Apocalypse Car Shoe
Apocalypse Car Shoe
Apocalypse Car Shoe. Member reactions:
cool pic and all that but,,, I thought we were to turn a shoe into a car, not a part on a car (seat). but I guess it's OK there's a shoe in there somewhere.
Gummy..I think its more than just a shoe as a seat..The car body was built from a Hades chromed high heel shoe with plated multi piece spinal 6 inch heel pump.(looks really fuuturistic)..and the characters placed inside and as it is set an apocalyptic future and as such is more of a buggy with all the other parts like engine,exhausts and wheels scavenged and cobbled together..a 2nd shoe is on the front strapped upside down with flames from the stiletto heel..so hope it is in keeping with the competitions shoe theme..
I stand corrected. and now that you pointed out some of the features I can see them.
I like how you used the strap from the shoe as a shoulder belt. Bunch of cool stuff.

Funny Merry Christmas car

Merry Christmas car
Merry Christmas to everyone Source
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Woody, Denlig. Hats off to your superb Lil Car work. Merry Christmas to you as well
Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy New Year. Congrats on the cup. Excellent work............ You are so good at this

Funny Family Car

Family Car
Member reactions:
Cute idea, Robo family window sticker. Tripod pets a nice touch.

Funny A Useful Flying Car.

A Useful Flying Car.
Member reactions:
One of the best in the contest, but that's my opine, not a 5

Funny Pumpkin Spice good for the car and the man

Pumpkin Spice good for the car and the man
Member reactions:
That's one way to lubricate your insides.
Hey, their cars can smell like them, congrats again.
Thank you, Hobbit. Gentlemen's smell is old whisky and expensive cigar.

Funny Wrecked Car

Wrecked Car

Funny Long legs and short car

Long legs and short car

Funny Unknown Mr.Bean's fan washes his car

Unknown Mr.Bean's fan washes his car

Funny iChrome Car

iChrome Car
What if the companies merged. It would have an iChrome Pad instead of a steering wheel.
Member reactions:

Funny Retro Rocket Car

Retro Rocket Car
Dieselpunk Flying Car

Funny Car Shoes

Car Shoes
There's something fascinating about a car shoe that catches the eye and brings on the smiles. When it comes to cars shaped like shoes, many of these vehicles are made for a promotional reason, such as the McDonald clown boot mobile, Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile or the several hand made Reebok cars shaped exactly like their running shoe models. There are a few made just for laughs though, from Brown Oxford's to a Disco Roller Boot on wheels and even a High Heel Car. For this contest, take any shoe and turn it into a car/vehicle that looks realistic. Here's a great example by Mandrak. Many thanks to williambanzai7 for the themepost.

Funny Flying Cars

Flying Cars
The Personal Air Land Vehicle (PAL-V) Liberty is likely to become the first flying car intended for general adoption and real world application. The company is aiming to deliver its first car to the first customer by the end of 2018. They hope to produce 50 to 100 models in 2019, and a few hundred by 2020. For this contest, design your own flying car anyway you wish, from Futuristic to Classic or anything in between. Whatever you would like your flying car to look like. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on Flying Cars Visit This Link

Funny Shoe Cars

Shoe Cars
In order to promote their shoes, Reebok hand made several cars shaped exactly like their running shoe models. The cars are part of the Reebok's advertising campaign with slogan "If the shoe fits, drive it", hinting at the speed you can achieve running in the Reebok shoes. This clever marketing move literally "drove" the Reebok UK sales up 5 percent. Take any shoes and turn them into cars with the power of photoshop.

Funny Car Pushing

Car Pushing
Did you ever have to push start your car when the battery suddenly went dead? You can only do this to cars with a manual transmission of course, while the owners of automatic transmission cars will be stuck and will have to wait till their battery is charged from some other car. Did you know car pushing is gaining popularity as a cardio exercise, especially among bodybuilders? Photoshop this car pushing photo any way you wish.

Funny Vintage Car

Vintage Car
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Many cars made in the 50s, 60s, and 70s are still in excellent condition these days when taken care of properly by the collectors. Back in the old days, cars were made to last 20 and more years. These days, people are so used to having new car models every 3-4 years, that most recent cars are made from cheaper materials meant to last 10 years max - after that you will need to change the engine and most parts to keep it going. At certain point it will be more expensive to "rebuild" this old car than to buy a new one. Besides, who wants to drive the same car model for 10 years? Thus the new motto for the auto-makers - cheaper-built cars meant to look good but not to last. The prices for these new cars are not so low though, but they say it's only due to inflation. Right. Photoshop this vintage car photo any way you wish. It's a Citroen 2CV "Deux Chevaux" (thanks, MsgtBob!). Stock photo credit: i k o

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