Vincent Schiavelli Caricature
Vincent Schiavelli Caricature
Vincent Schiavelli Caricature. Member reactions:
Super caricature DD. Quality Work for Sure.

Funny Caricature Rod Stewart

Caricature Rod Stewart
Member reactions:
I adore Rod and his music. His autobiography is good if get time to read it.
Fantastic caricature. Welcome back, dnunciate.

Funny Joan Rivers Caricature

Joan Rivers Caricature

Funny Joe Walsh Caricature

Joe Walsh Caricature
Joe Walsh of the Eagles and the James Gang SIDE BY SIDE SOURCE
Member reactions:
This rocks, especially with the huge hands.
Has a strong RW Pike quality to it. Super job....
Darn good chop, love the big white teeth.
Great caricature... The expression with smiling face and closed eyes were really impressive
Ahhhh sneaky. I thought this might have been Mandrake or Pike sneaking back in.Guess there is anot a dang thing wrong being confused with either of those fellas . Congrads. Mhavaluz work DD
Great stuff just wish i could create like this.

Funny Starsky & Hutch Caricature

Starsky & Hutch Caricature
This is the first of a long series of works dedicated to the American TV series of the 70's ... I'm a big fan of the series of the 70's ... I hope you like it too ...
Member reactions:
Fantastic Image, And Great Caricatures from yesteryear. Now just exactly... How long will this long series last......
Just an observation my friend....Doesn't Hutch resemble a young Brando here....
Freaking brilliant. And yeah, Hutch looks a bit like young Brando here - not a bad thing.
Let's hope you don't get tired Hidden...we could never tire of these works. Surely you will displace the Gold in your favor many times before your series is over. No.. The jowls seem to be a characteristic of Brando in his later years. I think maybe David Soul comes by his resemblance naturally..depending on the picture angle. Hutch Black and White
I agree with PSM. It's excellent, but I would caricature Starsky a little bit more.
Great job.... excellent finish.... the background and the burglary attempt concept is really interesting good job done all the best
Congrats on the silver, Ricky. Nice to see you back.
Very nice to se you back indeed. Congrats on the cup. 5/100th of a point difference between 1st and 2nd. I'd say they both are gold.
OK, Ricky please tell us tomorrow here or in the forums.
Brings back so many good memories for me great work great show well done.

Funny Breaking Bad Caricature

Breaking Bad Caricature
Member reactions:
yeah man.... my fave series.. Awesome chop.....
Doing well matey... I just got my Diploma in Digital Media.. It all started here at FN, a few years ago now, but , life changing stuff..... I have learnt so much from all of you in such a short time... Its great...
magnifico Always great to see something new from you, "hidden author"
Breathtaking work. One minor thing - there is some blurriness on the Walter's cheek and jaw below the mustache. It stands out a bit because the rest of the face and picture is done sharply
Congrats on the Gold RickyT . I noticed the same thing Newsy did thought maybe it was smoke he was puffing out. As he said, a very minor thing. Great work .
The gritty style matches the subject matter perfectly. Very nice indeed.
Congrats on the gold, Ricky. Welcome baaaack.

Funny Tom Petty Caricature

Tom Petty Caricature
Tom Petty's new songs soar and the oldies roar SOURCE
Member reactions:
I agree, great caricature. High ranking in supermoon contest too.
This is a freaking pro chop on so many levels. Love the big hands and small guitar
Of course you can't go wrong with a Tom Petty chop... Sweet.

Funny Robin Williams Caricature

Robin Williams Caricature
Tribute to Robin
Member reactions:
Nice. Looks a little bit like Harrison Ford here.
Sorry,pacovilla I see no offense posting a caricature of Robin because I admire him as an artist, then it is a simple way I've found to honor him
Excellent caricature..... fantastic image work and great finish
Great caricature. Drifferently from LunaC I find some similarity to another great man...Walter Matthau.
Love it. He looks a bit like Sean Penn too here, BUT we still recognize Williams for sure. Excellent caricature work, dnunciate
It's very good work. I don't really follow any rules on tributes but on departed people I simply try to be respectful. I don't think you crossed any taboo lines of etiquette but I can see Paco's viewpoint. It may simply be a cultural thing. No harm, no foul

Funny Vladimir Putin Caricature

Vladimir Putin Caricature
My Putin
Member reactions:
Quality caricature work. Putin seems so humble and vulnerable here

Funny James Haden Playing Basketball Caricature

James Haden Playing Basketball Caricature
Member reactions:
Rubberhead or Claymation figure. Looks like you can mold him hehe. Top 5 Congrats
Out-freaking-standing caricature, Blackie.

Funny Caricature Paintings

Caricature Paintings
Caricatures are very popular nowadays (even at FN!). However first caricatures go back as far as the origin of art itself. Leonardo da Vinci drew many caricatures, and liked to seek people with deformities to use as models. There's a speculation that one of the caricatures Da Vinci drew was his humorous self-portrait (the figure at the bottom of the right half). The point of the caricature was to offer an impression of the original which was more striking than just a portrait. In fact, the word "caricature" comes from the Italian "caricare", meaning "to load", thus the caricaturist's aim is to invest his image with as much meaning as possible. Caricature, therefore, experienced its first successes in the closed aristocratic circles of France and Italy, where such portraits were passed about for mutual enjoyment. Take any famous art work (painting, drawing, fresco) and turn it into caricature by exaggerating the natural characteristics of the subjects in the artwork.

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