Man Fishing in Cartoon World
Man Fishing in Cartoon World
Man Fishing in Cartoon World. Member reactions:
Simply fantastic art work using the drummer source.

Funny George Clooney Cartoon

George Clooney Cartoon
Member reactions:
good job..i wish i could do things like this .....
Freaking Picasso is with us. Great and unique work done on the source
Woody congrats, fleek. Very unique and very cool.
that's cool chop fleek congrats on the woody ..

Funny Penguin Reality Cartoon

Penguin Reality Cartoon
Member reactions:
Looks like u made this from scratch, damn awesome if u did.
i hope hes from scratch ... high marks.
It looks like a stock pic of Chilly Willy Pree. 2 source. Nicely done
thanks everyone for all comments and votes. I don't have my sources here, but I will post then later
some of my sources
Thx for sharing ya sources, still a lot effort went into this, clean wk.

Funny Cartoon Tourists in Space

Cartoon Tourists in Space
Member reactions:
love the color in this, im sure this one kept you busy for a while.
Entertaining. The placed characters may use some shadows thou

Funny Star Wars Cartoon Actors

Star Wars Cartoon Actors
everyone hates paparazzi
Member reactions:
I wasn't sure if this was all art or a chop or a mix or, or, or,. Nice one anyway
Congrats on the wood, b-boy. your first trophy, woo hoo.
thanks everyone and it was a chop hitspinner

Funny Icecream Love Cartoon

Icecream Love Cartoon
Member reactions:
“Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.”

Funny Barack Obama Drawing a Cartoon

Barack Obama Drawing a Cartoon
Hey it ain't easy to cartoon with a mouse.
Member reactions:
Using a mouse is like drawing with a rock
Try it with a Geriatric finger-it's worse, Doc. Great cartoon-good luck.
Fantastic cartoon work here. Extra "" for doing it with a mouse.

Funny The Birds Movie with Cartoon Birds

The Birds Movie with Cartoon Birds
The birds

Funny Spiderman in Disney Cartoon

Spiderman in Disney Cartoon
Member reactions:
Interesting how you used the 'comic book' style Spiderman image vs. the Disney screen quality images ...

Funny Cartoon Montage

Cartoon Montage
Member reactions:
I have sat and looked at this for five bloody minutes and conclude, it's brilliant.
I am not sure about the meaning of this, but it looks pretty cool.

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