Hugh Hefner's Christmas Card
Hugh Hefner's Christmas Card
Hugh Hefner's Christmas Card. Member reactions:
... what does this mean.... At least the three chicks wearing masks to get themselves protected from the splash
Made me chuckle Welcome to the site, emyra.
You're right with the bunny masks . Thank's for your comments ^^ I'm glad to participate to this freaking website

Funny Kanye West Christmas Card

Kanye West Christmas Card
Member reactions:
No likie this creepy guy But it is a darn good chop
Dis one serrriouzly rawks.

Funny Ron Jeremy's Christmas Card

Ron Jeremy's Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Santa is getting nauhty and you will get the similar gifts looks hot Christmas eve

Funny Dennis Rodman Christmas Card

Dennis Rodman Christmas Card
Dennis Rodman is commonly referred to by his nickname: The Worm

Funny Vladimir Putin Christmas Card

Vladimir Putin Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Putin is in full mood to create an extravaganza of Xmas riot with mask laded women

Funny Ben Bernanke Christmas Card

Ben Bernanke Christmas Card
Ben Bernanke sincere thinking
Member reactions:
YES. its perfect, can be used for a happy and pleasant greeting card
Wishing himself... so sweet greeting with a virtual Christmas tree

Funny Nancy Pelosi Christmas Card

Nancy Pelosi Christmas Card
Member reactions:
I like this one although the subject is crazy as a s***house Rat.

Funny Miley Cyrus Christmas Card

Miley Cyrus Christmas Card
Member reactions:
She came in like a Christmas Ball,nice work hidden.Funny and I think Miley would love it
Great job with bubbles of pebbles and stones all over the chop she looks hot with a ball
Nice job. I wish you posted sources. I really could not tell where the chop began on this one. Congrats on the cup my friend

Funny Alien Christmas Card

Alien Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Great chop, but we had to move it from Celebrity Christmas Cards to Freak Show, because it does not feature any celebrity character/person.
Ha. You had way too much fun doing this one Marvelously silly.
Kewl. You better watch out. Looks Like Santa Claws is coming to town.

Funny The Bad Twins Playing Cards by Edvard Munch

The Bad Twins Playing Cards by Edvard Munch
Peggy and Maggie sneak to the cellar for a few rounds of poker.
Member reactions:
This is perfect.... well managed to put some cards in their hands good job with the source pic
Clever idea using the same source flipped, and totally hilarious setting you did.

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