1890 Carbon Fire Department
1890 Carbon Fire Department
1890 Carbon Fire Department. Member reactions:
Nice concept, but to actually be excellent you need to make your horse and wagon match the focus of the rest of the picture.
I agree with Dud. On the horse, wagon and monkey...Maybe if you just add a little noise and fade them out a bit, it would match better.
Oh yeah...otherwise, it's great .. Love the hat on the monkey
OK... I fiddled with it so hopefully it looks more "uniform".
awe cute ... that's one tiny sitting horse

Funny Al Gore Carbon King

Al Gore Carbon King
"Cha-ching," said the king.
Member reactions:
Sorta reminds me of Elvis---the OTHER king. Great job.
He reminds me of Liberace. All he needs is a grand piano and candelabra...he's already dressed for the part. Congrats on a very cool entry.
Artistic work. Love the dollar sign formed by the fumes.
Congratulations on the gold and silver, Arizona.
Well Rain, 2 trophies this contest. WTG. This one rocks...a very deserved win.

Funny Carbon Dioxide Wanted Poster

Carbon Dioxide Wanted Poster

Funny Al Gore Carbon Footprint

Al Gore Carbon Footprint

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