Santa and a Horse by Caravaggio
Santa and a Horse by Caravaggio
Santa and a Horse by Caravaggio. Seriously.. I need a reindeer.
Member reactions:
I thought this should score way higher. Excellent work

Funny Young Caravaggio Painting

Young Caravaggio Painting
Member reactions:
Clever concept, but I would change the painting for some kiddie version of it - the current one looks more like a blurred original masterpiece.
oh gosh, look at that face poor little thing

Funny Julianne Moore by Caravaggio

Julianne Moore by Caravaggio

Funny Caravaggio Medusa Art

Caravaggio Medusa Art
Member reactions:
interesting, but the image is rather small

Funny BacchusCaricature by Caravaggio

BacchusCaricature by Caravaggio

Funny Caravaggio Boy with Pac-Man

Caravaggio Boy with Pac-Man
Member reactions:
Painting texture is absolutely awesome here

Funny Caravaggio Drawn by a Child

Caravaggio Drawn by a Child

Funny Conan O'Brien in Caravaggio

Conan O'Brien in Caravaggio

Funny Caravaggio Alien

Caravaggio Alien
Member reactions:
Nice composition. The skull may need a drop in contrast

Funny Caravaggio Painting Inverted

Caravaggio Painting Inverted

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