Mr Rushmore Wearing Sunglasses by Cartier
Mr Rushmore Wearing Sunglasses by Cartier
Mr Rushmore Wearing Sunglasses by Cartier. Member reactions:
Ha, I ALMOST did this same chop. well similar. nice job.

Funny Dressed Dog with a Cartier Necklace

Dressed Dog with a Cartier Necklace
Member reactions:
Clever composition and clean execution. I'd add some shadows from her mouth onto the Cartier box

Funny Chihuahuas Wearing Cartier Jewelry

Chihuahuas Wearing Cartier Jewelry
Member reactions:
So many details, even has his own licence with photo/pawprint & all, lv his cheesy little grin LoL
great,this is so detailed,cute and looks fantastic in full view.
Congrats on Gold...Lots of detail in this, well deserved
Very Nice. Chaos. Would Make a Nice Valentine's Day Card.
Lovely. Bling Bling. I recommend the full view for the full "prosperity".
and Xaos strikes again. There aint noone stopping this guy from excelling at his chops. Congrats on another gold.
Congrats Xman.. Nice composition and excellent colors. Interesting title too.
Thanks again for your comments and votes everyone.
Thanks Funkwood. The title comes from a classic Sarah Vaughan song "Whatever Lola Wants" I believe its been in a few movies. If you dig jazz, vocal jazz, you should check her out. Regards Xaos

Funny Cartier Bresson

Cartier Bresson

Funny Cartier Bresson Phyllis Diller

Cartier Bresson Phyllis Diller
New England, U.S.A, 1947 Phyllis Diller

Funny Cartier Bresson robot

Cartier Bresson  robot
Robots. You gota be kidding me.

Funny Cartier Bresson bikini

Cartier Bresson bikini
Girls Gone Cartier-Bresson.
Member reactions:
The idea is Hilarious, Im wondering if a slight Blur either foreground or BG Would Pull it together more. Great stuff anyway

Funny Cartier Bresson pranks

Cartier Bresson  pranks
Member reactions:
Creative and era-appropriate use of a crowd scene. .
Where the slurping New Jersey did Superman go....
Oddly Magnificent A little grain would make all the Difference. Great entry anyways

Funny Cartier Bresson Red Bull

Cartier Bresson Red Bull
Jimmy knew he would be a hit at the party.

Funny Cartier Bresson Haymarket

Cartier Bresson Haymarket
Home Sweet Home

Funny Cartier-Bresson

Okay, I'll admit to you that Cartier-Bresson was virtually unknown to me, however, his photography is famous throughout the world. Your mission is to add your own twist to a Cartier-Bresson photo. You can modernize it, or add your own sense of humor to one of his famous (or not so famous) photographs.

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