Carnival Sharks
Carnival Sharks
Carnival Sharks. Okay, Circus Started as requested. Member reactions:
Nice Job. Freaky indeed. Your sharks seem a bit indifferent as compared to the audience.
Fantastic,brilliant colors and expressions on peoples faces
Something terrible is gonna happening.....Excellent.
Well, It's not real complicated. Luciano is pretty much on target Thanks Luciano, Disasterman, Andwhat, LunaC, SplatShot, Pat and Triplex. But if I were to guess... a Houdini type escape freak hangs himself in a straight jacket defying gravity as menacing sharks cruse close. You know it doesn't end well because of Pennywise the evil clown. I guess kitty and birdie remind us that ignorance is bliss sometimes In Freakshow, anything is possible
Love it. Huge eyes and the expressions of awe and excitement - works for me.
Freaky chop and I love it. Congrats on the win..
Fantastic chop Hit,congrats on the bronze
Congrats on the Cup, Hits. In this extremely competitive contest.
great work hits, and congrats. love those golden colors.
Congratulations. Great contest-great entries.
Thanks AJ, Pat, Doc, Jere, SplatShot, Bob, 420, Champ, Andwhat, Gummy, Hobbit and Newsie
congrats hits awesome blend and very creative job

Funny Carney At The Carnival

Carney At The Carnival
. Member reactions:
He sure would sell quite a few of these. Great job
Congrats on the silver, Doc. 0.8000 of a point difference. This is the rare one time the low karma, low-ballers really did have the power.
Congrats on the silver, doc

Funny Competition For Carnival Cruise Lines

Competition For Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines has more troubleSourceWho wouldn't want to go on a cruise on this luxury liner.. Member reactions:
LoL Bit like Gilligan's Island gone wrong...way wrong
Excellent chop. Great caricature. Too funny.
well done with source... and good caricature done and nice replacement of Biden face to that person good one like it
This is the Freakiest CHOP made my day
Great job, hidden ... I love the caricature & gr8 perspective.
Silver Congrats, Doc … Great job. …Lol "See Kroozes"
How much does he charge per cruise.I might be interested, hahaha.Seriously great work. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Billy Mac. Thanks, Newsy. I think you should ask dd. .

Funny Carnival wig

Carnival wig
. Member reactions:
Lovely and colorful wig attached to the beauty parrot very good one
This would have been my pick for number 1.

Funny Carnival Queen

Carnival Queen
. Member reactions:
Vlad woke up the next day and REALLY regretted wearing those beer goggles at Carnival, it took him all morning to get IT to go home.

Funny Christmas Carnival

Christmas Carnival
. Member reactions:
I really REALLY need to stop dropping that acid

Funny Carnival

Paintings Stolen During Carnival:Witnesses report not seeing anything unusual.. Member reactions:
the paintings look really sharp compared to the source
The edges need to be softened a bit so all of the components of the pic can blend.
Pic is ok but eyes look very artificial in my opinion.

Funny Carnival Worker

Carnival Worker
He going to get one splitting head ache.. Member reactions:
Bang. Bang. Maxine's rubber mallet came down upon his head.
...and the secret to how true Carnies are born is revealed...

Funny Hellboy at Rio Carnival

Hellboy at Rio Carnival

Funny Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise
. Member reactions:
a good job, details well-groomed, engaged and you will have good results, bravo friend

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