The Pope Names New Cardinals
The Pope Names New Cardinals
The Pope Names New Cardinals. Pope names new Cardinals
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Thanks, Swash, luciano, Christine, Tim and Newsy.

Funny Red Cardinal Putin?

Red Cardinal Putin?
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Funny Cardinal

Cardinals are such bright, beautiful birds. A pair of cardinals live in my back yard and I love seeing them. It's also nice to draw them. digital art

Funny St Louis Cardinal Dressed For Winter

St Louis Cardinal Dressed For Winter
This guy is ready for winter.
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If you have time, please view this one full size. There's a lot of detail that gets lost in the smaller version. Thx.
Well done chop, goes without saying really. Large is always better but I think a lot of people vote for these via cell phone and can not get the sort of detailed scrutiny a lot of these deserve
Wish this one would get a trophy too - a charming chop, and full view is a real beauty.

Funny Inflated Red Cardinals

Inflated Red Cardinals
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this is so cute bird lovely red color and fancy shape
Ty .. Im glad you like my bloated birdies.
Sooo, makes me think of "Angry Birds" game, hahaha. Excellent work, congrats on the silver, pree.

Funny Cardinal Castro

Cardinal Castro
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Excellent skin texture used, nice detail finish Nice dress it's perfect to the image

Funny Cardinal Barack Obama's Soul Food Sauce

Cardinal Barack Obama's Soul Food Sauce
"Well if Paul Newman can do it... why not old Barack." .
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His sauce will no douth give me heart burn, like he has. Maybe he can sell enought to pay off the big dept, he has put our country in.

Funny Cardinal Listening to an iPod

Cardinal Listening to an iPod
My first entry
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Excellent work, but the image is rather small. Try to submit at least 750 pixel wide images. Welcome to the site.

Funny Cardinal Barack Obama Painting

Cardinal Barack Obama Painting
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Hilarious, and so fitting. The cardinal of the United States.
The anti-Cardinal actually. I reversed his face to do this. That mole should be on the other side. Thanks for giving this a star.

Funny Cardinal Barbecue

Cardinal Barbecue

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