Captain Blobfish
Captain Blobfish
Captain Blobfish. Face is a real Blobfish, they are so cute, under water their bodies are firm, out of water they become a Blob.
Member reactions:
Might help to add a slight shadow from the bill of his cap.
He looks like he has had some high seas adventures in his life..lovely pic
This is awesome. Would be great art for a children's book.
Nice Work, Hobbit. Is the picture he's holding his mother or Wife. Blobfish soup...Yum. (:
Thanks A lot, each of you, SplatShot, the pic is his Sweetie.

Funny The Captains Table

The Captains Table
Captains Archer,Pike,Sisko,Picard,Janeway and Kirk
Member reactions:
Clever Concept, Fugit. Congrats on the Win.
Congrats on the gold and best of Star Trek captains.
Thanks all...and the "gerbils" are called tribbles Splatshot
oops... my bad, Fugit. A couple of Tribbles might be okay, but it would be bad to have small rodents on your supper table. ...
Great concept and lovely execution. Congrats on the top cup.

Funny Captain America and Iron Man

Captain America and Iron Man
Captain America and Iron Man
Member reactions:
And another tremendous Job, Mr. A. Wooden Congrats.
A Woody and a Triple Play for Mr A. Super Marvel flip job.
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments..

Funny Captains Picard and Pike

 Captains Picard and Pike
Starfleets two best captains

Funny Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants
Created from scratch.
Member reactions:
Nicely Assembled, LunaC. Thought this could easily Win. Top5grats.

Funny Captain Columbus and His SS Fleet

Captain Columbus and His SS Fleet
Long Live and Prosper.
Member reactions:
Now this is a clever concept... Good one ICY.

Funny Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk
Member reactions:
Whoa, it's Cap Kirk all over the place. Good Job with the hair.

Funny Captain Canada

Captain Canada
Member reactions:
Great job with Capt Canada. Silver Congrats.

Funny Captain America RED Soviet

Captain America RED Soviet

Funny Captain America

Captain America

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