Funny Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber

Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber
Member reactions:
Cool, though there seems to be some reddish part on the hair where it meets the face (on the top-right figure)

Funny Jim Carey as Elvis Presley

Jim Carey as Elvis Presley
Member reactions:
As dog as Master some resemblance there between

Funny Mariah Carey Astronaut

Mariah Carey Astronaut
The number one thing that a woman needs to bring to space.
Member reactions:
Maria, you should raze your arms before going to space.
No kidding-oops. Still time to fix during contest.

Funny Scary Jum Carey with Mouth Eyes and a Dophin in His Head

Scary Jum Carey with Mouth Eyes and a Dophin in His Head
Member reactions:
Nice eyes were replaced with the mouth good one to see

Funny Anorexic Mariah Carey

Anorexic Mariah Carey
source image of mariah better resolution full view Between 1 in 100 and 1 in 200 people suffer from anorexia. 17 in 20 are teenagers. Between 1 in 20 and 3 in 20 people die from anorexia. Since I started college I have become more aware of eating disorders such as anorexia and what it really is. Everyone thinks anorexia will make you pretty and "thin enough" but it's actually really harmful. Young people die from eating disorders too much. Your vital organs can stop working and your muscles deteriorate. Your hair falls out. You become too weak to do anything.I feel that young girls are too unaware of this information. They are too focused on being thin and perfect. But no body is perfect. And being outrageously thin, in my opinion, is a sign of disrespect and lack of self confidence in who you were made to be. Part of the user's avatar pic is in one of the corners of the note paper (made from scratch)
Member reactions:
It's freaking excellent. Wish I could chop like that.
and I saw some anorexic girls - I completely agree with you - they are not looking healthy at all - and actually quite the opposite.
so clean and clear..i agree with Newsy, wish i could chop like that..
One of my favorite paintings good luck and i agree newsmaster and goat, wish i could
Well...why disagree with the masses. Nice work-poignant statement so...Celebrate the high marks and don't forget to eat today.
Congrats on the silver .. nice skinny chop
Great work suchag33k, congrats on the silver..
hey congrats on the silver .. awesome work as always friend
Excellent Job young lady.. Well deserved win.
Exceptional design work and great message too

Funny Run Drew Carey Run

Run Drew Carey Run
Drew Carey: How I lost 80 pounds Sources Please view full
Member reactions:
Just watched that fluff story about his weight loss; nice work.
My mom always told me: life is like a bunch of bullets... you never know which one will sting your ass. Love the motion effect on the bullets and the motion effect on the belly, .
Congrats RW, funny Gump spoof He's sounding like Oprah now. Daytime TV must of eaten his brain.
Like I said before.. excellent. I say excellent when I wish I'd done it

Funny Mariah Carey With No Nose

Mariah Carey With No Nose

Funny Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Funny Mariah Carey Feeling Inflated

Mariah Carey Feeling Inflated
Mariah Carey source pic
Member reactions:
I think Macy"s will want one of these for their next parade
Congrats on an amazing chop pree. I suspected it was you. Enjoy your bronze.
Congrats pree, nice chop. She still looks good,
thanks killer..funkwood..pegleg and newsy.. i never got 2 trophies before..

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