Caricature Rod Stewart
Caricature Rod Stewart
Caricature Rod Stewart. Member reactions:
I adore Rod and his music. His autobiography is good if get time to read it.
Fantastic caricature. Welcome back, dnunciate.


Member reactions:
Rubberhead or Claymation figure. Looks like you can mold him hehe. Top 5 Congrats
Out-freaking-standing caricature, Blackie.

Funny Caricature

Sandra Bullock

Funny Snoop Dogg Caricature

Snoop Dogg Caricature
My first caricature.
Member reactions:
Very good, especially for a first caricature.
Fabolus job done here... Great caricature with excellent lighting sources and the depth of this pic is awesome
Excellent hair style, Nice face expression....
Pretty dang nice..... Congrats on the cup.
Thank you silvercanine, JoanMcKay, rajeshtar, sulliishere, ericnorthend, lucianomorelli, NewsMaster, pcrdds, Elegary, Hitspinner, Wanderer, Gummy, hidreley, & MsgtBob
Congrats on the bronze, 420. Outstanding result especially if it's your first caricature.

Funny Caricature

The ugly face to receive the Gold Ball, was prettier now.
Member reactions:
hehehe thanks
Thank you very much...
I think if I laugh at this I might go to he11. I have seen this genetic malfunction before LMFAO Well done Hidreley and congrats on the wood
Pretty cool, hidreley. He looks like a younger version of himself here too Congrats on the wood.
Congrats on Wood, Hid Outstanding caricature..

Funny Tim Howard caricature

Tim Howard caricature
Amazing performance by Howard against Belgium, too bad they lost.
Member reactions:
This is my favorite. Simply excellent. It's not just the quality of the caricature but the hyper-realism you achieved with the lighting effects and background. "Amazing performance by Hidden"
Thanks fellow shoppers Ive been busy building websites, but I had to enter this one.

Funny Elke Sommer Caricature

Elke Sommer Caricature
Elke Schletz in art Elke Sommer, (Berlin, November 5, 1940), Actress, Singer, Pin-up Photomodel. and Painter. Sources wikiBIO personal website
Member reactions:
Congratulations my friend. Great to see you posting again. Fantastic job with the layers of texture and color. Super Image.
Great job, but where's "The Wrecking Crew" poster (one of her ... iest looks). Congrats on the Gold.
Congrats on the gold, PSM. Great comeback entry.
come back from time time to absolutely beautiful are the new Pike.

Funny Jim Carrey Caricature

Jim Carrey Caricature
Member reactions:
Quality caricature work. Now I know Jim Carrey paints his nails
Thank you very much.
Congrats Silver Hidreley, great caricature.

Funny Stephen Hawking The Brain Caricature

Stephen Hawking The Brain Caricature
Hawking speaks at his official welcoming ceremony at Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics in Kitchener
Member reactions:
I could think of things I never thunk before, and then I'd sit and think some more Splendid chopping, hidden.
Thank you, retral. I made some changes, so you might need to refresh the page.
Great, super clean and hysterical job, hidden.
Nice addition with the visor is that his voice command piece below the bulging eye on his cheek.
Thankk you. Yes ,that is his actual device.
This is Freakin Good. Art is never finished. The Visor was a great edit Hidden.
Extra points for irreverence. Bloody hysterical hahahahaha
Perfect . Great chop.
God dropped the ball on this one. Good work.
Ohh.. this is an Excellent Awesome and lately splendid work. I can see his Biig Brain and that Sucks, literally see the picture Well its very well managed on the air, he looks super with the Giant brain and good HD quality submission, Very good luck hidden. I enjoy a lot this chop, thank for it
This just seriously rawks on so many levels.
Superlative chop. Excess of brain is a fantastic thinking.
Another great job, Jere. This one will go into the superchop hall of fame. Congrats on the well deserved win.
Mind-Bending Excellence. Gold Congrats J Mix
Congratulations. A very serious subject to me which you portrayed well by your creative efforts.
Congrats on the Gold, jeremix It may be difficult chopping without ciggies, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the excellent quality of your chops. P.S. I hope you're still ciggie free
Home-run. Fantastic image. Congratulations Jere.
, very nice. highest scre, five favs..lots of positive comments. not a bad way to wake up. thanks very much. i hope i can keep this going, haha. Maybe i should retire now. And yes, i am still ciggie free..
Congrats Jere.. Superb work mate..

Funny Ian McKellen Caricature

Ian McKellen Caricature
Tomorrow (5-25-2014) is the birthday of Ian McKellen, known for playing the parts of Gandalf and Magneto in the hobbit and X-men series. Wikipedia News Link: McKellen Me Softly sources
Member reactions:
Brilliant chop. McKellen is a pro actor with solid performances through the years. Formally speaking Wiki articles are not news. I plugged for you an interesting article about LGBT community honoring McKellen this week.
ah, what would i do without you. cool link by the way.. that first art piece is great.
Superb caricature, I would lower a bit the cat .
thanks guys. yeah, i see what you mean,luciano, but it is already flattened and it looks like a lot of work.
You did a fantastic job on this, congrats on the win.
great Job Jeremix...... Congrats on the gold..
it's a good week for jere. thanks again, people.
Nice work jere-in-the-mix Great caricature work. I wasn't sure who's this was. I love the title of the newslink I do see what Luciano means about the kittycat maybe it would have also looked better without the one hind paw appearing. Regardless, it's a great looking chop. Congrats on the gold.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. You are outdoing yourself with every new chop.

Funny Caricature Paintings

Caricature Paintings
Caricatures are very popular nowadays (even at FN!). However first caricatures go back as far as the origin of art itself. Leonardo da Vinci drew many caricatures, and liked to seek people with deformities to use as models. There's a speculation that one of the caricatures Da Vinci drew was his humorous self-portrait (the figure at the bottom of the right half). The point of the caricature was to offer an impression of the original which was more striking than just a portrait. In fact, the word "caricature" comes from the Italian "caricare", meaning "to load", thus the caricaturist's aim is to invest his image with as much meaning as possible. Caricature, therefore, experienced its first successes in the closed aristocratic circles of France and Italy, where such portraits were passed about for mutual enjoyment. Take any famous art work (painting, drawing, fresco) and turn it into caricature by exaggerating the natural characteristics of the subjects in the artwork.

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