Apple iBM Punch Card Shredder
Apple iBM Punch Card Shredder
Apple iBM Punch Card Shredder.

Funny Valentine Card for a Zombie

Valentine Card for a Zombie
Will You Be My Valentines.
Member reactions:
Zombies do not have brains.... Rather they love your hearts Funny to see clips on her teeth
Conceptual very interesting greeting perfect freak show
Seriously scary, and well done. Congrats on the wood, Mundo.

Funny Gump Card

Gump Card

Funny Baby Bean card

Baby Bean card

Funny The card game

The card game
Member reactions:
A Horrific incident... a un-natural events happening... great mix of scary events in this chop Well done with this makeover and the Crow looks stunning there
Ohh this is cool great thrilling scenery with the suspense of the picture she is looking at

Funny Barack Obama Credit Card

Barack Obama Credit Card
Obama Proposes $3 Trillion Deficit, Debt Plan
Member reactions:
Oh, I see what you mean PSM, never heard of that comic book character.Hellblazer Source
Very good blend in pix. Would never know it's not original.

Funny Etch-A-Sketch Card Pyramid

Etch-A-Sketch Card Pyramid
Member reactions:
'Pyramid' is correct spelling. Concept works well-good luck.
Creative idea. Clean work. Congrats on the silver, roonma.

Funny Valentines Day Card

Valentines Day Card
Member reactions:
I dunno whether to feel happy or sad for this kid. .

Funny Dolly Parton Playing Card

Dolly Parton Playing Card
Member reactions:
This dolly source is actually a dolly impersonator , but since it comes up in google under dolly it's easy enough to think it's dolly.
Well, this was the idea, as I am showing clones too... So let's explain the pic - a card because a 9-5 at poker is a "Dolly" - Dolly the sheep, twice, for the card, the clone, and the impersonator context - Melody Kington's face, the fake Dolly you find first on google, cause the real Dolly has no real face anymore - Music symbols, love symbols, rose, for feminity, music... what makes she is Dolly - And a kitschy costume, of heart queen, don't need to explain I think
ok Interesting out of the box thinking I would have "got it" easier visually perhaps if the real dolly was in the chop also re the clone concept....... I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes
LoL Mac, ya'd hafta be pretty damn sharp to get all that just from looking it o_0
You are sharp enough to know there's is a false Dolly and recognize it in my pic . A very good point for you, you have good eyes. (In fact I wasn't expecting anyone would unmask this one)

Funny 2011 Card Hand

2011 Card Hand

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