The Carrot Farmer
 The Carrot Farmer
The Carrot Farmer.

Funny Turkey Chimp Eating Carrots

Turkey Chimp Eating Carrots

Funny Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus the Carrot

Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus the Carrot
Member reactions:
, like the big hole and the carrot costumed dress lady good one
Interesting work, though it's not clear how Miley and Justin are connected
Ha ha, luciano. That's kind of the idea - their mutual love of an herb from the garden. I debated giving him a little carrot pipe I found, but ultimately didn't. The other connection between Beiber and Cyrus is my general dislike of both.

Funny Carrot Top In The Forest

Carrot Top In The Forest
Member reactions:
Great work... like the Carrot Mustache well done
It looks like nite time growing pains. Fantastic job of Carrot Morphing.
Carrots beard is a clever touch but should be darker
The sun goes down on occasion NewsMaster

Funny Alyson Hannigan the Carrot

Alyson Hannigan the Carrot
Member reactions:
Heads look all proportionally different d

Funny Rabbit Stalking Carrot Top

Rabbit Stalking Carrot Top
This is a young "Carrot Top" prior to his awful plastic surgery and extreme body building.
Member reactions:
Great job. I would consider doing his hands in full attached to the carrot body. But it is a real challenge here, and it works quite nicely the way it is too
Good merge... like the tongue lick out well done
Make hands more evident and apart from the carrot and could be a winner

Funny Carrots in Gaza Tunnels

Carrots in Gaza Tunnels
Member reactions:
Excellent work of weapons and the carrot laiden man looks different
Explosve carrots...great idea...but not for us.

Funny Barack Obama the Rotten Carrot

Barack Obama the Rotten Carrot
Member reactions:
Hahaha, he seems like such an awkward carrot.
If ground is the White House you have to pull stronger. H
Congrats TOP 5, Hobbit. It was my favorite in contest.
Congrats TOP 5, Hobbit. It was my favorite in contest.

Funny Hugh Hefner's Bunnies Love Carrots

Hugh Hefner's Bunnies Love Carrots
Member reactions:
With is money and power he could be a tomato or a potato and situation won't change.
Congrats on your first medal with us, OllieR.
First medal anywhere. I'm excited. Thanks everyone. I am really glad you liked my idea.

Funny Lindsay Lohan the Criminal Carrot

Lindsay Lohan the Criminal Carrot
All feed back is appreciated.
Member reactions:
Like the concept... the lady perfectly fits into with those carrots
Thanks NewsMaster and rajeshstar. I don't think LILO would be upset about being a veggie in a women's prison. If the Freudian connotations escaped her, maybe James Franco would write a poem.

Funny Facebook Carrot Meme

Facebook Carrot Meme
You probably noticed a growing trend on facebook where quite a few people would post this as their status: "I know nobody will see my status but sometimes I like to dig a hole in my backyard, stand in the hole, and pretend Iím a carrot." Sometimes they put variations of other vegetables instead of a carrot. Some facebook groups and people get so sick of such trashing of everyone's newsfeed that they demand that others stop posting this. We did some research and see that this meme is actually quite old and dates back to 2007, but is gaining momentum on facebook only now. Apparently it turned into some kind of facebook game where everyone who responds to this status should receive a PM from a poster. Some people say it's about breast cancer awareness, but we hardly see the connection here. Can anyone shed some light on what this game is about? Photoshop anyone in a hole in his backyard pretending to be a carrot.

Funny Carrot Tops

Carrot Tops
Photoshop this image of carrot tops (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up these carrot tops, merging them with other vegetables and fruits, making the carrot tops perform other stunts, using this carrot tops image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to David Burton for providing the source photo.

Funny Carrots

Shocking news this Friday. Thousands of people from an online group are on a mission to create the global shortage of carrots by massively buying all carrot supplies in one day - May 15 2008. The group has 60,000 members and is growing every day. All the members pledge to swarm local supermarkets and buy out their supply of carrots. The group is doing this to increase the world awareness of carrots as a source of valuable nutrients and vitamins. You are on a mission to save carrots by photoshopping them any way you like. Some examples are - show what life would be like if carrots ruled the world, demonstrate the alternative uses of carrots or use carrots in place of other objects, merge carrots with other vegetables or fruits, put carrots in famous paintings and movies, etc.

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