Lassie Christmas Card
Lassie Christmas Card
Lassie Christmas Card. Member reactions:
Well as my name is Tim, I'm officially obligated to comment on this one. So here it is: Hahahahahahah Cracked me up. Unusual graphic approach and very refreshing. Good job

Funny Michigan Christmas Card

Michigan Christmas Card
It's a race in Michigan to see which hits BOTTOM first...the economy or the Lions.

Funny Sarah Palin Christmas Card

Sarah Palin Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Q: What's the difference between a monster and a hockey mom. A: None.

Funny Tiger Woods Xmas Card

Tiger Woods Xmas Card
Member reactions:
This is true, it is not a chop hahahahahahahahahah Funny stuff.
So true indeed. He proilly sent such card to his wife this Christmas. Good job

Funny Kanye West Christmas Card

Kanye West Christmas Card
You tell 'em Kanye.

Funny Tiger Woods' Bedroom Golf Score Card

Tiger Woods' Bedroom Golf Score Card
Alleged partner names and photos attributed to media reports and may not be accurate. Tiger Woods Mistresses
Member reactions:
..."the 18th hole will be played in the near future against Elin Woods on pimplaro Island, Sweden" .
Great concept GRM. I'll bet this score card will be filled up before the scandal dies. So---Do you know the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods. (Santa stops after the third "HO").
that's cool work GRM Congrats on the woody and keep going
Thanks all. The research was as much fun as composing the image.

Funny Apple Corp Christmas Card

Apple Corp Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Very cute and just in time for Christmas.

Funny Scratch Card Advert

Scratch Card Advert

Funny Hallmark's America Sucks Barack Obama Card

Hallmark's America Sucks Barack Obama Card
Member reactions:
They oughta send me one, too. Nice job ...

Funny Al Sharpton's Deck of Cards

Al Sharpton's Deck of Cards
Sharpton does more harm than good for blacks with his racially motivated rants on every topic that comes along. He's a racist huckster who serves only himself. As Spokesperson for Black America, Al Sharpton...You're fired.
Member reactions:
Great the coat.....F U N N Y .
Pretty darn good characterizing... Should do well. I have to agree, being a white guy I'm not supposed to object when black guys whine. But frankly, I wasnt around to own any slaves, never enslaved anybody, never approved of it, and you know, I don't even bitch that the Moors enslaved my Celtic ancestors, raped their women and gave us half black/ half white Irish that were later called blkack Irish. I doubt there is a race or culture on Earth that has not been a victim of some sort of slavery or discrimination. Enough is enough of the entitlement mentality. Get over it. Hitspinner the Wise hath spoken
Boy you have this one right.Great job........CONGRATS...
You too. The characterizing is bitchen, mate. I figured this one right away for a cup. Hope my vote helped. Congrads
Lol HS comment. Great chop.. Excellent effects.
Silver bling bling for Luna and Al. Glad to see you chopping again, Luna.
Congratulations on Silver Luna. Great chop and welcome back.
Boy , this card is being used alot more then what I thought. I'm having a problem myself now. I want one .............................
Hobit. Grow big ears or something and call yourself a suppressed minority. Then you'll get lots of free stuff from the government
Awesome work Luna congrats on the silver and keep up top works

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