North Korean Square Cardboard Banknote
North Korean Square Cardboard Banknote
North Korean Square Cardboard Banknote.

Funny Cardboard US Money

Cardboard US Money
Member reactions:
This is a freaky idea to print notes from water cardboard paper

Funny Cardboard House

Cardboard House
Member reactions:
I like this image and home is looking so sweet
Simpilly loving it.... the Sun looking cute and the garden with trees and the Vantage car made by paper is really amazing good one

Funny Cardboard Cutout Presidents

Cardboard Cutout Presidents
Member reactions:
Very well done with great sense of humor.
Now your freaking me out. I think it was 4:20.
So freaking clever concept. Mint execution too, but I wont think the ciggy should be with the smoke, since it's all on carton.
What smoke. It was a mix of two dimensions.
Very well done. Congratulations... well deserved.
Doodydog strikes again. Congrats on the Gold.
Looks very realistic. Very creative and funny, you have plenty sense of humor and it wasn't quite tough fight the golden was yours all the time..
I think this is the most famous dog source pic In FN, congrats DD.

Funny Homeless Man with a Cardboard Box House

Homeless Man with a Cardboard Box House
Even splurged on a brand spankin new trolly
Member reactions:
Great work on the paper house. The shopping cart may need some shadows, like the other elements in the composition
Epitomizes the point of the contest hahahahahah. You can take the bum out of the slum but not the slum out of the bum Damn nice choppage

Funny Turtle with a Cardboard Box Shell

Turtle with a Cardboard Box Shell
Member reactions:
The diagonal shadow shading the back leg does not correspond with the large drop shadow beneath the box on the log. The back leg shadow should be lower and not as dark, similar to the front leg. Good job on the box cut outs.

Funny Cardboard Box Boxing Bag

Cardboard Box Boxing Bag

Funny Fragile Cardboard Box

Fragile Cardboard Box
Another damaged parcel

Funny Cardboard Box DollHouse

Cardboard Box DollHouse
Member reactions:
can you make a box car.
Really affordable housing...NOW under $600,000.00. The cardboard McMansion

Funny Baby in a Cardboard Box

Baby in a Cardboard Box
Kids love nothing better than a box to play in.
Member reactions:
Great try here.. but that "Kids Zone" sign is somehow not right.. needs angling a liiittle bit to the left....well done...

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