Fat Captain America eating hamburger
Fat Captain America eating hamburger
Fat Captain America eating hamburger. Member reactions:
Winner, winner, hamburger dinner. Throw some American cheese on that boiger Great chop Captain Excellent.
Poor Captain ... Burgers were betters in 40's
Gggggold CONGRATULATIONS, Jeremix. It is one of the pest art in Freaking News.
Congrats. Easily the gold - nice touch with the condiment smear...
To say this is a genius chop is to say nothing. Many things American in this one pack of a chop.
thank you very much. i'm glad you all liked it. AJSubrosa, the smear came with the face, so i can't really take credit for that.

Funny Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk
Member reactions:
Hey, they only get so good when taken off a film clip . It was just so silly I had to enter it. Thanks for the comments all

Funny Captain America

Captain America
Member reactions:
How to fit hail mate without nose,,,So said....


Steampunk, Fantastic Art, Photoshop, Robots
Member reactions:
Let me guess... a gazillion layers at least. Brilliant work.
I lost count. 12 hours though. Thank you.
Aye matey--nothing like a nice pint of motor oil to get ya started. Fantastic image. Would love to hear the story/motivation behind it.
Best mechanical Robo, reminds me the work of Mechanical rival of Alladin
Great. Looks like he is thinking of the late Mrs. Waterbot.
VERY FUNKWOODISH.....and I mean that as a compliment. Great work.
Thank you Doc, Newsey, Pat, Eric, Blodiya, LC, and Evirio.
Dang Hit, this chop is beyond amazing.I stand in awe of the master.Congrats on the gold and yet another masterpiece
excellent work... congratulations Hittts..
Thanks so much, Elegary, Wanderer, Jim and Bob
FANTASTIC work, love his choice of drink, you have a wonderful imagination and congrats on the win.

Funny Captain Patricia

Captain Patricia
Member reactions:
Excellent, but not sure why so dark theme here. I think it would look way cooler in the brighter setting with juicy colors, just because we are talking about a jolly Irish holiday here
Like this green avatar for Captain America
Ohhh Capt. Patricia... You feminized his name hahahahahahahahahahahaha that is a crack up. Too funny

Funny Captain Jack 'Shining' Sparrow

Captain Jack 'Shining' Sparrow
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Member reactions:
Excellent very well executed Nice concept

Funny Captain Picard

Captain Picard

Funny Captain Paulie Pilot

Captain Paulie Pilot
Member reactions:
HA. Great, now I'm shooting down parrots. . Thanks for the laugh, hidden.
Well-you are Airport E-security and we don't want any Bird nests sucked into the Turbine blades. "Red Dog to Red Dog Leader-over."
Good going and this is better then the placement, or I voting wrong again.

Funny Sea Captain Robert DeNiro Smoking a Pipe

Sea Captain Robert DeNiro Smoking a Pipe
Member reactions:
Well done in putting the bubbles instead of Smoke... Environment friendly pipe
Clean and neat Nice bubbles from the pipe
His eye is fantastic..cool bubbled pipe and freaky mermaid very cool
I consider this one of my all time best so am a bit curious as to why it did not do better. Thanks for the votes and input.
Nice work he looks like a cross between Tom Hanks and Basil Rathbone

Funny Captain Spaulding-Claus

Captain Spaulding-Claus
Member reactions:
Great composition of Santa, his face looks scary and what the gunny contains.... I have seen one hand falling down... Lovely composition over all all the best
Freak-tastic. Congrats on the silver, Jim.

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