Putin reading Obama's report card
Putin reading Obama's report card
Putin reading Obama's report card. Obama " How do you spell RESIGN. "
Member reactions:
Teacher is giving marks.. Awesome and hilarious.
Thanks guys, did this for the funny factor. Hope it worked :0)
Worked like a charm. Great to see you again, Gary.
I sent the typo correction, Let me know if that works, and thank you sir :0)

Funny Holding All the Cards

Holding All the Cards
Another barker in the DC sideshow ...
Member reactions:
Hahaha, I love how you redid the Monopoly card in regard to Carney.

Funny Late card from Lincoln

Late card from Lincoln
Member reactions:
Like his glasses... Lincoln resemblence can be seen here by seeing that glasses well done

Funny Alien Christmas Card

Alien Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Great chop, but we had to move it from Celebrity Christmas Cards to Freak Show, because it does not feature any celebrity character/person.
Ha. You had way too much fun doing this one Marvelously silly.
Kewl. You better watch out. Looks Like Santa Claws is coming to town.

Funny Ahmadinejad With a Green Card Painting

Ahmadinejad With a Green Card Painting

Funny Adams Family Easter Card

Adams Family Easter Card
See large please
Member reactions:
to see the funny third leg and the bunny with scary teeth makes the boy tough enough to fight with it well done like your concept of Easter Celebration
, God bless you later voters. The first 9 voters had this pinned down in the 5s last night. I pffffffted them which is sort of like farting I was like, hey, what's so bad here. It's a decent chop... read the rules or something. And then the big guns chimed in and restored order to the FN universe. big hugs, thanks
Cute (I can't recall the kid having three legs though - must be alzhiemers - ha). Congrats on the Bronze.
Yeah, it was sort of subtle. In the end of the first movie, Morticia is knitting baby PJs with three legs when she tells Gomez she is expecting .
Congratulations.. Very busy, organized, creative chop.. Lots of good work.

Funny Apple iBM Punch Card Shredder

Apple iBM Punch Card Shredder

Funny Valentine Card for a Zombie

Valentine Card for a Zombie
Will You Be My Valentines.
Member reactions:
Zombies do not have brains.... Rather they love your hearts Funny to see clips on her teeth
Conceptual very interesting greeting perfect freak show
Seriously scary, and well done. Congrats on the wood, Mundo.

Funny Gump Card

Gump Card

Funny Baby Bean card

Baby Bean card

Funny Celebrity Christmas Cards

Celebrity Christmas Cards
Some celebrities are posting online the Christmas cards they sent this year. Photoshop Christmas cards featuring any celebrity as Santa.

Funny Celebrity Christmas Cards

Celebrity Christmas Cards
Santa Claus is sending some surprising Christmas cards in Canada this year. Abbotsford, B.C. Police department designed a a very special Christmas card that was sent to 100 manually picked prolific criminal offenders on their "naughty list". The card features a police officer dressed as Santa carrying a machine gun and includes a message "Which list will you be on next year?". Photoshop Christmas cards featuring any celebrity as Santa.

Funny Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Christmas cards are getting rude and even vulgar this year. Design Christmas greeting cards with/from politicians/celebrities with their card messages or holiday wishes. Here's a example 1 by Engineface and example 2 by RealMeert. Please keep your entries safe for work.

Funny Playing Cards

Playing Cards
The Wichita Falls Police Department has designed the special playing cards for their inmates. The cards feature details of unsolved crime cases, some dating back to 1980s. The police hope that inmates will recognize some cases and will help solve them by providing memories and details they know. All the information will be treated confidentially, and if it leads to solving a case, the reward of $1000 per case will be given. Such inmate playing card programs have been used with success in several cities. Photoshop existing playing cards, or design a new playing card of any kind. Some examples are: Queen Elton John, Joker Jay Leno, 7 of UP, King of Oil Exxon. Try to make your playing card customized for a person (company, etc.) depicted on it - e.g. Paris Hilton holding her chihuahua, Iranian President holding nukes, and so on. We will allow regular playing cards, Tarot cards, uno cards for the purposes on this contest, but you can photoshop and redesign them to have cards which are not in the original decks - e.g. "0 of Karma" regular playing card, or "Bankruptcy" Tarot card.

Funny Playng Card Suits

Playng Card Suits
In this contest we are going to create images changing the shape of any common item to any suit of a deck of cards (hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades) as in the theme post. Choose the image of your choice and create an image with the items shape changed to any suit of a deck of cards as in the theme post.

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