Jay Leno's Classic Car
Jay Leno's Classic Car
Jay Leno's Classic Car. Member reactions:
The dog is bored and tired,.Thanks crafty and joan😃
Very stylish. And shows Jeno's love of luxury cars.

Funny Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad Driving in a Car Chased by Terrorist Dinisaurs

Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad Driving in a Car Chased by Terrorist Dinisaurs
Member reactions:
And soon to be lost period if they keep it up
I hope they get lost,like driving over a cliff,but I don't want the dinosaur to be Injured
, Hidden...lost and the guy in the middle looks berry hungry.
Nice. Hey, a trick on headlights is select white, a soft edge brush and select overlay to brighten the bulb center. It's an awesome lighting trick trick.

Funny Little Girl in a Bee Car Pulling Hillary Clinton

Little Girl in a Bee Car Pulling Hillary Clinton
Member reactions:
I really like this. The movement feels very authentic.

Funny Car Crash Sefie In Lapland

Car Crash Sefie In Lapland
The land of Rally and mobile phones, Finland. There´s no moment without selfie.

Funny Chewbacca Car Accident

Chewbacca Car Accident
Google It

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Driving His Sports Car

Leonardo Da Vinci Driving His Sports Car

Funny Man Pushing a Tiny Car

Man Pushing a Tiny Car
Member reactions:
Good idea and well done. I would harden shadows.

Funny James Bond's Car and House Taxed

James Bond's Car and House Taxed
Member reactions:
Mr.Bond had secret mission out of country and missed Tax pay due date. But law is law for everyone, sorry Mr.Bond.
Another name could be Aston Martin and Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) were taxed.
Thank you, NewsMaster and Master Sergeant Bob.

Funny Barack Obama Reading the Paper in a Car With Vladimir Putin

Barack Obama Reading the Paper in a Car With Vladimir Putin
Member reactions:
good work.... nice merge on the washington post... he is with Obama...his mate
Congrats on the win, love this one, really good job.
Brilliant work, congrats on the silver, Loth.

Funny The New Apple Car

The New Apple Car

Funny Shoe Cars

Shoe Cars
In order to promote their shoes, Reebok hand made several cars shaped exactly like their running shoe models. The cars are part of the Reebok's advertising campaign with slogan "If the shoe fits, drive it", hinting at the speed you can achieve running in the Reebok shoes. This clever marketing move literally "drove" the Reebok UK sales up 5 percent. Take any shoes and turn them into cars with the power of photoshop.

Funny Car Pushing

Car Pushing
Did you ever have to push start your car when the battery suddenly went dead? You can only do this to cars with a manual transmission of course, while the owners of automatic transmission cars will be stuck and will have to wait till their battery is charged from some other car. Did you know car pushing is gaining popularity as a cardio exercise, especially among bodybuilders? Photoshop this car pushing photo any way you wish.

Funny Vintage Car

Vintage Car
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Many cars made in the 50s, 60s, and 70s are still in excellent condition these days when taken care of properly by the collectors. Back in the old days, cars were made to last 20 and more years. These days, people are so used to having new car models every 3-4 years, that most recent cars are made from cheaper materials meant to last 10 years max - after that you will need to change the engine and most parts to keep it going. At certain point it will be more expensive to "rebuild" this old car than to buy a new one. Besides, who wants to drive the same car model for 10 years? Thus the new motto for the auto-makers - cheaper-built cars meant to look good but not to last. The prices for these new cars are not so low though, but they say it's only due to inflation. Right. Photoshop this vintage car photo any way you wish. It's a Citroen 2CV "Deux Chevaux" (thanks, MsgtBob!). Stock photo credit: i k o

Funny Car Houses

Car Houses
Venezuela is starting to use abandoned cars to provide materials for housing construction. There are almost 11,000 abandoned cars to be crushed for steel and other materials to help build or refurbish 150,000 hosing units for low-income families. This government initiative will drastically reduce the needs for local steel and will save natural resources by recycling. Photoshop houses made from cars, partially or completely. Themepost image credit: dvice.com

Funny Sports-Car Racing

Sports-Car Racing
Photoshop this photo of this racing sports-car any way you wish. Some examples are: Show change the racing driver, merge the sports car with other objects, use this sports-car racing image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jiří Nedorost for providing the source photo.

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