John McCain & Sarah Palin Christmas Card
John McCain & Sarah Palin Christmas Card
John McCain & Sarah Palin Christmas Card. See large please.
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Hidden: I have to nitpik. Why the variation in the spelling of Holidays. Other than that, it has the definite 'look' of another trophy for you. Congrats.
Uhhhhhhhh, because I can't spell. LMFAO Thanks Doxi.. I'll fix it.
Okay. Sometimes a spelling error is not a spelling error but some kind of joke-thing going on.
Sadly the only joke is that there are certainly a number of rodents that can even spell better than me. As a youth I had an affliction called GWD (Girl Watching Disease) that prevented me from paying attention in spelling class. That later mutated into BDD (Beer Drinkers Disorder) where everthing you try to spell looks just fine Thanks Kell, it was fun to make in spite of a zillion changes to get to this point Happy New Year. Cheers
Excellent buddy, saved this for my holiday screen saver. Mine should have been called the stupid,bad and ugly. Congrads Master T, belated Merry Christmas and Happy "fun" New Year. J tooo.
I must have missed the spelling error with 'Holidays'. I guess you fixed a previous error. Nice, warm feeling with this work of art. Congrats.
Lol HitS comments.. Funny thing, I had the same 2 afflictions. Nise worx on a wel dezerved golld.
Hey, Hits, I used to have an affliction called CTDT (Can't Type a Damn Thing). Actually I still do. Happy Holidays to ya, mate, and congrats on the gold.
Hahahah you all crack me up. Thanks. need some chuckles, got a tooth ache from h--l and can't get in to the dentist until monday. Ugggggg. But hey, thanks to your generous votes I finally broke the 20th gold milestone... That made my 2009. I'm gonna take that trophy and take it to the dentist to melt into a nice gold crown for this bummer tooth. Maybe if I give him the gold he won't reduce me to begging on the street corner like his last bill almost did hahahahahah Be well gang, hope your new year brings you all unbelievable prosperity.

Funny Lassie Christmas Card

Lassie Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Well as my name is Tim, I'm officially obligated to comment on this one. So here it is: Hahahahahahah Cracked me up. Unusual graphic approach and very refreshing. Good job

Funny Michigan Christmas Card

Michigan Christmas Card
It's a race in Michigan to see which hits BOTTOM first...the economy or the Lions.

Funny Sarah Palin Christmas Card

Sarah Palin Christmas Card
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Q: What's the difference between a monster and a hockey mom. A: None.

Funny Tiger Woods Xmas Card

Tiger Woods Xmas Card
Member reactions:
This is true, it is not a chop hahahahahahahahahah Funny stuff.
So true indeed. He proilly sent such card to his wife this Christmas. Good job

Funny Kanye West Christmas Card

Kanye West Christmas Card
You tell 'em Kanye.

Funny Tiger Woods' Bedroom Golf Score Card

Tiger Woods' Bedroom Golf Score Card
Alleged partner names and photos attributed to media reports and may not be accurate. Tiger Woods Mistresses
Member reactions:
..."the 18th hole will be played in the near future against Elin Woods on pimplaro Island, Sweden" .
Great concept GRM. I'll bet this score card will be filled up before the scandal dies. So---Do you know the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods. (Santa stops after the third "HO").
that's cool work GRM Congrats on the woody and keep going
Thanks all. The research was as much fun as composing the image.

Funny Apple Corp Christmas Card

Apple Corp Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Very cute and just in time for Christmas.

Funny Scratch Card Advert

Scratch Card Advert

Funny Hallmark's America Sucks Barack Obama Card

Hallmark's America Sucks Barack Obama Card
Member reactions:
They oughta send me one, too. Nice job ...

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