Jay Carney On To Tell The Truth
Jay Carney On To Tell The Truth
Jay Carney On To Tell The Truth.

Funny Jay Carney the Fireman

Jay Carney the Fireman
Saving life.

Funny Jay Carney Making Bombs

Jay Carney Making Bombs
Member reactions:
It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.
Nice blending. I would keep his original nose though

Funny James Carney At The Carnival

James Carney At The Carnival
Member reactions:
He sure would sell quite a few of these. Great job
Congrats on the silver, Doc. 0.8000 of a point difference. This is the rare one time the low karma, low-ballers really did have the power.

Funny Jay Carney the Woodsman

Jay Carney the Woodsman

Funny James Carney Corporate Raiders

James Carney Corporate Raiders
Member reactions:
Brilliant work, though, sorry but I will complain about the face. If the face is to be transformed, his distinct face features need to be exaggerated, not changed for the opposite. Carney has (in real life) a rounded oval face with full cheeks. Changing his face to narrow-pointy with hollow cheeks makes him recognizable only by his eyes and the glasses. I see you straightened his hair too, while he's got bushy hair in real life. Such transformations, for me, take away from otherwise outstanding work here. The flags over the crossed Obama sign are really clever.
Now we're talking - great edit. and congrats on the bronze, Hitman.
Bronze Congratulations HitMan. Precision Work.
Bronze congrats, Tim. Unbelievably close.

Funny Jay Carney Singer of Sad Songs

Jay Carney Singer of Sad Songs
Member reactions:
This is excellent both for blending and expression. What a pity music is missing.

Funny Jay Carney Traded to the Taliban

Jay Carney Traded to the Taliban

Funny Jay Carney's Jazz Lounge

Jay Carney's Jazz Lounge
Sinatra is his muse.
Member reactions:
Looks totally real. Very nice composition

Funny Jay Carney with Laughing Clowns

Jay Carney with Laughing Clowns
Another barker in the DC sideshow ...
Member reactions:
Hahaha, I love how you redid the Monopoly card in regard to Carney.

Funny Jay Carney's New Job

Jay Carney's New Job
President Obama made a surprise announcement last Friday that White House press secretary Jay Carney was stepping down and would be replaced by his deputy Josh Earnest. We've certainly seen a lot of Jay Carney while he's been on this job for three years, and now he's let go. The official reason has not been stated, nor the Carney's plans on what he will do next. Carney previously worked as a press secretary for Joe Biden before being promoted to White House press secretary. Find the next employment for Jay Carney. Alternatively, show him in his retirement or unemployment status. Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

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