Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk. Member reactions:
Whoa, it's Cap Kirk all over the place. Good Job with the hair.

Funny Captain Canada

Captain Canada
Member reactions:
Great job with Capt Canada. Silver Congrats.

Funny Captain America RED Soviet

Captain America RED Soviet

Funny Captain America

Captain America

Funny Putinic's Captain admitted, Trump wasn't good choice for Russia

Putinic's Captain admitted, Trump wasn't good choice for Russia
Russian Putinic is drowning under the sanctions
Member reactions:
Congrats on the win , those two would scare me to death in 3D.

Funny Captain Turkey

Captain Turkey
Member reactions:
I saw this and went, "Great minds really do think alike" hehe Great job. Wood....

Funny Captain Avianaca

Captain Avianaca
Member reactions:
Had to laugh, I had done my Captain Turkey and wasn't going to put him in the contest after seeing this Handsome Dude, darn good chop as always, congrats on the win.
Got Lucky again, OS Willie. TY as well as Bob, Hobbit, Andrew, Crafty and Luciano

Funny Captain America Ape

Captain America Ape
Member reactions:
nice. maybe soften the hair outline a little.

Funny Captain Chocolate Petro Poroshenko

Captain Chocolate Petro Poroshenko
Chocolate oligarch Poroshenko, Ukrainian President
Member reactions:
This chocolate guy could be the hero to all my kids.

Funny Captain America the Turkey

Captain America the Turkey
Member reactions:
Nice one Andrew... Captain Turkey works too Congrats mate.

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