Captain Aperica
Captain Aperica
Captain Aperica. Member reactions:
nice. maybe soften the hair outline a little.

Funny Captain chocolate

Captain chocolate
Chocolate oligarch Poroshenko, Ukrainian President
Member reactions:
This chocolate guy could be the hero to all my kids.

Funny Captain America the Turkey

Captain America the Turkey
Member reactions:
Nice one Andrew... Captain Turkey works too Congrats mate.

Funny Ship Captain Christopher Lloyd

Ship Captain Christopher Lloyd

Funny Captain India

Captain India
Member reactions:
Good work... nice to see the Indian Flag colors on the sheild... Protect the country at any cost

Funny Captain America Ted Cruz

Captain America Ted Cruz

Funny Darth Vader as Captain America

Darth Vader as Captain America

Funny Captain America in Star Wars movie

Captain America in Star Wars movie

Funny John Lennon the Cruise Ship Captain

John Lennon the Cruise Ship Captain

Funny Captain America Dinosaur

Captain America Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Perfect work. I wonder how he is going to fire with those tiny hand
Tail looks very big or throusers to small for that body.
Congrats on the bronze and your very first trophy on Freaking News, tusav. Glad to have you onboard.
1st trophy. you picked a tough contest to bloom hahahahaha Well done, Grats on the bronze.
Congrats on your first medal tusav, great work.

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