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Funny Capitol Pictures

 The Witch Of Capitol Hill  Funny The Witch Of Capitol Hill
Member reactions:
Nancy Pelosi

Hot Air on Capitol HillFunny Hot Air on Capitol Hill
Member reactions:

D.C. architects never planned for this much hot air...
Great chop, totally love it. Maybe I am blind but I don't see any part of the reference photo or am I missing something.
I can see why you might question it...but it really is that big balloon in the provided image.
You don't seem to have used the picture that was the contest parameter. Interesting effect, but hard to judge in this contest.
This is really an amazing view to see a giant hot air balloon flying on the Capitol hill good one like it
Good mold in the balloon shape and very constructive idea
I sort of see it now. Nice concealment It's just that well done. A good chop is a good fake -out
Here is a stellar case where you screwed yourself by being too skilled and clever for your own good hehehehe. It really is excellent
Thank you, folks for your kind remarks…especially you, Hitspinner. You have no idea what that means to me, coming from you.

Obama Spending Inflates the Capitol DomeFunny Obama Spending Inflates the Capitol Dome
Member reactions:
Obama overseeing the raising of the debt ceiling causes the capital roof to explode with tax payers money.

Pelosi The Clown Of Capitol HillFunny Pelosi The Clown Of Capitol Hill
Member reactions:

Once you get over her lies, the ridiculous things she says, she really is funny in a sad way.please view full.
Pelosi...The evil clown. Just wait till she and all the other clowns destroy our rights and wreak havock with almost everything else that dosen't fit their agenda. Great chop..
The mouth make-up seems unreal. The lines are too hard.

Obama in Capitol HillFunny Obama in Capitol Hill
Member reactions:

This is freaky and I love it. great work.

Russian Capitol HillFunny Russian Capitol Hill
Member reactions:

Formerly know as Capitol Hill

Auto Execs Visit Capitol for BailoutFunny Auto Execs Visit Capitol for Bailout
Member reactions:

We promise to change.

CapitolFunny Capitol
Member reactions:

Only three more years...
I am with ya...I wish it could more too, but that's all that is legally allowed.
Ha ha...then what. We'll have donkeys running around on the lawn. Good entry.
They say nobody likes a smart ass, but how intelligent are elephants.
Intelligent perhaps, but so much more destructive than the donkeys.

Capitol WallFunny Capitol Wall
Member reactions:

Might as well move it there.
"Might as well move it there." Amen.

Capitol FurriesFunny Capitol Furries
Member reactions:

Furry animals the Capitol Building. (I feel so ashamed at having done this one)
This is funny. Reminds me of my last Holloween costume party.
Are you sure this is not an actual photo. You did a great job of getting the wolf's reflection in the floor.
Actually practicing doing reflections was the whole reason I started working on this one.

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