In Case Of Emergency
In Case Of Emergency
In Case Of Emergency. Member reactions:
Great expose.
Great idea...... And great execution too. This is just the sort of chop that could go viral if it is snagged off of here by enough webmasters .
I just did a reverse Google search and see that it has been snagged already

Funny Amy Winehouse with a Pill Case Handbag

Amy Winehouse with a Pill Case Handbag
Member reactions:
She should take care while walking with this bag. Nice composition.

Funny The Curious Case of Michael Douglas

The Curious Case of Michael Douglas
Let's face it we all will regress as we hit those later years, since seeing the movie this has been Catherine Zeta Jones nightmare.
Member reactions:
the spilled milk from Michael's mouth.

Funny The Curious Case of MILK

The Curious Case of MILK
The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons meets MILK

Funny Mobile Phone Cigarette Case

Mobile Phone Cigarette Case
Member reactions:
Me likes too. I just wish the image was bigger

Funny Jena 6 Case

Jena 6 Case
The Jena 6 Case is History Written in Lightning
Member reactions:
it think the light source came from different direction. still nice work.

Funny Laptop Smoking Case

Laptop Smoking Case
PC SmokingCase Story

Funny Case Closed

Case Closed
Robert Mueller’s statement: ‘The case is closed. .
Member reactions:
No it's not, Mueller said very clearly that if the President was innocent of a crime he would have said so.. he didn't .
Ha. consider your eyes poked (both of them). Go ahead and call for impeachment,,, See how far you get. Then when it gets squashed in the Senate,,,, y'all can just sit down and shut up for the next 6 years. (but we all know that you won't)
Yes because we got a senate full of power hungry money greedy mongrels. But that's okay, it will expose the corrupt agenda of this idiot. that is enough for me and for most people come voting time...
Ah, Now we find some common ground. So why didn't y'all concede two years ago to settle this at the ballot box in 2024.
over 3 million popular votes said we did.. but Russian paid electoral screwed us up.
Oh come on Ed,,,, Put a fork in it. Trump is the President. and will be for the next 6 years unless he does away with term limits.
You would really like that wouldn't you. on what reason though. What has he done to deserve more terms. all fake promises, like his Mexico paying for a wall, not even the US is paying for it.. ,.
Overall Trump won approximately 2,600 counties to Clinton’s 500, or about 84% of the geographic United States. However, Clinton won 88 of of the 100 largest counties (including Washington D.C.). Without these 100 largest counties she would have lost by 11.5 million votes.
like his Mexico paying for a wall you say. If it wern't for the butt hurt Dem.s blocking his every move on that wall we as a country could be saving clost to 80% of the 500 million dollars a DAY taking care of them border jumpers. If I was homeless in America I would be really frizzed off about the Gov spending more on illegals than the citizens.

Funny Putin-Sharapova Drug Case

Putin-Sharapova Drug Case

Funny Bradley Manning the Mental Case

Bradley Manning the Mental Case
Member reactions:
Are those blood stains or design ... looks like same and he coming out from Asylum is looking really freaky

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