Marijuana Medicare Card
Marijuana Medicare Card
Marijuana Medicare Card. the Best HMO ever rolled/packed.....

Funny Card Cheats

Card Cheats
...and right under the king's nose. Please take a look at full size
Member reactions:
Hahahaa. Love how you made the face expressions too.

Funny A Canadian Cristmas Card with Tara Reid and Justin Bieber

A Canadian Cristmas Card with Tara Reid and Justin Bieber
James Cameron made the movie Titanic and decided to see what it was like being Santa Claus. Tara Reid volunteered to be his elf, and to his amazement Justin Bieber visited

Funny Willie Nelson Christmas Card

Willie Nelson Christmas Card
Not Much Left After Taxes
Member reactions:
Thanks to hobbit90 Elegary lucianomorelli pcrdds MsgtBob Wanderer hobbit90
It feels a bit like a sad card, I wish there were more Jolly feeling of Christmas. But it's a great artwork nonetheless. Congrats on the silver, Hits. and Merry Christmas.
It is sad, and it is poignant. There is no card I could design with a more positive Christmas message, though. The IRS took everything Willie owned, everything, including Trigger, his Martin guitar. However his fans and friends bought most all of his stuff from the IRS auction and gave it all back to him. There is no better story that illustrates the spirit of giving that I know of. My intent was to bring you all back in time to when Willie was destitute and in his darkest hour just days away from experiencing one of the all time greatest moments of true friendship. The happy ending I left for you to fill in, given the viewer knows music history. I think my aim was a little high for some voters, perhaps unfamiliar with Willie Nelson. I think the high votes were for technical execution rather than content. Sometimes your best just is not good enough. Que sera sera Thanks Newsy and a Merry Christmas to you and Mac and Kellie.

Funny Naopleon Christmas Card

Naopleon Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Good piece of art. Not sure a painting can be condiderd also a card.
Congrats on the bronze, William. Nice remake.

Funny Obama Putin Christmas Card

Obama Putin Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the gold. Lots of stuff to look at. Merry Christmas
Thank you. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays, everyone.
Cool beans, Andrew. Congrats on the gold. Merry Christmas.

Funny Rodney Dangerfield Cristmas Card

Rodney Dangerfield Cristmas Card
I get No Respect.Santa
Member reactions:
Awesome entry. Perhaphs coul be better getting rid of the white edge around the hat.

Funny Greetings From President Bush Cristmas Card

Greetings From President Bush Cristmas Card
Merry Christmas To All.
Member reactions:
Superb blending of the characters. Congrats on top 5, Hobbit.

Funny Danny DeVito Christmas Card

Danny DeVito Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Nice one but better move the text to the right bottom corner where a watermark does not cover it
Woody congrats, luciano. Very nice blend.
Dude, all you had to do was move the "whatever" you printed there up a hair and this might have taken it. I can't read it. I thought I left a message for you like Newsey... was about 99.9% sure this was yours. Excellent work..

Funny Barack Obama's Credit Card Declined

Barack Obama's Credit Card Declined
Member reactions:
Great chop, but you need to plug a news link as per the contest directions.

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