Hamas Captures An Israeli Spy Dolphin
Hamas Captures An Israeli Spy Dolphin
Hamas Captures An Israeli Spy Dolphin. Israeli Dolphin spy
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Ha. But is isn't really a funny story. Great chop. I hope Flipper keeps his head. If Hamas want's to avoid extinction they better leave the dolphin alone and unharmed. Even the WORLD hates dolphin killers
Dolphin perfectly fit for an Combat operation
In this situation (Israeli dolphin with gun), Hamas man has no chance.

Funny UFO Captures a Horse

UFO Captures a Horse
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Well tried but it looks like they are in different depths.
Ahhh I see great minds think alike. Aliens is a popular theme now Fine job....

Funny Police Capture and Alien Ship

Police Capture and Alien Ship
They chased and chased and chased some more, until it stopped on the opposite shore. It wasn't a duck they thought they sought, 'twas little spy drones the Pentagon bought
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Very cool and well done. I don't think you need the third guy.
Cool chop, could be much better without the third policeman.
The third guy is there to ad another layer of depth and frankly, because I just wanted to chop some more. . Joy of chopping and all that. You and Doc are of the same opinion so I am listening. One comment is opinion and has little weight. Two, is a yellow flag, three is consider changing immediately, right. . Thanks Swashbuckle balodiya, sai, anuradhaallu (is that African name.) Sulli (welcome back ) Pat, and Doc.
Silver congrats, Tim. For me, the third guy is a distraction because you have so much other stuff going on.
Now I do have to laugh at that comment coming from you Doc He who had more things spinning round in his chops than any chopper I know hahahahaha. Anyyway thanks, pal. If you ever Wondered if a low karma of 1 can make a difference in the winner or looser in these contests, check out the scores between myself and Jere. In the end, I believe it was Newsy that that cast the final vote that moved Jere into the top spot but it was some voter with a ksrma of 1 that gave this chop a 5 that ultimately decided it. So there you go. it happens. I scored 8.424 Jere scored 8.427... closest I have ever seen.
I think Paul meant to say, you have so much other Great stuff going on Congrats on the Silver, Hits.
Yep. I didn't take offence I just thought the comment amusing since we both like to load up our chops with extras, Paul more than me. I think the root at the actual comments though not stated is the third guy in not actually large enough to be in correct perspective. I should have enlarged him, pulled him back a few inches and nobody would have really even noticed. Live and learn.... in my case, learn again. I studied these basics over 40m years ago and still repeat the same mistakes. That tells ya something hahahahahah. Thanks Champ. PS. Thanks for the 10, Champ.

Funny Vladimir Putin Capturing a Sheep

Vladimir Putin Capturing a Sheep
He loves animals
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amazing Very well executed The eyes are very colorful
Khodorkovsky is like a sacrificial lamb here
Better than the above in my humble opinion. love it. Top 5 congrats

Funny Captain Obama the Pirate Captures WalMart

Captain Obama the Pirate Captures WalMart
Missed the Pirate contest. First-Mate Joe "Scalawag" Biden is flying the plane.
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It's very cute with the parrot on the car.
Thanks very much Hitz.
I'm kinda glad you missed the Pirate contest then. Oh wait,,, Now I have to deal with it in this contest.
Me likes a lot, especially in the original view. And that car on the left, I saw it somewhere from a different angle
Thanks Gummy, Balo, Misspix, and NewsMaster. Again Thanks Newsy. Yes you have seen the car before..amazing memory boss. But I'm not surprised, I've seen recall images from the past contest many times before.
Never seen a so tall Obama. Chop is awesome but quite unreal.
This is awesome.. The original view is a must to appreciate. The parrot's reflection on the car a great touch
Thanks very much, Uncle-C. Thanks, Lu. Maybe a bobble-head would have been the ticket here.
I dunno, I am digging on the little head effect. That is a refreshing change hahahahaah Of course chops built this well are going to get my attention no matter what, This is excellent, contrast in this rocks
Thanks, Tim. Your Comment(s) are Very Much Appreciated. To say the least. I am severely disappointed in this outcome. You have a keen eye and the experience to look at a piece and tell how it was accomplished and just how much work went into it. But when a chop receives a combination score of 300 and 200 in the 7(s) column, your work is pretty much trashed in a contest of pack full of great artist. I guess I will just sit here and seethe for a while. It meets my personal standard...so in the long run it is a winner.
want to borrow my gun. ha,,,,, zooooom.....
You said it best, great stuff in this contest. Don't seethe Just do what I do when I see I get the short draw, I just set aside a little more time and raise the bar so that anyone low voting the next chop I do chop looks like they're brain damaged At least that is what I try to do. And I come out the other side a little better for it. I sort of had this epiphany that the more a voter lowballs me the more it makes me want to improve. So in a weird twisted sense they are skrooing themselves by making me push harder to improve making beating me that much harder, But the most, bestest, superbly wise thing I have learned is to bloody have fun with it. Clearly you do. The voices are telling me I have blathered enough so bye-bye for now.
Thanks I'm PO'ed Gummy, not Depressed. You can hand me your gun...but just as a safety precaution, you might better drop the ammo in the mail.

Funny Octopus Captures a Jet Ski

Octopus Captures a Jet Ski
Under attack

Funny Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Capture a Pirate

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Capture a Pirate
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Both Romney and Ryan carrying of Obama Pirate off the house good chop... like the concept then decide who is the real Pirate
Cool chop, And you'll know who the real pirate is when you get the bill for O'bam-a care. The news today says that up to 6 million Americans will be fined for not going out and buying that free health care.

Funny Giant Mantis Capturing a Naomi Watts

Giant Mantis Capturing a Naomi Watts
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Great idea of making it as a monster taking a girl and look at the rescue team of MIB, very nice good luck
Excellent now the grasshopper got a girl friend, now another Kingkong in the making

Funny Alien Carrots Capture Barack Obama

Alien Carrots Capture Barack Obama

Funny Little Boy Captures Big Foot

Little Boy Captures Big Foot
Weekly News Mag
Member reactions:
Hahaha, excellent. Our friends from WWN should enjoy this.

Funny Osama Bin Laden Captured

Osama Bin Laden Captured
Okay, we know - Osama Bin Laden was captured by either England or US. Where did they put him? Photoshop how or where the British or Americans are hiding Osama.

Funny Bin Laden Captured

Bin Laden Captured
Show where and how Osama Bin Laden could be captured.

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