Surreal Carousel
Surreal Carousel
Surreal Carousel. Kick up your heels and go play outside.
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snowing in N.Y. in spring
Hey, it's 47 today in North Florida today. Definitely wishful thinking, but March 20th was the first day of spring.

Funny Carousel Zebra Digital Art

Carousel Zebra Digital Art
This illustration was created using Illustrator and Photoshop.
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I recognized this as your work Sassy---and I picked it as the winner. A very nice illustration.
Thanks all. Appreciate your votes and comments very much.
I agree with everyone, very awesome work. Congrats.
As usual another absolutely great illustration... congrats on the trophy deb...
great work Deb..a lots of work in illustrator.congrats.

Funny Carousel Horse Digital Art

Carousel Horse Digital Art
This is one of my own creations. It was hand drawn in Illustrator (using the pen tool) and the finishing touches were done in Photoshop.
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so nice wonderful talent there sassy congratulations
Wonderful work. There is a lot of love and time in this and it totally paid off. This I consider fine art as opposed to your naturally superb chops. And this is why. I see the struggle and the fight for balance in this piece. I see the decisions and can clearly picture you romancing with the color selections and highlights. I see an artist in her element fighting to endow life into a two dimensional collection of pixels. And you know, this is a high dollar rendering, Deb. Not tooo long ago you would have had to use an airbrush to get the wonderful textures and surfaces that art directors paid dearly for.... in the late 80s probably would fetch anywhere from $1,500 to 5k depending on the pub. Now days I couldn't say, have been out of the game too long but I bet if you shopped this you'd get some very nice hits. Yeah, indeed. There you go, very well done young lady. I love it. Congrads
Silver congratulations for horsey and Deb.
Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed my illustration and thank you for your great comments.

Funny Mushroom Carousel Merry Go Round

Mushroom Carousel Merry Go Round

Funny Putin Riding a Battery Operated Carousel

Putin Riding a Battery Operated Carousel
Little Vladimir enjoying a ride on the battery Carousel Horse. His nursemaid Angela is not interested.
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I try I really do, but you guys are so much better than me.

Funny Gorilla Hanging from a Carousel

Gorilla Hanging from a Carousel
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Nice composition. The image is a bit blurry though
This image is a bit blurry because I added a small motion blur. I wanted it to have movement hence the Weeee. I guess it didn't work so well. Thanks for all your useful comments.

Funny Jockey Riding a Horse on a Carousel

Jockey Riding a Horse on a Carousel
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Radiant Remarkable

Funny Cyclist Carousel Racing

Cyclist Carousel Racing

Funny Real Horse on Carousel

Real Horse on Carousel

Funny Carousel Horse Race

Carousel Horse Race

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