Captain of the Star Wars
Captain of the Star Wars
Captain of the Star Wars.


Member reactions:
Perfect work. I wonder how he is going to fire with those tiny hand
Tail looks very big or throusers to small for that body.
Congrats on the bronze and your very first trophy on Freaking News, tusav. Glad to have you onboard.
1st trophy. you picked a tough contest to bloom hahahahaha Well done, Grats on the bronze.
Congrats on your first medal tusav, great work.

Funny Obama as captain America

Obama as captain America
UN experts recommend new sanctions on terrorists
Member reactions:
This is pro work worthy to be on the TIME cover.
Putin is recognizable only through the flag.
Was a good fight Top chops one and all. Congrats on the bronze, Jere
Nice work jeremix, congrats on the bronze.
glad you liked it, armatien. you should jump in again as well.
This is Really Top Notch Workmanship. Jeremix. Take Care

Funny Captain Ameributt

Captain Ameributt
Member reactions:
Ingenious concept, and just a fantastic job.
Another SlamDunk for Funk.Damn brother your good,won every competition you entered.Makes a girl jealous at your awesomeness .Congrats on another gold win chop master Funkwood
Congrats on the gold.... The heroes are the weapons.... good thinking
Thanks all. Being a smoker myself of course I had to make it look as glamorous as possible, heheh.

Funny Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Kid Sparrow and the Ebola Curse
Member reactions:
That kid will give Captain Sparrow a run for his money. Welcome top the site Gus. Hoping to see more of your work soon

Funny Captain Obama Dogg Captures WalMart

Captain Obama Dogg Captures WalMart
Missed the Pirate contest. First-Mate Joe "Scalawag" Biden is flying the plane.
Member reactions:
It's very cute with the parrot on the car.
Thanks very much Hitz.
I'm kinda glad you missed the Pirate contest then. Oh wait,,, Now I have to deal with it in this contest.
Me likes a lot, especially in the original view. And that car on the left, I saw it somewhere from a different angle
Thanks Gummy, Balo, Misspix, and NewsMaster. Again Thanks Newsy. Yes you have seen the car before..amazing memory boss. But I'm not surprised, I've seen recall images from the past contest many times before.
Never seen a so tall Obama. Chop is awesome but quite unreal.
This is awesome.. The original view is a must to appreciate. The parrot's reflection on the car a great touch
Thanks very much, Uncle-C. Thanks, Lu. Maybe a bobble-head would have been the ticket here.
I dunno, I am digging on the little head effect. That is a refreshing change hahahahaah Of course chops built this well are going to get my attention no matter what, This is excellent, contrast in this rocks
Thanks, Tim. Your Comment(s) are Very Much Appreciated. To say the least. I am severely disappointed in this outcome. You have a keen eye and the experience to look at a piece and tell how it was accomplished and just how much work went into it. But when a chop receives a combination score of 300 and 200 in the 7(s) column, your work is pretty much trashed in a contest of pack full of great artist. I guess I will just sit here and seethe for a while. It meets my personal in the long run it is a winner.
want to borrow my gun. ha,,,,, zooooom.....
You said it best, great stuff in this contest. Don't seethe Just do what I do when I see I get the short draw, I just set aside a little more time and raise the bar so that anyone low voting the next chop I do chop looks like they're brain damaged At least that is what I try to do. And I come out the other side a little better for it. I sort of had this epiphany that the more a voter lowballs me the more it makes me want to improve. So in a weird twisted sense they are skrooing themselves by making me push harder to improve making beating me that much harder, But the most, bestest, superbly wise thing I have learned is to bloody have fun with it. Clearly you do. The voices are telling me I have blathered enough so bye-bye for now.
Thanks I'm PO'ed Gummy, not Depressed. You can hand me your gun...but just as a safety precaution, you might better drop the ammo in the mail.

Funny Captain Bill Goat

Captain Bill Goat
Member reactions:
Ha, very well done. You could add/increase shadow under his hat.
Definitely one of the best in the show. And I see this goat already did some product endorsements
Making a wee testosterone statement. Hahahahahahahaahahahahaha Nicely done. Was Billy goat Clinton president when this pic was taken. hahahahaha

Funny Mr Bean as Captain America

Mr Bean as Captain America
Member reactions:
Wild stuff, but not sure about plain black block at the top
yes I keep thinking I need to use all 1000x1300 space available, stuck doing it.
Best in full view, me mess up, couple times

Funny Fat Captain America Eating a Hamburger

Fat Captain America Eating a Hamburger
Member reactions:
Winner, winner, hamburger dinner. Throw some American cheese on that boiger Great chop Captain Excellent.
Poor Captain ... Burgers were betters in 40's
Gggggold CONGRATULATIONS, Jeremix. It is one of the pest art in Freaking News.
Congrats. Easily the gold - nice touch with the condiment smear...
To say this is a genius chop is to say nothing. Many things American in this one pack of a chop.
thank you very much. i'm glad you all liked it. AJSubrosa, the smear came with the face, so i can't really take credit for that.

Funny Captain Kirk Without a Nose

Captain Kirk Without a Nose
Member reactions:
Hey, they only get so good when taken off a film clip . It was just so silly I had to enter it. Thanks for the comments all

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