interview: Casey Anthony set to break her silence over the 2008 death of two-year-old Caylee
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There, finally it pasted, let me know if there's more problems.
Yes it is all about the money. Nicely done CO

Funny George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony in Court

George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony in Court
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I think u need to know more about facts, one killed a child. Trayvon was a want-a-be thug, he had 4 minutes to go 100 yds home, he didn't or he came back to ... punch George, how many times do u have to be hit, before u fight back. Once. twice, how hard is ur head vs concrete. George spent 14 months waiting for justice, the gov. pushed this trial, if B.O. had a son. 4 people lost their jobs because of political correctness.the gov. can do this to u too, got B.O. elected again. Get some popcorn it's just getting started,2014 Obamacare for everybody, and the working young will pay for it. Thanks I'm Old.
To HoHouse: Those are not facts - simply George Zimmerman's side of the story. Sadly, Trayvon Martin was not able to present his side.
Nice chop. Who is the woman with Zimmerman.
Not the same-different battles and 'what's her name.' lies better.

Funny Casey Anthony TV Movie

Casey Anthony TV Movie
Casey Anthony 'terrified' that Lifetime drama about murder trial will spark renewed death threats

Funny Casey Anthony Trial

Casey Anthony Trial
Casey Anthony wants her defamation trial moved from Florida courtroom claiming she will NEVER get a fair trial there
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I was trying a few new tricks in this, and yes, your suffering my stumbles right along with me. Thank you for your patience
That Psycho will get a fair trial anywhere because she is "Guilty" of all charges.

Funny Muammar Gaddafi & Casey

Muammar Gaddafi & Casey
Both in hiding.

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