Giant Spider Coming to Eat Cartoon Man
Giant Spider Coming to Eat Cartoon Man
Giant Spider Coming to Eat Cartoon Man. Member reactions:
Can't stop giggling here...
. .. Hidden: If this who I believe it is, when I was at the DC zoo this week I took a photo for you (Actually I took 2)....If my computer survives surgery, hopefully I can show them to you.
glad you like it jerrylambert, you were my inspiration
Lucky he's wearing his spider repellent underwear and protective bowler hat Looks like a Ray Haryyhausen, nice job.
This is freaking hilarious. Jerry is a superhero - he can fight spiders I know he can.
Luved this. Thought jerry did it. Wonderful job, burnt.
Loved this too, how could I not gr8 humour

Funny Chaplin in Cartoon

Chaplin in Cartoon

Funny O J Simpson Cartoon

O J Simpson Cartoon

Funny Young Mouse Cartoon

Young Mouse Cartoon
Member reactions:
The only thing bugging me a bit are the eyes. They look too much like knobs I feel.
Another gem from Pree - you should illustrate children's books.

Funny Mr Natural Cartoon

Mr Natural Cartoon
this is the 1st attempted at using the wacom . i got not sure why i posted this..i need lessons haha
Member reactions:
This is quite cool. Me likes. Now we gotta hire mrmo2 for Wacom classes.
i know newsy it wasn't easy ,it was like drawing looking at a mirror .i will keep at it . mrmo2 did a great job i need to ask him 1000)))) questions. i bought the tiny size ,i felt tight in a small box .i think my contour drawing classes kicked in..
Really good first effort, impressive cartooning skill
I don't care what you say, I think it's very cool.. Great comical little character.
Looks excellent for a first attempt. Practice, practice, practice.
Nice creature from the Popeye world. I bet you will get the hang of the Wacom. I'm jealous, I want one too.
Another easier way is to tape the source flat on the Wacom and trace through it

Funny Scooter at the Gas Station Cartoon

Scooter at the Gas Station Cartoon
Member reactions:
I like this a lot. A bazillion times better at full view. I really like this technique of making the image seem like it's painted onto a textured canvasy surface. I gotta get me some of that. Is the scooter setting a composite of images that have been manipulated big time. Maybe a painting or drawing. I can't tell.
thanks. the picture where i put the scooter in,, was in one piece and was a "computer graphic" pictures from the begining.

Funny Cartoon Money

Cartoon Money
Homer Simpson recently found himself on a Spanish Euro coin. Maybe it's time to see some other fictional characters gracing our currency. Sources
Member reactions:
Like this story - coin kinda looks like a twooney, eh.
Weird story, and Steve's right ... looks like a 2-nie.
Nice blending but it would be even cooler to change more details in addition to presidents on the bills
I thought about that, but I wasn't sure what to do and keep the bills from getting too garish or outlandish. Thanks for the feedback, though.

Funny Truck Cartoon

Truck Cartoon
Member reactions:
i really like this one other then the multiple shadow reflection in on directions does some wierd to me and the windscreen looks like it has a shrub in it, but over all i like it alot

Funny Modern Medusa Cartoon

Modern Medusa Cartoon
Just don't look directly into her eyes. Legend has it that she can turn you into stone. This is an illustration of my own. No sources used. Hand painted in Photoshop.
Member reactions:
Excellent work. My favorite is the central snake with a bow tie
Congrats on your bronze Deb. Creative work.
Playschool Medusa, nice, congrats on the win.
Congrats Deb Original style and love the colors.
Another excellent entry Congrats on the Bronze Deb...
, great great work, very impressive. Bronze congratulations, Deb.

Funny Witchy Woman Cartoon

Witchy Woman Cartoon
Now for something totally different. I created and hand drew her on paper using pen and ink then scanned the drawing. All the magic happened in Photoshop where I added all of the color, shadows, and highlights. Original scan can be found here. Comments welcomed.
Member reactions:
Fantastic. Would make a great illustration for kids books.
Fantastic is what I was going to say and old News beat me to it. This is fabulous ..
Nice image, I hope the voting reflects the work involved
If you did this from scratch , then you need an agent.
Congrats Deb Superior entry and a tough contest.
. Thanks guys. I'm so happy you like my drawing. I appreciate your nice comments and your high votes on this. And no, I don't have an agent, nor do I have any idea how to get one. So Steve, I guess the job is your if you want it. . So funny. Maybe I will post more of my illustrations again soon.
Great Job Deb, and Congrats on the well desereved trophy...
This is gorgeous Sassy, so much fun an image

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